How To Turn Off Autoplay On Spotify

How To Turn Off Autoplay On Spotify

To turn off Autoplay on the Spotify App, simply Open the Spotify app on your device and tap on the “Your Library” tab. Tap on the gear icon in the top right corner and tap on “Playback”. Toggle the switch next to “Autoplay” to the off position.

Autoplay is enabled by default, but to turn it off or turn it back on, open your Spotify mobile app, tap on the gear icon, tap on Playback, and scroll down to Autoplay. You can head into Settings > Autoplay in the desktop app, where you will see a option to Autoplay similar songs when your music ends on other devices. If you do not want Spotify to play suggested songs after the track or playlist you are playing, you can disable the autoplay function within Spotify.

One reason why Spotify may be adding random songs to your playlist is if you have Spotifys Enhance function turned on. As long as your enhancing feature is turned on, Spotify will add similar songs to your playlist for each song that you add.

Spotify will automatically start playing the next song on your playlist or album once the song playing now finishes, as long as autoplay is enabled. Enabling means after the album, playlist, or song you choose finishes playing – on any device other than your phone or PC – Spotify will keep playing recommended tracks endlessly. Spotifys autoplay feature works by discovering the song, album, or current playlist being played, and continuing to play similar music after the initial selection finishes.

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Spotifys Autoplay feature has been enabled automatically on connected devices for the past several weeks, with no option to turn it off. Spotify has reportedly decided its Autoplay feature needs to be active whenever anyone plays music from anything but the devices built-in speakers. It seems your Spotify has decided that whenever music is played from a source other than the devices built-in speakers, its Autoplay feature should be turned on.

Our tutorial below shows how to turn on autoplay on Spotify, so that Spotify keeps playing the music whenever listening happens. If autoplay is working on your account, you need to go back to your Spotify account and play through any albums that are playing in autoplay mode to see if you can resolve Spotify will not skip to the next song. Some users have solved Spotify Autoplay Not Working issue by disconnecting from Spotify and rebooting their device and logging in again, it helps to solve Spotify will not go to next song issue.

Learn how to turn off autoplay on Spotify

It just takes a couple steps to choose a different playlist and get music playing again, but if you are listening via Bluetooth headphones, working out, or are otherwise in a situation where you may not have access to your phone, you may want to find a way to make Spotify autoplay when the song on your playlist ends.

No matter how you flip a toggle switch to enable that autoplay function, Spotify will still stop playing songs. Despite Spotifys autoplay finding a way to figure out what people want to hear, it can have a few hiccups when using this feature. Turning off this auto-recommendation feature may fix the issue of Spotify constantly adding songs to your playlist.

We are going to show you how to turn off auto-play in Spotifys desktop apps, as well as telling you how to turn auto-play back on. There is no way to turn off autoplay on Spotify Connect devices, as it is activated by default whenever you play music right now, and there is no way to turn this off.

Once you turn this on or off, in the Spotify app or the mobile app, this is applied to your account, and any apps that you use to play music to connected devices need to be updated to use the same desired settings. There is also a possibility that Spotify has a setting turned on which causes it to play music by itself every time it is opened.

This auto-recommendation feature is one of Spotifys best features for discovering songs that you may enjoy and expanding your musical library. If you are using Spotify on an Android device, the fastest way to shut down your Android Spotify is by deleting it from your Recent Apps. If you are one of those users that has been struggling with turning off Spotify on your mobile, the post below should be helpful in forcing the shutdown of Spotify on an Android or iPhone device.

If you delete Spotify from the screen that switches apps, then you can prevent your current tunes from playing. You can stop the current track from playing by removing Spotify from the app switcher screen. To quit the Spotify app, slide your finger up on Spotify, and now the app screen will disappear from the App Switcher.

Once the App Switcher appears on your screen, slide right to get into the Spotify interface. This should bring up a Recent apps menu, where you should see your Spotify screen show up in between the screens from your other apps.

Launch Spotify on your mobile device, and tap on the Settings button, which looks like a cog, located at the top-right of your screen. If you are using Spotify on a desktop, just click on the downward-facing arrow at the upper right. Click Spotify > Preferences in the menu bar, or click the menu (arrow) button on the top right of your Spotify window, and select Preferences.

Open Spotify In the top right, click on the Settings icon Now scroll down and toggle on or off the green button for autoplay. If Autoplay is turned on, you should see the Autoplay Playlist on the bottom half of your screen, with the highlighted Autoplay icon on the right side of the playing song. If you would like to have these same settings applied on your other Spotify devices, you just have to tap on the toggle next to the second option in the Autoplay section.

IntroductionExplanation of what autoplay is on Spotify and why you may want to turn it off
Turning Off Autoplay on the DesktopHow to turn off autoplay on the Spotify desktop app
Turning Off Autoplay on MobileHow to turn off autoplay on the Spotify mobile app for iOS and Android
Turning Off Autoplay in PlaylistsHow to turn off autoplay for individual playlists
Turning Off Autoplay in AlbumsHow to turn off autoplay for individual albums
Turning Off Autoplay in Radio StationsHow to turn off autoplay for radio stations
How to turn off autoplay on Spotify

It does not matter what songs you are playing, because this change that we are going to be making to the Apple Music Autoplay settings will be applied to Apple Music across all tracks. By default, the iOS Music app will continuously play songs from the Apple Music library unless told to otherwise. It is not clear if returning a settings menu to the Spotify Web Player would help solve the issue of autoplay on a linked device (or vice-versa).

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Why is my Spotify turning off when I leave the app?

If you’ve ever wondered why Spotify keeps shutting down after using it, you should know that it requires enough storage space on your smartphone to function properly. The cache is used to store music and track information. Your device’s RAM is also used a little bit throughout this operation.

How can I disable Spotify’s autoplay feature?

After your chosen track or playlist has completed playing, Spotify’s autoplay function will start playing recommended songs or playlists for you. Follow these methods to stop Spotify’s autoplay feature:

  • Launch the Spotify app on your phone or tablet.
  • Scroll down under “Settings” to locate the “Playback” area.
  • By pressing the button to the left of it, you may turn off the “Autoplay” setting.
  • After your selected material has finished playing, Spotify will no longer automatically start playing songs or playlists. An alternative song or playlist will have to be manually chosen before playing.

Can I disable Spotify’s autoplay feature for certain playlists?

Yes, you can disable autoplay for certain Spotify playlists. Follow these steps to do this:

  • Launch the Spotify app on your phone or tablet.
  • Go to the playlist for which you wish to disable autoplay.
  • At the upper right corner of the screen, tap the three dots symbol.
  • Choose “Edit” from the list of choices that appears.
  • Toggle off the “Autoplay” option by scrolling down and finding it.
  • This will disable autoplay for the particular playlist you’ve chosen, preventing additional songs or playlists from starting to play after the final song on the playlist has finished. You must repeat these steps for each playlist you wish to switch off autoplay for since this setting is unique to each playlist.
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