How To Turn Off Maps Voice

How To Turn Off Maps Voice

To turn off the Maps Voice on Iphone, Here are a few quick instructions for disabling Apple Maps voice: Make sure your car is stopped. Select Maps while your iPhone is open. Choose Navigation and Guidance from the menu. Select the No Volume menu item. Spoken Audio Toggle Pause.

There are sections in this article that are viable solutions related to the issue that the voice of the iPhone Maps is not working, so make sure to briefly read through these in order to fix the issue in the iPhone. Do not worry, if you do want voice directions from your map apps, this article shows how to turn voice directions on (or turn it back on) both for the Apple Maps and Google Maps apps on iPhone.

If Voice Navigation and Speak Directions are not working on the iPhone Maps App for Real-Life iPhone, and you already turned the physical volume up to full, then you might find that your Voice Navigation settings are turned off or turned off. Restart the iPhone if you are certain that both the volume of the voice navigation volume for both the iPhone and Maps navigation are turned on.

Press and hold the Volume Up button on your phone to boost navigation voice volume. If you have already established your destination and begun to navigate in turn-by-turn directions, you can adjust the loudness of the voice volume on Apple Maps using your iPhones Up and Down Volume buttons. When using turn-by-turn directions, use the physical volume buttons to turn up or down the volume of the voice directions in Google Maps.

Apple Maps Voice Navigation settings should be applicable through any directions given from Apples Maps app, whether you initiated them through the Maps for iPhone app directly, or even if you started off asking Siri to use voice navigation and turn-by-turn directions from the iPhone itself. This applies to all Siri voice command options regarding settings, languages, navigation, audio, and voice controls. Using means that you are effectively changing the Siri voice, and thus, this option will affect all instances of Siri, not just Apple Maps.

You can test it experimentally, if you are curious, by turning off Siri or changing Siris voice, and then seeing whether the voice used to drive or navigate directions using Apple Maps changes as well. If you are mid-navigation before starting to make the turn, chances are that you have already opened Apple Maps. You can still use Apple Maps, and previously accessible navigation features you had previously, just without voice commands.

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Learn how to turn on voice directions on Apple Maps

Shut down your iPhone or iPad, turn it on again, open Google Maps again, and see if Google Maps is giving voice directions now. After you have restored your network and location settings, reconnect to your network, and try running your iPhones voice-based map service, and you may be okay. Another fix for iPhone Maps Not Talking issue is resetting the network settings and location data.

Steps to turn off goggle maps voice Steps to customize spoken directions settings Steps to personalize the spoken navigation volume
1.Go to google maps then click on your account Go to settings and open maps now click on spoken directions Go to settings open maps
2.Tap on settings and go to navigation settings Now you can either enable or disable these options (1) direct pause spoken audio (2) directions wake device Then click on sounds and voice from here click on guidance volume
3.Then go to sounds and voice and click on the mute option (3) Or direction on radio you can select as per your choice Now you can set the volume to softer, normal or louder as per your choice
Various ways to adjust maps voice on iPhone

For some instances, forcing an iPhone Maps close and restarting will solve the issue. Tap on the red cross icon to delete the app from your system.

Open App Store on the iPhone, tap the profile icon located in the upper-right corner. Open Google Maps > Tap on the profile icon and choose the settings option from the menu that appears. Tap your profile photo or Start navigation settings Sound Level.

When Google Maps starts navigating to your destination, tap the Speaker icon at the top-right. To disable voice navigation on Google Maps, you just tap on the speaker icon and choose “Mute” while navigation.

If you are not using a Bluetooth headset, and have Google Maps speak over the phones speakers or wired headphones, you may need to turn off the option Play Voice Over Bluetooth. If your phone is connected to a Bluetooth device, make sure Play voice over Bluetooth is turned on.

Otherwise, turn on Play voice over Bluetooth to listen to navigation over the speakers of your phone or tablet. From your settings screen, navigate to navigation > On the next screen, flip the switch next to Play voice over Bluetooth to On. If it is NOT, enable Bluetooth on the headset, and pair it to your iPhone, and then pair the two.

If you are having issues with the sound not working in your iPhones Maps, first check that your Bluetooth is properly connected. Before heading out, check if the iPhone volume is too low in the first place, and then check if voice navigation is enabled on your maps. One of the key things to do with the Apple Maps voice navigation settings is make sure your toggle is NOT set to No Voice, otherwise, no matter how loud you turn the iPhones volume, you cannot access voice navigation.

Every time you are driving around with voice-enabled Apple Maps, your iPhone is reading out your driving directions to you loudly–so, unless you are thrilled by Apple Maps voices, that narration could become tiring. When you download the audio directions, instead of the buzzing, you hear directions as you drive toward the location. If anything in your app code is stopping Google Maps from sending out voice directions, it is likely that Google has noticed.

If Voice is delayed or does not work on Google Maps on the iPhone, chances are high you might have turned off or disabled Sounds on Google Maps. There are a few bugs with iOS 13 which muted voice directions during mid-navigation. Recently, many iOS users reported their iPhone maps were not speaking, though they did some basic troubleshooting.

Or…you could just turn off that damn voice, so you could get directions just by looking at your screen (or via the Apple Watch). Even when the iPhone screen is turned off, Apple Maps continues navigation, and turning on a devices Directions Wake switch will make sure that when you need to take a turn or whatever, a spoken Direction will wake up your iPhone screen to provide visual help. Ironically, you can also access various settings with a voice command, and eventually disable the voice commands and replies.

Voice commands and responses for overall use on an iPhone, and therefore for CarPlay, are accessible from the Search and Siri categories in the Settings menu. It is important to note that CarPlay requires Siri to be active in order to function — you cannot issue voice commands if Siri is turned off. When tapping a choice, Siri utters a few automated lines, giving you a quick sense of what the voice is like.

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Why does Google Maps keep crashing on iPhones?

Try the following procedures if the Google Maps app on your phone or tablet crashes or has other problems that interfere with your use of Maps: Freshen up Google Maps. On your device, go to the Settings app and clear the storage. The most recent Google Maps update has a 95.73MB file size that includes common bug fixes that improve the app’s functionality.

Why does my Apple Maps not speak anymore?

You may not be able to hear any voice while driving if iPhone Maps’ volume is occasionally on but only slightly turned up. Go to Settings > Maps > Driving & Navigation in this situation, then choose Normal or Loud volume. Then attempt to start iPhone Maps once more to see whether this solution works.

What is the difference between Google Maps and Apple Maps?

In terms of the quantity of information offered, Google Maps is unquestionably the winner. It obtains its enormous database of information from a variety of sources, including individuals, websites, and corporations. Even though Apple Maps uses crowdsourced data in a manner similar to Google, it doesn’t source from as many places and has less data overall.

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