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How To Share Apple Music With Friends

How To Share Apple Music With Friends

How To Share Apple Music With Friends

In the top-right corner of the window, click the My Account icon (which resembles a photo or monogram), then select Edit. Select to share with just People You Approve or Everyone under the section labelled Choose Who Can Follow Your Activity. (Everyone includes all users who have profiles and are Apple Music subscribers.)

Apple Music does not have a way of sharing songs with friends, so you have to create an Apple Music playlist for your friends, and then share that playlist with them. If you do not want to share whole playlists with your friends and family, you can choose to share just a single song instead. You can easily share an Apple Music subscription by adding friends or family members to a family sharing group.

Or, if you are looking to share your subscription with a member of the household that is under 13, you can set up a Child Account instead. If the person you would like to share the account with is too young to have an Apple ID of his/her own, you can create a Child Account for him/her.

Whether you already set up Apples Family Sharing, or you have simply followed the steps outlined above, the next step is adding members of your household to let them also use Apple Music. Now, tap on Stop using Family Sharing, and anyone in your family group will no longer be able to access your subscription. It is worth noting that when you opt to stop using Family Sharing, any members in the family group are instantly removed, and any apps that supported Family Sharing are affected.

Regardless, changes that you make in the family group sync across any devices signed into with your Apple Account. If people who you wish to share a Family plan with you are already subscribed to Apple Music, they must cancel their individual subscriptions (they lose music that they added to their libraries, and must add it back after joining your Family plan). It is important to note that if you already have the Family Plan setup on an iPhone or iPad, up to six family members automatically get access to a shared Apple Music Plan – plus apps and more. If you want to switch an individual Apple Music subscription into a Family membership, that is a pretty straightforward process, with step-by-step instructions available through Apples Support section on its website.

It helps that the new iOS app does the music sharing legally, as it allows users only with paid subscriptions. Now, with Apple Music accounts also being linkable, Vertigos become the first iOS app to facilitate this kind of cross-platform music-sharing. When its new iOS app launched just last month, Vertigo (iTunes) required Spotify Premium subscription in order for users to search for music, create playlists, and share listening sessions via Live-streaming to friends and followers.

Even if Apple has given up trying to manage a native music social media platform, you still have to setup an Apple Music profile before you can share a playlist. Apple Music is one of the more popular music streaming services of the digital era, but users may not be aware that the platform also has a social media component, which allows friends to bond over music. Fortunately, the companys got a way for you to connect with friends and share directly within the Music app.

Apple Music is one of the best apps for streaming online music, and it lets you make and share playlists with friends and family. Apple Music lets users create and share playlists with other subscribers, but there is no way for more than one person to edit the same playlist — so only the playlists creator can add or remove songs from it. To share a playlist from a mobile device, open Apple Music, tap on the Library icon on the bottom of the screen, and select Playlists.

Tap Copy for the playlist link, or choose among various apps to share through text, email, or another messaging app. Tap on the Share option, and then choose from the various available options to either Copy a link, or share via Messages, Mail, or another app. The Share sheet menu will pop up — select from one of the options available to share your playlist.

If you are on Windows, open the iTunes app, choose Music in the menu at the top left, and then choose For You. On an iPhone/iPad, go to Settings > Music, and toggle iCloud Music Library to On.

Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad, and then tap on your name near the top of the screen to open up your Apple ID profile. Tap “View Apple ID” and enter your Apple ID password if prompted.

First, you will need Apple ID, which everyone who has at least one iOS or macOS device, or another Apple service, needs to have. Single users will find that using one Apple ID for all services is best, as this will enable you to share information between all your devices, making things easier. You are the same person using two different devices, as long as you share one Apple ID. You can share iTunes playlists, App Store downloads and purchases, communications, and FaceTime using a single Apple ID.

Watch this video to learn how to share an apple music subscription

You can transfer your iTunes music collection from one computer to your other devices using Home Sharing, provided that all of them are connected to the same network. You may store tracks, albums, and playlists on a phone for offline playback (when there is no Internet connection) as long as you enable iCloud Music. You can import your playlists from Apple Music or Spotify Premium, search new music from your catalog, and share songs within the app for your friends to listen to with their own subscriptions. There are plenty of ways to enjoy your music with friends, even when you are miles apart.

Sharing music is a great way to bond with your friends, and it may also lead to making some new friends. Sharing favorite music with close friends is an amazing way to bond without really talking. Sharing playlists is an awesome way to expose friends to your favorite music. If you are not ready to commit to this level of sharing your music yet, you can share individual songs as well.

On a Mac or iPhone, once you have completed those steps, simply go ahead and tap or click the share option that you like, and follow the prompts that Apple provides to choose the friends with whom you would like to share your music. Follow on-screen instructions to set up a username, search contacts, follow friends, and select who can follow you.

Can I share my Apple Music with another iPhone?

You can share access to incredible Apple services like Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple News+, Apple Arcade, and Apple Card with up to five more family members through Family Sharing. Additionally, your group can share a family photo album, an iCloud storage plan, and purchases made from iTunes, Apple Books, and App Store.

How do I share Apple Music without Family Sharing?

When you finish allowing your iPhone to sign out, or if you have not yet signed into this section, simply tap on the “Media & Purchases” section. You can then tap “Not [Your Name]?” to sign in to your Apple ID for Apple Music.

Does it cost more to share Apple Music?

There is no distinction between the Family Plan and the Individual Plan, except that with the Family Plan, you can have unlimited access for up to six people simultaneously. Each person has a personal music library and a music recommendation service. You can choose a subscription plan that meets your specific needs!