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How To Schedule A Tweet On Mobile

How To Schedule A Tweet On Mobile

How To Schedule A Tweet On Mobile?

You can absolutely schedule a tweet on your phone by first typing out what you want to tweet. Then rather than posting your tweet, you should click on the three dots in the compose menu and select the schedule a tweet option. From there, pick a date and time and set your tweet up for a scheduled upload.

You can either use a third-party Twitter app, or you can use the Twitter Web site to schedule your tweet. Use any of the software mentioned above to schedule Tweets containing links every day at specific times — an excellent add-on to your Twitter marketing strategy.

To schedule more tweets simultaneously across multiple Twitter accounts, you could use an external scheduling tool. Social Champ allows you to schedule multiple tweets at once using its bulk scheduling feature. Using Social Champ, you can create, schedule, and analyze tweets all in one place.

With the Social Champs mobile app, you can post or schedule tweets with ease. With a few taps, you can schedule, schedule, and publish updates on everything from Twitter and Facebook, to LinkedIn and Tumblr — all at once. Using a social media scheduler, you can easily plan out tweets in advance, automate your Twitter posts, and keep your accounts up-to-date without having to actually be working on Twitter in real-time. With a social media management tool such as Hootsuite, you can also schedule multiple tweets simultaneously, auto-schedule tweets, schedule recurring tweets, and find out the best times to send posts.

A second piece of software that you can use for Tweet scheduling is Buffer, a Twitter scheduling app that has a nice free plan for up to three different social media accounts.

Using the steps mentioned above, you can figure out how to schedule tweets using Twitters web application. Before you start planning a whole tweet calendar, spend a little time learning about some best practices for scheduling. To start, we are going to cover how to set up scheduled Tweets in the Twitter app, how to craft high-quality Tweets that engage your audience, benefits and different aspects to consider while scheduling Tweets, and reasons why you should use Twitter.

Twitter has since stepped up the game with Twitter, which allows you to schedule tweets even before you are ready to publish them, directly from their web app. Fortunately, Twitter has introduced a new scheduling feature to help users easily schedule tweets at their audiences most crucial times, and it is both seamless and functional. A scheduling tool can help do a lot more than just schedule separate Twitter posts ahead of time. Scheduling also allows you to target your best posting times for increased engagement, where you cannot be on Twitter posting live.

While Twitters official apps for iOS and Android do not let you schedule, there is another way. While scheduling features are not officially available in Twitters native apps on either iPhone or Android, you can do it with a third-party app quite easily. Unfortunately, scheduling is still not available in mobile apps, so you will have to go to Twitters web site on a mobile device or a computer to use it.

How To Schedule A Tweet On Mobile?
TypingFirst typing out what you want to tweet
Compose MenuYou should click on the three dots in the compose menu
Tweet OptionSelect the schedule a tweet option
Date & TimePick a date and time and set your tweet up for a scheduled upload.
How To Schedule A Tweet On Mobile?

You can build up a schedule months ahead of time, as long as you are focused on the other important stuff. There are a lot of things you can do to find an ideal publication schedule. You can plan out more posts to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and other social sites. You can schedule as many tweets as you like via the Talon Android app.

Using Hootsuites Bulk Composer, you can schedule up to 350 Tweets ahead of time. Tweets can be scheduled on mobile using any browser, or using the Hootsuite App. With Twitters Share button, your visitors can instantly share your content to Twitter with one click, or schedule it to post at a certain date and time, all without leaving your site.

Watch this video to learn how to schedule a tweet on Twitter on mobile

Compose the tweet, choose the day and time it should be posted, and have it uploaded on multiple Twitter accounts simultaneously. Next, click on the button that shows you when the tweet will go live. To delete the tweet that is scheduled, tap on the triple dots at the top right, then click DELETE.

Click Save, and then, voila: Your tweet will automatically post for the time you scheduled. Then, upload your CSV file, and you will see that exact tweet on your Publisher. Make sure that your Tweet is set to solid and scheduled for the time that you would like, as you might not be able to edit it using this method. Once logged in, click on the New Tweet icon, and enter in the tweet you would like to schedule.

Write down your tweet that you would like to schedule, then click on the Calendar icon. Once you change the date and time for the scheduled tweet, click on the “Update” button at the top right corner of your scheduling screen to save your changes. Tap Scheduled on top, and your Tweet is ready to go for the scheduled time.

This way, you identify the times that are getting the most reactions, and you plan your future tweets around those times. Find out the best times and days to tweet, and boost engagement on Twitter. For example, you could plan your entire tweeting day to start in the morning, but stagger the timing of your posts through out the day.

Just as with posting scheduling on Facebook, texting scheduling, we can also do this for tweets on Twitter. You can compose the tweet as you would do in the Twitter app, and add in a photo, GIF, or video.

Write your tweet (up to 280 characters), add hashtags, and edit, upload, or edit media. Create your Tweet, add media, or create a survey, just like you would normally. Just like in the official Twitter app, you can add a photo, video, map, or a poll to your tweet.

It is just a Tweet Scheduler right now, but it is very popular among those with only Twitter accounts. It will automatically send out new tweets once you have configured Twitters scheduled posts in your iPhone.

It is not mentioned clearly about scheduled tweets limits; however, we can see the Twitter page that has all kinds of Twitter limits. Yes, you can schedule both organic and Promoted-Only tweets to be posted using Twitter Ads on specific days and times, or else, you can use Tweet Scheduler to schedule tweets anytime you like.

Hootsuite and Buffer are just some third-party apps that enable Tweet scheduling, but if you do not want to download another app or surrender your Twitter credentials, you can use Twitters own tools instead. As you can see, the alternatives run from niche Twitter-owned products all the way up to full-fledged social media scheduling tools, and it is possible that these are better tweet schedulers.

Why can’t I schedule a tweet from my phone?

There is an alternative to schedule in the official Twitter app for iOS and Android. A couple of examples of third-party programs that enable tweet scheduling are Hootsuite and Buffer, but if you don’t want to download one or give your Twitter login information away, you can utilize Twitter’s capabilities instead.

Can I schedule a tweet on Twitter?

You can natively schedule Tweets, yes (straight from your Twitter account). Schedule posts natively if your brand is just present on one or two social media channels and you don’t use a social media management service. Direct scheduling on Twitter is a quick and cost-free method of Tweet scheduling.

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