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How To Receive Calls On Apple Watch

How To Receive Calls On Apple Watch

How To Receive Calls On Apple Watch

Resetting your Apple Watch is the best course of action to take if you are experiencing call-related issues on your finest Apple Watch, such as the Apple Watch Ultra. Apple Support has also advised this course of action. I had this problem firsthand, and the remedy was ideal.

To begin using your Apple Watch to make and take phone calls, head into Settings > Phone on your iPhone, and toggle on the option that says Allow calls on Apple Watch. You can use the Apple Wearable to place calls wherever it gets a cell signal, even when your iPhone is out of range or turned off.

If you have an Apple Watch with GPS only, you can still make and take phone calls even when your iPhone is not nearby, so long as your iPhone is still connected to Wi-Fi. Just as you do when picking up calls, you can place calls from your Apple Watch regardless of its connection to your iPhone. Once the call is connected to the Watch, you can carry on with the conversation on the iPhone.

Learn how to make and receive calls using the Apple Watch 

If the phone call does not go through to your watch, try the steps above again. Call forwarding will make it so that any calls that are unanswered on your phone are automatically forwarded to your watch. The switch can be done via Settings > Phone > Call Forwarding, and enable call forwarding on your iPhone for both cell calls and FaceTime audio calls. Once the transfer is enabled on both devices, you simply need to tap on the receivers green icon on your iPhone once the call is answered on the Apple Watch.

Tap the name or number of the contact you would like to call, or dial a number manually if using a keypad. Tap the green phone button to place a call if using a keypad. You can also tap contacts, look up the person you are calling, and tap the phone button. Use the digital crown to swipe across to a contact you want to call or send text messages to. Tap and hold the Digital Crown until you hear a tone activating Siri, and then say Call followed by the contact name you want to call.

You can ask Siri to dial the contact, or even the phone number. When calls come through, you can keep the phone in your pocket and pick up the call with one touch. Make the call from your contacts or Recent Calls in the apps menu, tap Phone.

iPhone is not working properlyRestart your Apple Watch and iPhone
Do Not Disturb mode is on or Airplane Mode is onTurn off Do Not Disturb and Airplane Mode mode
Problems with connectionMake sure you have a strong internet connection and connection between Watch and iPhone
Wake screen function has been turned offMake sure the Wake screen function has been turned on
Reasons and solutions for the “Can’t receive calls on Apple Watch” problem.

You can make a call to your phone by tapping on the Call button at the lower left corner of your screen, below your thumbnail for the person you wish to reach. When you hear or feel the notification for a call, lift up your wrist or tap your screen to see who is calling. When the call notification starts in Apple Wearable devices, lift your wrist to see who is calling.

If you raise your wrist or turn the display of the Apple Watch to bright, you will still see an alert about an incoming call, as well as buttons for accepting or rejecting a call. You will not see the incoming call screen if you place your Apple Watch into Do Not Disturb or turn on Airplane Mode (which cuts it off from the iPhone and therefore breaks all connections). If either the phone or the Watch is in Do Not Disturb, then when a call comes through, it does not buzz.

When Connect is turned on, your watch will automatically connect any incoming calls, without asking you whether or not you would like to accept a call. You can also toggle this feature via the Watch app on your iPhone. For instance, you might want to pair it when your hands are dirty, greasy, or wet (like while showering) so that you can take calls without touching the watch.

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If all is well and you have enabled Bluetooth options, but still cannot place calls using your Apple Watch, please review the settings for the cell phone network, and try calling using an iPhone separate from your Apple Watch. To find out if your cell phone provider offers Wi-Fi Calling, please refer to Apples support article, Making Calls With Wi-Fi Calling, and turn Wi-Fi Calling on to the phone that is being paired.

If your watch is in Bluetooth range of your phone, you have the option of making your call with your watch number or phone number. If you are mid-call on the watch and you need to pick it up elsewhere, you can easily take your call on the iPhone. You can even opt to make all calls go through your Apple Watch rather than on your phone — it is a great way to keep focused when you are at work or at a meeting and do not want your phone bothering you.

When making or receiving phone calls on the Watch, you will be in speaker mode, unless the watch is connected to Bluetooth headphones. Use Your Watch As Speakerphone If your watch has a speaker, you can use the watch to take incoming calls on your phone. With Wear OS watches, use your voice on the watch to place calls, saying OK, Google, or pressing the Assistant button for longer. You can also quickly silence incoming calls by pressing your palm against the watchs display and holding there for three seconds.

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After rebooting, do not unlock your Apple Watch directly, but unlock with an iPhone, then attempt a call on your Apple Watch, by directly entering the number (not any contact) to test whether or not the failed call error has been resolved. If it has not worked for you, the problem may be the result of a hardware failure and you will need to swap your iPhone or iWatch. You might get a Call Failure error if your iWatchs operating system is not up-to-date. In that case, then just re-lock the iPhone and try to ensure that the call failed error is gone entirely.

Updates often come with bug fixes which may be the reason for your calling problems. While public betas include new features, they also include bugs before launch that may interfere with your regular usage of an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, or Mac, and are not intended to be used daily on your primary device.

Why is my Apple Watch not receiving calls?

Resetting your Apple Watch is the best course of action to take if you are experiencing call-related issues on your best Apple Watch, such as the Apple Watch Ultra. Apple Support has also advised this course of action. I had this problem firsthand, and the remedy was ideal.

How do I know if my Apple Watch has cellular?

Touch and hold the bottom of the screen, then swipe up to see Control Center. In the event that there is a connection, the Cellular button flashes green. The signal strength is displayed in green bars. When your cellular plan is active but your watch is connected to your iPhone through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, the Cellular button goes white.

Does Apple Watch work without iPhone?

You can stay connected even when you’re not near your iPhone with an Apple Watch with cellular and an activated cellular subscription. There are still activities you can perform on all other types of Apple Watch even when you are not near your iPhone or connected to Wi-Fi.

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