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How To Ping Apple Watch From Iphone

How To Ping Apple Watch From Iphone

How To Ping Apple Watch From Iphone

Pinging Apple watch is an amazing feature to find your lost Apple watch. Just go to the Find My app in your iPhone and open the devices list. If your watch has been connected before, then just select Apple watch in the devices list. Tap to ping. Finally, by pining noice, locate your watch

Located on Apple Watchs control center is a “Ping” button. You can tap and hold on the Ping button for the iPhone once more if you have still not found the iPhone. Simply touch and hold down on the bottom of your screen, slide up to reveal the Control Center, then press and hold on the Ping iPhone button. Once you tap on the ping button in watchOS Control Center, the iPhone starts to vibrate, which subsequently allows you to locate the device immediately.

If all you see is the Wi-Fi icon from watchOS Control Center, then you should be able to use the Find Devices app to ping the iPhone (assuming that your iPhone is connected to the Internet through Wi-Fi or Cellular data). Your iPhone and watch need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network in order to ping each other. As I mentioned earlier, you need the wireless network in order to have pinging working. If you are trying to locate your iPhone lost at home, or the iPhone is turned on, has Airplane Mode turned off, and is within Bluetooth range of your Apple Watch, the Ping My Phone function is available.

You can ping a lost iPhone from any other device using the Find My app. If you still cannot locate your iPhone, use the Find My app on another device, such as an iPad or a Mac. In either case, if you lost or dropped your watch anywhere, Find My will come in handy for this situation.

The Find My iPhone app will send you an email confirmation saying you put the phone into lost mode. If you left your phone (or another iOS device) anywhere, or if someone stole it, please use the Lost Mode on iCloud. If the lost iPhone cannot be found, click Notify When Found to receive a notification when it is online again, complete with a location.

TouchTouch and hold down on the bottom of your screen
Slide upSlide up to reveal the Control Center
PressThen press and hold on the Ping iPhone button
TapOnce you tap on the ping button in watchOS Control Center, the iPhone starts to vibrate, which subsequently allows you to locate the device immediately
Steps required to locate your device.

If finding your iPhone takes longer than a single ping, tap the button again to keep pinging the phone. Tap Play Sounds to ping your missing iPhone again, or Tap Directions to create a route on Apple Maps*. If you can see your iPhone in the Maps Pairings, but you cannot still visually locate it, select the Actions option and tap Play Sound to make the ping sound.

If the sound stops before finding your iPhone, simply tap the iPhone icon again. Once you have found your device, tap the “Dismiss” button to stop the pinging sounds.

Watch this video to learn how to ping an Apple watch from iPhone

Your phone will make a short, pinging noise in order to help you locate it, even when in silent mode. Listen carefully for the sound, and you should be able to find your iPhone. Pinging the iPhone will cause the phone to buzz loudly, then you can track the sound to locate the phone.

Now, tap on the tiny, circular icon of the iPhone, which will then ping your iPhone; meaning, your iPhone will make the sound, so you will be able to find your iPhone very easily. Now, your iPhone will begin pinging and flashing, so you will find it easier. Once you tap on that button, your iPhone will begin pinging, thus telling you the location of your iPhone. If you have not found it after pinging, you can tap on the “Ping” button as many times as necessary.

Note, if you do not see the green indicator appear while performing the steps described above, then your iPhone is too far away (maybe you forgot it in your office or someplace else you were), and the pinging iPhone function does not work. If you meet just the third point, which is the devices are too far away, outside of Bluetooth range, or have Bluetooth turned off, tapping on the ping icon might not trigger any audio to play back to your iPhone. If you cannot locate the Apple Watch through a ping sound, then that means either Apple Watch is turned off, disconnected from your connected iPhone, or is not connected to your cell phone or WiFi network.

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If your Watch is not visible below the paired devices, then you cannot ping it. Instead of digging a phone out under the stacks of things in the house, you can just ping it from the watch. Pinging could come in handy if you find that the phone is nearby, but that your phone-watch communication has been lost.

To activate the phones flashlight (if looking for the phone in a dark area), press and hold down on the “Ping” button of the iPhone, which turns it on. Wherever the iPhone is, you can hear the sound of pinging from afar. How far you can pin is equal to how long iPhone and Wearable remain connected, which is perceived through the Find My App. Since the ping functionality is built into the Find My app, you will need to update that app to fix the issue.

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Apple also knows this general human behavior, which is why it has a ping function for the Apple Watch, so that you can ping your Apple Watch from an iPhone to locate its location. Fortunately, for all iPhone users, they can make use of iPhones handy Ping feature to have their respective Apple Watches emit loud sounds and help locate their locations from anywhere they go. Ping comes handy anytime you have misplaced the watch or have kept it in somewhere such as in cabinets, under a desk, or a pillow, and cannot recall the location.

Why is my Apple Watch not pinging?

You must have a connection between your Apple Watch and iPhone. If both your iPhone and Apple Watch are nearby and both have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi turned on, you can ping your iPhone from your Apple Watch. Bluetooth is turned on on both devices, and they are close together.

Can I make my Apple Watch beep from my phone?

Activate the sound feature on your Mac, Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Choose the device you wish to play a sound on from the All Devices menu in Find My iPhone on It’s possible that you’ve already chosen a device if you don’t see All Devices.

How do I locate my Apple Watch?

To see your watch on a map, sign in to or use the Find My app. If your watch is nearby, you can use Play Sound to locate it. You can also launch the Find My iPhone app. To see your Apple Watch’s location on a map, go to the Devices tab and select it.

Can I Find My Apple Watch if its off?

Find Devices can locate supported devices even when they are turned off, in Low Power Mode, or airplane mode. Select and launch the Find Devices app and select a device option on your Apple Watch. It will be displayed on a map if you find the device so you can see where it is.