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How To See Bumble Matches Without Paying

How To See Bumble Matches Without Paying

In this tutorial, we are going to focus on how to view Bumble Likes for free. Let us take a look at how Bumbles match mechanic works, and how — if at all — you can see who swipes you right on Bumble without paying for premium membership.

Similarly, you can find your special someone with ease with Bumble. As you can see, you can find someone who has liked you recently on Bumble. If somebody has liked your account, you may see an icon appear in your Deck. If you have the Bumble Boost Subscription, you can see who is liking your account.

You cannot find out how many users like your account for free. If you see a number down there showing how many profiles already liked you, that is something that you did not click on or “Tight” on.

Now, you should be able to see the top 10 images from girls who have liked your profile. This way, photos will be less blurry, and you will be able to see every profile that has liked you, free of charge. If you do not have access to Likes you have, you will still see profile pictures from the people who liked your profile, but their photos are totally blurred. This feature UI, and the ignorance of the Tinder developers, has created a loophole you can exploit, and view each profile who has liked you in Tinder, completely free.

You will not still be able to start a conversation with them or swipe on them, but you now get to see all of the profiles that liked you without paying for Tinder Gold. You can only make matches if you have a Tinder Gold subscription, so if you like what you see, you can always upgrade. You also cannot match with more than a handful of profiles if you do not see them on your Tinder deck.

They cannot see who has seen their profile (unless you like them, too, and they have paid premium, or happen to be matching with you, in which case they also like you). They can if someone blocks you, removes their profile, or reports you to Bumble. First off, if you are on Bumble and right-swipe or ultra-swipe, you get notifications about that too, as long as notifications are not blocked by in-app settings or your device.

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If you are sure that you are in a match with someone, but cannot see them on your Matches tab, you should try to launch Bumble again. If the Connections tab still does not show people who have matched with you, try re-installing Bumble. If you have not activated it, the last location you were at will not be changed, and you cannot use Bumble. One note: If you paid for Bumbles Boost subscription, that does not carry over into your new profile.

Bumble Free tierBumble Premium tier
Basic info BadgesEnhanced filters
specific search preferenceschange location
video/ audio calls, unlimited swipes
Question GameSuperswipes
get votes for Bumble Premium subscriptionsee who likes you
This Table shows the features of Bumble free and Premium tiers

In addition to the Bumble Free tier, you can also get a lot of features through its Premium tier. The premium tier of Bumble has different features including enhanced filters, seeing who is liking you, changing locations using the Travel Mode, unlimited swipes, one highlight/weakness, and much more. This means that you can use Bumble free but if you want the extra benefits, you have to sign up. While the app is free, there is a paid model which gives you a lot of different things.

One of the features included in the premium version is the Bumble Beeline, which is essentially a second feed showing you only users that have swiped right on you before. The more enticing paid feature may be one that lets you scroll through a list of people who think you are attractive enough to swipe right. People who think you are attractive enough to swipe right.

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Bumble SuperSwipes is a premium feature you can gift profiles with in order to tell them that you are genuinely really into them. You may also want to try using Bumble SuperSwipes on specific profiles, which may improve your chances of getting matched.

From this tutorial, you will also learn about the premium features on Bumble, to increase your swipes on your Bumble profile. If you are just starting out with Bumble, you need some time to polish up your profile. If you want to increase your matches rate and make a successful transition from Bumble, you need to make an effort. It is fun enough jumping onto Bumble and starting swiping right on profiles from people who seem like they could like you.

There is a common misconception about dating apps that just swiping right gets you more matches. If it is a deal-breaker to not know who is into you, switch dating apps.

The only way to correct a super-picky or rigid swiping habits is to loosen up a little bit, and become a little more generous, and swipe right on liked profiles more often. Plus, the data suggests users that do like you will appear pretty high up on your feed under normal circumstances, so with 25 right swipes free per day, this is pretty good for most users.

People who like you will appear in the top few profiles that you see on your swipe deck. While this shows just a handful of profiles, it is still a way to get an idea of who is liking you. The picture quality will not be the best, but you will still see who does like you, so much so that they are recognisable.

It gives you the satisfaction of seeing who liked you, and having that instant connection feel. Note: Like Bumble, you can also see who likes you on Tinder, thanks to its Premium tier. With See, you can view your crushes, the users Bumble has liked who did not back like you.

You can choose profiles that you want to be seen by, but anyone outside of the age range that you choose will be able to see you, unless you are using stealth mode, or if they are lying about their age. You can show just one profile suggestion at a time, but you can also try out different ones, switching between the two to see if any increases your chances of getting matches. There is a way to view all profiles who are already liking you, using Tinders desktop app on your Chrome browser and using the Inspect Element feature. Yes, if they have swiped right, and either you have a Bumble Premuim and they are in your parameters, or you swiped right on them too (implying all likes have seen your profile, which is wrong, because some guys swiped right on all of them).

Despite the broad swaths of people who use apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge on a daily basis, locking in that perfect match is a challenge — especially when some apps restrict how many matches you can see and hide others behind paywalls.

Is it worth to pay for Bumble?

Try out Premium if you’re already a frequent user of Bumble and like the app’s distinctive features, including women texting first, and it fits within your budget. However, because it is more expensive than other apps, you might want to look at Tinder or Hinge’s premium memberships first if you have a preference for those.

Can you extend on Bumble for free?

Everybody receives one complimentary Extend each day to use on someone who truly makes them buzz, and Bumble Premium and Bumble Boost users are able to use Extend on an infinite number of matches. In every match, women have the option to use Extend before sending the opening message.