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How To See All Apps Ever Downloaded On Iphone

How To See All Apps Ever Downloaded On Iphone

how to see all apps ever downloaded on iphone

There are two methods to check which apps are available on iPhones and which are not. To see all apps on your iPhone, open your account storage then click on purchases then enter my purchases, and you will see two options one will be “all” which will show all apps downloaded and the other option is “not on this iPhone” will show deleted apps.

You can view every app that you have ever downloaded on an Android phone by opening My Apps and Games in your Google Play Store. In the App Store, the list of all apps you have ever downloaded, when using your current Apple ID, is found on your profile screen, under your purchases tag. The app store will keep a record of every app that you have downloaded using your Apple ID, so you can see what apps are installed most often on your iPhone. Heading to the app screens on the App Store will provide a full list of apps that you have purchased, as well as downloaded apps that you have purchased and downloaded.

You can then review your purchased applications under your Download History, which you can see on the App Store. In addition to showing purchased applications, you can also see any applications that are yet to be installed on the iPhone. From here, you can sort purchases by date and device, as well as view apps you purchased that are not yet installed. You will now see programs that have been downloaded to your device before.

Alternatively, you can select Not on this iPhone tab to view apps not installed on the current device. There is no way to view apps recently deleted from an iPhone, although you can view any apps deleted from your device. From here, you will see a list of any apps and files that were deleted from your phone over the last several days.

This section holds all of the apps and files that have been deleted from your phone in the past few days. This will list any apps that are not on your gadget, and you cannot sort by when you deleted them. The Downloads tab will show your device a list of all apps that you have downloaded to it thus far. Visit the App Store on an iPhone running iOS 15 and select the Downloads tab to view apps you have already purchased and saved on the device.

Open the app store Tap the lower tab Find Photos & Tap on that Tap on the Purchases & You will notice the list of apps you have downloaded starting with recent and ending with older. You can also open any tab in the App store by tapping the account photo in the upper-right of your screen. You can access your App History by tapping on your Profile photo on the top-right corner of the screen. You can view app download history on the iPhone by going to Settings > General > iPhone storage.

Find out how to see all apps ever downloaded on iphone

Tap Purchases (you might have to tap “My Purchases” if you have a Family Account) to see a list of any apps that you have downloaded, whether they are on or off of your current device. Note that the Purchases tab is slightly misleading, as it contains both apps that you purchased as well as apps you downloaded for free. You will have to find a purchase manually from the hidden purchases list and either re-download it every time you want to bring it back if it is been deleted, or look through the App Store. The option for purchased brings up a menu of every app you have ever downloaded, or you can narrow down the options for not on my iPhone or iPad.

To view your original apps, go into the iOS App Store, tap on the Account icon on the top right, go into the Purchased, then simply scroll down. Fortunately, Apple makes it simple: The App Store has a purchased section designed to let you re-download apps with ease, and it doubles as a handy log for (almost) every app you have ever bought or installed on your device. A handy log for (almost) every app you have ever bought or installed on your device. Well, outside the Google Play Store, there is not an integrated function for viewing your history of apps that have been installed before.

Ever since the App Store arrived with the iPhone 3G, iOS has treated new apps in a similar fashion: The phone loads the app and places an icon for it on the first homescreen it can. Once you have found an app you are looking for, tap and hold on the apps icon, then drag it any direction, and it is added to the final home screen page.

Tap on the Search Bar, then enter the app name you are looking for. You can use the Search box if you would like to type the name, or part of the name, of the app you are looking for. Using View, you can directly search for your desired app.

Once done, touch on Usage, then swipe down till you get to your list of applications. Doing the last one instantly shows you a alphabetical list of all of your apps. Once you set up your household, you can limit apps on a childs iPhone using Screen Time.

If you would like to restrict use of your childs iPhone, you can use the built-in Family Sharing option on iOS or macOS devices. If you want to block any new apps from being downloaded and installed on your iPhone, you can also configure this within Screen Time. Unfortunately, you can only use the same options for your iPhone, which means that you cannot block specific apps selectively, while still allowing others that have the same content rating.

You are keeping the deviceas main screen clutter-free, and can more easily search for those apps that you rarely use from your App Library. By default, iOS 14 does not put any new icons on your home screen when you download an app.

On that page, you can see how long you have been using an app, as well as access any reviews or ratings related to it. AppShopper will keep track of every app you have ever downloaded, and will allow you to see a breakdown of which ones are free, paid, or trial versions. In older software, you could not really see exactly when you bought an app, but with newer software, you can head into the App Store and choose “Updates,” and then tap on the top-right corner to jump into “Purchased,” and you will see whether an app was purchased (paid vs. free) and when it was installed. The list is sortable, with the most recent at the top.

How do I see deleted apps on my iPhone?

The App Store’s purchases list is the greatest place to look for programs that you may have recently uninstalled on the iPhone and iPad. Fear not—it also logs all free-to-download applications. To view your App Store shopping list, follow these steps: On the App Store screen, tap your profile picture in the upper-left corner.