How To Turn Off Shuffle On Spotify

How To Turn Off Shuffle On Spotify

You can turn off shuffle on Spotify by following just 2 steps. Open the currently playing song by clicking on the Now Playing bar which is at the bottom of the screen. Click on the shuffle icon to turn it off. As the shuffle icon works as a toggle key.

To disable shuffle on the Spotify desktop app or web-based player, within media controls, tap on the “shuffle” button on the lower Playback Bar, which looks like two crisscrossed arrows, until it turns gray. If you are listening to Spotify on a mobile device, you can turn off shuffle by full-screening the song that is currently playing, then clicking the Shuffle button in the media controls until it turns gray.

This happens because you pressed the Shuffle button earlier, and the app is now playing songs in an unshuffled fashion. If Spotify is playing random songs, chances are you have a Shuffle setting turned on. Close your playlists and return to your settings to check whether Spotifys Shuffle function is turned off, and then try it again.

If you are using the Spotify app on a desktop, you can disable the shuffle function by selecting the Play tab on the top of the screen. If you are using the free version of Spotify, you can turn the shuffle feature off only for Spotify playlists that Spotify has personalized for you, like Release Radar and Discover Weekly playlists. Unfortunately, not all playlists with Spotify algorithms (including Spotify Radio) will let you turn off shuffle.

While turning off shuffle in Spotify is limited to Premium users, it seems that Spotifys app may break down and keep shuffled songs on for Premium users. If you are using Spotify Free, you have to be using Spotify Free in a permanent shuffle mode 100% of the time, so you cannot turn this off using the Shuffle button. If you have a Free account, Spotify only lets you listen to a handful of songs before you turn on shuffle.

In the Spotify mobile app, playlists that you make and albums are locked into shuffle, whereas playlists Spotify makes for you cannot be shuffled. There are instances when playlists in Spotify are stuck in shuffle, even on Premium accounts. Some users reported instances when, despite having a Premium account, certain of their Spotify playlists kept playing on shuffle.

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Watch to learn how to turn off shuffle on Spotify

Every once in a while, you might find a playlist in the Spotify home page that skips over shuffle playing by default entirely while using Spotify Free. If you are listening to something like a top ten playlist, and you want to hear the songs in order to hear how they are ranked, Spotifys shuffle function is going to frustrate you. Play the song on the playlist or album that you would like to listen to unshuffled, and then tap the song title over the lower bar to view all the alternatives that are available.

Steps to turn off shuffle on Spotify on mobileSteps to turn off shuffle on Spotify on computer via now playing screen
1.Open Spotify and select the music from library or search historyOpen Spotify then select song from now playing bar
2.Then tap on the shuffle button to turn it off as it turns greyThen tap on shuffle button to turn it off as it turns grey
3.To turn on shuffle again just click the shuffle button as it turn back to greenOr you can press Ctrl+S / Cmd+S to turn off shuffle
Steps to turn off shuffle on Spotify

Some auto-generated Spotify playlists are available for listening to without turning on the Spotify shuffle function. Free users of Spotifys digital streaming application can also disable the shuffle feature by using a PC or Web-based player.

Spotify can be used to select the next piece of music randomly, shuffling the playing of music through the listening experience. To find the Spotify Shuffle button, open the Spotify app on your device and tap on the settings icon at the top-right of your screen.

If a Shuffle icon is next to the Play icon, that means you can use that icon to directly play the playlist in shuffle. If there is not a shuffle icon next to the Play icon, then you can use the same one to start playing the list of songs as shown on the screen. The shuffle icon on the bottom of the Play bar will become gray when you tap on it.

In the settings menu, scroll to the Playback section and tap on the shuffle option. Or, you can use the Shuffle option from the Now Playing section contextual menu.

If the icon is green, Shuffle is currently enabled for your Playlist. You can check the status of shuffle in real time using the Now Playing box on the bottom.

To turn off Shuffle, head to the lower-left side of your playlist and tap on the Disable button. By opening the Music or iTunes apps on your computer or device and clicking on the links at the lower left, you can also shuffle.

To shuffle songs on an iPad, open the Music app and locate the songs you would like to shuffle. When you shuffle songs on your iPad, the Music app selects tracks from your current category. When creating a playlist in iTunes, you can assign a random order for which songs are played with a “shuffle” symbol.

Next, play the songs that you like; Shuffle (2crossing arrows) button will appear on the bottom of your screen. Open up Spotifys app, and then play back whatever song is playing at that time; again, tap on the small shuffle arrow. You will find a shuffle icon near the rewind button on each version of the Spotify app.

By tapping on the button on the left side of your Playback controls, you will be able to tap on the shuffle icon quickly and easily. The button will turn blue when Shuffle Mode is enabled, so tapping on it will toggle Shuffle Mode off. To turn shuffle on, tap on the player panel on the bottom of your iPhones screen, and swipe up the player window to reveal real controls.

To disable shuffle using Premium on a computer, simply click on the green arrow icon for Shuffle found at the bottom center bar of your screen until it turns white. If Spotify keeps shuffled songs after you have selected the music you want to listen to, just open up the Now Playing Songs screen and click on the green Shuffle arrow icon.

Open Spotifys Web Player and search for a playlist that you are listening to; from the Playback Bar, tap the Arrow icon; this will turn off the random playing of all playlists from this point forward.

Spotifys digital streaming apps provide an easy way to disable shuffle play feature, as shown below. Spotify users have long complained of not being able to disable the shuffle feature without going premium.

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How do I Unshuffle Spotify on my iPhone?

The shuffle symbol is located next to the rewind option in Spotify. You only need to look for and tap this icon to enable or disable shuffle. To find it in the iPhone and Android apps, tap the song title now playing at the bottom of the screen to make it full-screen.

Where is shuffle on Spotify 2022?

Start listening to music on the app and make the current song fullscreen if you have a Spotify Premium subscription. To accomplish this, simply tap the song’s title in the bar that displays down the bottom. Select the shuffle option from the media controls. It appears to be two intertwined arrows.

Why can’t I turn off Shuffle on my iPhone?

Shuffle mode can be activated using the Shuffle button that is shown on the iPhone’s main Music app screen, however it cannot be turned off again. The true Shuffle control may be found by swiping up the player window after tapping the Player bar at the bottom of the iPhone screen.

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