How To Send An Email To Whatsapp On Iphone

How To Send An Email To Whatsapp On Iphone

Access the email that you wish to send to a WhatsApp contact. Touch and hold the text body of the email until a little strip appears. Press on Select All and then tap on Share. Choose WhatsApp from the Sharing Panel, then pick the WhatsApp contact you want to share when the app has opened.

To send a text to WhatsApp, you will have to open the Messages app on your iPhone. If you are using an Android device, you can forward the message to WhatsApp manually by selecting the recipients email address. The first step in sending e-mail messages to WhatsApp on iPhone is logging into your email account or client. After this, you need to type in an email address, and tap on Send to immediately send a WhatsApp chat to your email.

Enter the email address to which you wish to send backups, then tap the send option. On the next screen, enter your own Name/Email under the File icon if you wish to send the chat to yourself, or enter the email of a person to whom you wish to send the chat, then tap on Send. Then, tap on to send option to begin sending WhatsApp chats to emails instantly.

Open an email attachment on the email app of choice, and then select the Share As Attachment option to send the file to WhatsApp. You can also tap on a button to save attachments from the email in your devices storage, then use WhatsApps classic function to send it. This latter feature can be used even with attachments of emails, which can be imported to WhatsApp conversations using other apps share functionality, or saving to device memory as attachments. When sending, the Email can be saved to the device as PDF, then shared in WhatsApp as a document.

This means that you do not have to download images or documents from WhatsApp on your computer, then upload it in the email. By taking the Gmail email backup in the form of PDF files, you can share your Gmail on WhatsApp with ease. Now, you can share Gmail emails with different platforms without any hassle.

Yes, you can easily now share emails from Gmail on WhatsApp, according to the subject, according to the email id, according to the time, date, and so on. If you are using a Gmail account and want to send a file to someone via WhatsApp, you can do that pretty easily. When we have to send an email from Gmail to some one, we can share that via a WhatsApp chat. Using the same method, one can send Yahoo emails to WhatsApp, but if one wants to send a WhatsApp message from PC without adding the contact, then that is currently impossible.

Learn How to send an email attachments to WhatsApp

For either way, you need to have an active email address that can send a WhatsApp Conversations chat. By following the steps given below, and entering in your email address instead of the other parties, they will be able to send you a copy of the WhatsApp conversation you had with them. It is possible to send a copy of specific WhatsApp conversations to others, just in case it has somehow become necessary in your case, and you are not breaking anybodys trust in you.

Access the emailAccess the email that you wish to send to a WhatsApp contact
Touch and hold the textTouch and hold the text body of the email until a little strip appears
Select AllPress on Select All and then tap on Share
Choose WhatsAppChoose WhatsApp from the Sharing Panel
Pick the WhatsApp contactThen pick the WhatsApp contact you want to share when the app has opened
Steps To Send An Email To WhatsApp On iPhone.

So, you can choose a desired Chats to Email from WhatsApp app, and then choose whether you want to Email chats with attachments or not, simply choose attached media or unattached media depending on your needs. Then, tap the New Chat icon and choose Email Chat option.

Select WhatsApp from Shared Sheets, then choose either WhatsApp conversation or people [Also, you can save the PDF files in the Files app, From Options given on Shared Sheets, swipe down and choose Save in Files]. By doing select, you are selecting PDF as file format that you want Gmail messages imported into WhatsApp with attachments. Once you have saved an email as a PDF, you can send it to WhatsApp by opening your chat box and clicking on the clipper icon.

Once you do, it starts Whatsapp Open your chat to share the file attachments, tap on the paperclip (bottom right), choose either the document option (if you want to share documents or other types of files) or the gallery (if you want to share photos or videos), choose files that you downloaded earlier on the device, and send it by pressing a key. Email), open the message that needs to be presented on WhatsApp, and perform an extensive tap on the first word of the text that you wish to share. To do a presentation, open the email message you wish to send to WhatsApp, press the sharing or redirect button (in emails, it is the one with a left-arrow shape located on the bottom of the screen) and choose Print.

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Select the Forward option, or hit the left arrow button for email sharing. You can forward the message using the share button. You also have the option of forwarding messages from the phones Contacts app to WhatsApp, if it is available. Basically, you can use IFTTT to send an email automatically to your WhatsApp Group Chat every time someone sends a mail to a certain address that you have pre-set.

You can either use WhatsApp Export by Email, which involves sending a.txt file that contains your WhatsApp conversations to your email, or you can use reliable third-party apps such as iTransor for WhatsApp to seamlessly export your chats. You can export WhatsApp messages using email, but importing exported WhatsApp messages back into your WhatsApp account using email is incredibly difficult. You need to convert Gmail emails into PDF to easily send in WhatsApp using Whatsapp Desktop.

In the automated solution, you can easily export batches of messages from Gmail into WhatsApp as PDF. To export a picture from WhatsApp, either tap the picture and select Save to Camera Roll, or select Share to Email from a users Chat History. When using WhatsApp instead of Gmail, you have the Unsend option, using which you can immediately delete the message, just in case you sent something by mistake.

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To finish, launch WhatsApp Open a chat in which you would like to send the text you have just copied, do a long press on the message input box (below), choose “Catch” from the menu which opens up, and send it all, pressing on the airplane icon located on the bottom-right. Open the Outlook Mail messages in Outlook app Next, tap the option “More (…)” appearing at the top-right corner Select “Print conversation” from the list Tap “Print” Once again, the Share panel shows a variety of apps Select WhatsApp, Now look for a contact that you would like to send.

Can I forward the email to WhatsApp on my iPhone?

Access the email that you wish to send to a WhatsApp contact. When a little strip of text appears when you touch and hold the text body of the email, tap on Select All and then press on Share. Choose WhatsApp from the Sharing Panel, then pick the contact you want to share from WhatsApp once it has opened.

Why can’t I send a PDF file on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp does not support sharing of large files larger than 100MB. This is because when you share a file, it gets sent from one chat to another through the servers. Large things like lengthy films, PDFs, or audio files more than 100 MB simply cannot be sent over these servers.

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