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How To Turn Off 2 Minute Text Reminder

How To Turn Off 2 Minute Text Reminder

How To Turn Off 2 Minute Text Reminder?

You can turn of the two minutes text reminder in three simple steps. First, go to settings, selects notifications, and then tap on messages. Then turn on the allow notifications, but turn the time sensitive notifications off. The last step would be to set the positions, sound and location for alerts if you want

If you are not comfortable with getting 2-minute reminders via text message on your iPhone, you can disable repeating text message alerts on iPhone/iPad using this tutorial. If you want the repeat text message/duplicate text alert features, and want to receive reminders more than once, then you can select the 3 times, 5 times, or 10 times options rather than Never. You can choose how many repeating alerts you would like to get by selecting the number of repeating alerts instead of Never under Settings. Select repeat alerts, and then change from Once to Never, or as many times as you would like your notifications to repeat.

Heres how you can disable this feature, or, if you are truly insane, make notifications repeat more. We are going to go over how to disable the recurring notification, so the alert will never repeat at all, meaning that if you receive a single text, you will get just a single alert sound and a single notification about it. In the typical scenario, you would receive a notification immediately after you get the text on your iPhone, followed by another notification after – about 5 minutes. If you are in the same boat, heres how to turn off a second one, and get alerts just once for each text message that you receive.

From there, just choose Never, and you will now get just a single alert whenever you get a text, instead of getting repeated alerts with a reminder that comes in after two minutes. This is configured as repeat reminder alerts for iPhones Messages app, meaning that you will receive a second reminder alert for the same message, just two minutes after the first. While repeat alerts are helpful for people who frequently miss notifications, it is not something that everyone needs, and is set by default for the iPhone Messages app on iOS.

The reason behind setting this is that Apple sets notifications and alerts to repeat one time on iOS devices by default. Another thing that you can try when you are experiencing the repeated notifications on your device is resetting all settings. To fix message alerts not working repeating issue in your device, try force quitting message app.

Then, slide up to quit the application, and it will also stop running in the background. Scroll down to an app that you would like to turn off recurring notifications, like IMessages, and tap it. Text reminders will keep working in the background as long as you are doing the majority of your work in Setmores smartphone app.

Watch this video to learn how to turn off minutes text reminder on iPhone

Text reminders are simple to set up, even if you are using Setmores mobile app mainly on iOS or Android. As of right now, the Setmore mobile app for iPhones and Android phones does not include a way to turn on text reminders. The good news is, once the text reminder function is turned on via Setmores web application, there is no need for you to do anything extra. Simply turn on text reminders within the Setmore web app, and Setmore takes care of the rest, as long as you keep booking appointments from your phone.

Text Reminder
Will receive second alertAfter 2 minutes
App is configuredFor once notification
Must MarkedReceiving the alert repeatedly
Text Reminder

Toggle either on Email Reminders, Text Reminders, or Both, and then choose Personalize to configure content on the reminders, number of reminders, and how far in advance each one will be sent. By default, the feature is turned off, but you can enable it through Settings -> Siri and search -> Automatically send messages. You still cannot initiate a new message from inside the Messages app on the iPhone, but you at least now can from the contacts list. As before, you can edit a contacts profile photo directly from the Messages thread; tap on the user near the top of a conversation, select About, then Edit, tap on Profile Picture, and select the memorization you would like.

Then, click Add/Update next to the text alerts icon to change your phone number. Go to Settings > Notifications > Messaging > Scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap on Repeated Alerts, located in Messages options.

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Then, choose the app and toggle either “Allow notifications” or “Show on lock screen” depending if you want notifications to illuminate the screen or not. If you do not want to enable Do Not Disturb, but you do want to keep the lock screen from lighting up with meaningless notifications every few minutes, follow these steps.

To hide sensitive content on the lock screen, disableYou will receive notifications about incoming emails or chats from the lock screen, but these will not include the details of the messages. For more control, keep it set to Allow Details, and hide sensitive content for specific apps instead. If you only want to silence notifications from a particular app, head into Settings and choose Notifications. To add sounds and vibrations to your app notifications, simply tap & hold on the notification and tap on Notifications.

Then, after just a few minutes, your iPhone will glow, vibrate, or buzz once more to remind you about a notification. This causes mental distraction, and because of the above reasons, everyone who is essentially carrying around an iPhone all the time should take a moment to turn off repeat alert sounds and notifications, so that you can have a little bit of peace of mind, and really know whether or not you are getting sent more texts, or if it is just the same ringing repeatedly in your pocket. This could be a good feature for anyone that needs reminders to respond to text messages, if you are someone that forgets to check their phone, since it will ping the text alerts every couple minutes instead of sending a single alert.

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You can configure Samsungs Galaxy smartphones to send repeated notifications until you have read a text or message. Many Android phones, like the Samsung smartphones, provide a repeat option, known as a notification reminder. The notifications are repeated every two minutes, and currently, there is no user-controlled option to change this.

If your reminder is still outstanding, you can trigger a manual dispatch by scrolling down and clicking on the Reminder Pending message from your appointment details window. The notification will appear as you swipe down from the top of the screen. Under “SMS notification,” you will see a gray field with a text, and a blue preview box.

Allow notifications to be hidden by turning them on Allow notifications to be hidden by turning them on or not. Toggle notifications dots off or on You can toggle whether your app icons display dots to notify you of unread notifications. There are several other controls within Notifications settings on the iPhone you can use to optimize interrupts caused by notifications manually.

Why does Iphone alert twice for texts?

The iOS Repeat Alerts default setting is to blame for the duplicate notifications from iMessage texts. You will receive a second alert for the identical message two minutes after the first one because iOS is configured to only repeat notifications once for the Messages app. You must mark the message as read to stop receiving this alert repeatedly.

Why do I get a notification 2 minutes after?

When an SMS or iMessage comes while your iPhone is locked, Apple has set up the iPhone to send a second notification alert two minutes later. This is done since it might be annoying to miss an important text message when you’re briefly out of the room.