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How To Locate Apple Watch

How To Locate Apple Watch

How To Locate Apple Watch

Lost your Apple Watch, and looking for a solution for How To Locate Apple Watch. Try ‘Find My App’ to find your Apple watch including all Apple devices. Just make sure that your Apple Watch must be connected to WiFi or your iPhone. If it is not connected then you can’t use this app. For more detail on this app, read below.

Find My iPhone is an awesome app that, once set up (which we will dive into in a moment), helps you find all your Apple devices, including your Apple Watch, MacBook, and AirPods. Using the Find My app, users can see their Apple devices locations on a map, play sounds to help them find themselves, and even show messages for anyone that may be finding them. In this scenario, you could use Find My to monitor and find your Apple devices. If you did not enable Find My before you lost or stole an Apple Watch, and the Apple Watch is not connected to Wi-Fi, cell service, or a connected iPhone, you cannot use Find My to locate the device.

You may encounter circumstances where you cannot locate an Apple Watch through the Find My iPhone app or get it to play sounds. If you believe that the Apple Watch is in the neighborhood, you can play the sound to locate your Watch; if this does not work, you can find its location using GPS on a map, set it into “Lost” mode to allow a stranger to contact you, or erase its data remotely. If your smartwatch is on the Internet, there is an audio function that you can use to locate it.

Learn how to locate your missing apple watch

Even if your lost device is turned off, the agency will help find it too, sending you its previous location before it was turned off. Even if your device is turned off, Find My will send you the last known location on a map. Speaking of Find My App, be sure to turn the Find My App location-tracking feature on. If your smartwatch is not connected to the internet, Find My will display the last known location of the watch prior to death.

If you did not turn on Apples Find My app on an Apple Watch before losing your device, Apple does not offer any other services that track or otherwise locate your device. The Find My app is a convenient solution that allows users to find almost any lost Apple device, including the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, AirPods, and AirTag. Apple provides its Find My iPhone app for finding lost Apple products. It is important and mandatory for all the users of the Apple devices to enable the find my on all of their devices, so it would be easier for them to trace back to any lost devices.

One of the new features of Find My is that it is capable of tracking down the lost devices even if they are not connected to WiFi or LTE, utilizing the Bluetooth and proximity to other nearby Bluetooth-enabled Apple devices. Find My is a feature from Apple that makes tracking your connected devices a breeze. Find My also has Lost Mode, which can lock, monitor, or erase all your personal information remotely.

Because you activated the Find My app, Activation Lock will be enabled by default as well. In the iPhone app, you do this by going through Find My, and then tapping Mark as lost. Before you start, be sure to turn on Find My feature on the wearable device prior to losing it.

If the Find My Phone feature is enabled on an iPhone, your watch pairing is automatically added to the device list. Since Apple Watch Series 1 is not equipped with GPS, Find My iPhone simply shows the location of the connected iPhone, or Wi-Fi network, of your connected iPhone. You will be asked to add a phone number and optional message; this information will show up on your display should someone locate and open your Apple Watch, so that they can contact you in order to get your Apple Watch back. When you actually get there, you are taken through a set of screens which allow you to set the Apple Watch password, to set up a phone number if you like, so that you will get notified if it is found, and create a message (Please call me if you find this watch).

And, we totally get how much of a painful realization that is going to be, if you are reading this post after having already lost the Apple Watch and are panicking, you need to turn on Find My Phone functionality on its accompanying iPhone beforehand, otherwise the full functionality is unavailable. One such example is that your smartwatchs battery has died; in that case, the Find My iPhone app can give you Apple Watchs last known location. Whatever the case, Apple has included a Find My Watch function.

You should check your Apple Watchs battery life, ensure that it is powered on and has either cell or Wi-Fi connectivity turned on, try rebooting, and if everything fails, then it is possible that you lost or misplaced the device, and will need to reach out to Apple Support to get assistance. First, make sure that the lost smartwatch is locked away and secured away when not wearing, like putting it away in a drawer. Even if the device is turned off or drained, Apples new Bluetooth Location function will help track down and find the released device. As a final note, if you are reading this post out of curiosity (because your watch is still tightly strapped to your wrist), do take the time to set up your watch password and turn on Find My iPhone, so if the unfortunate day comes when your watch is stolen from your by the couch, or by the clever hands of a pickpocket, you have a few options.

Can I locate my Apple Watch using my iPhone?

The Find My iPhone function can be utilized to find your Apple Watch. On your iPhone, use the Find My iPhone app, or on a computer, login in to You can play a sound to assist you find your Apple Watch if it is close. 

Can I Find My Apple Watch if it’s turned off?

If the device is supported, Find Devices can find it even while it is off, in Power Saving Mode, or in airplane mode. On your Apple Watch, launch the Find Devices app, then tap a device. If the device can be located, its location will be shown on a map.

Can you track the location of an Apple Watch?

You can find and safeguard your lost Apple Watch using Find My. Find My iPhone is automatically enabled on your Apple Watch and any Apple Watches paired via Family Setup if you have previously configured it on your paired iPhone. Therefore, you can utilize Find My to assist you locate your watch if it is stolen or lost.