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How To Vibrate Water Out Of Iphone

How To Vibrate Water Out Of Iphone

How To Vibrate Water Out Of Iphone

If you’re looking for easy ways to eject water from iPhone, then just check out our suggested tips. You can use Siri app to throw water out from your phone. In the app, particular vibrating sounds create that eject water from speakers. Also, you can try some specific suggested tones to allow the phone to vibrate and get all the water out from iPhone.

We will use a simple app that plays a low-frequency sound, which will stir up water droplets trapped inside a water grid just enough so the water drips off of the iPhone. If you are looking for a solution for getting water out of the iPhones speaker grill, I found this neat Siri Shortcut which uses very low frequency sounds to pull the water out of the speaker.

Using a Siri shortcut called Water Eject, you can launch this third-party app that uses low-frequency sound waves to knock moisture off of the device. The Water Eject Siri Shortcut does not just work on your phone, but you can also use it on an iPad. The Water Eject shortcut produces sound at a frequency that makes the phones speakers ring, vibrating your iPhone to force the water to come out.

You can force water from the iPhones speakers using Siris Water Eject Shortcut, third-party apps, or websites. You can either use a Siri shortcut, or you can try out an app or a website for releasing the water. You could also try getting water out of an iPhone speaker by placing it into an air vent filled with dry unboiled rice, or in some packets of silica gel. Or, you can use more primitive methods, such as placing the iPhone into rice or silica gel, or using a fan or blower to evaporate the water.

You can use websites that can play specific frequencies of a tone to get water out of the iPhones speakers. If you do not want to use any third-party apps or shortcuts, just open up YouTube app or Web in browser and play videos that have audio frequencies to remove the water. If you do not want to download apps or use shortcuts, you can eject water using sounds using a third-party site such as FixMySpeaker.

You can even share a free shortcut with others who might need to eject water from an iPhone or iPad speaker using these same steps. Fortunately, you can use a free shortcut to remove water from the mics and speakers, and have them dried up in no time. This could be a handy feature to have in case you are taking a phone shower, or if you happen to drop the phone in the water by accident. Even though your iPhone is water-resistant, if you drop your iPhone into a shower or a quick bath, water will be able to reach its charging port and speakers.

Even though your iPhone comes with IP ratings, that does not mean that water cannot stick to the device. To be clear, most instances where an iPhone comes in contact with water are no cause for alarm, but water can get stuck inside of speakers at times. Even if your iPhone has a waterproof rating, water can still sneak inside of the speakers, headphones, and charging ports.

While the latest iPhones are waterproof, liquids and debris can impact speaker quality and volume. If you drop the iPhone in the water by accident, or if you purposely take the phone to the water, there could be audio issues with the speakers. Unlike Apple Watch, there is no official method of getting water out of the speaker grill, though the current iPhones are waterproof.

Once you have done that, the iPhone vibrates with a specific frequency, with maximum volume, to spit out all water from your speakers. You will see small drops of water coming from your speakers grill, just leave a simple app running for a few seconds. Let audio play for 5-10 minutes, until you see no water coming from the speakers. You should now hear a sound playing back from the iPhone, and you will see a droplet of water coming out from the speaker grill.

Volume Use the volume up button
Water Drop IconDuring it, the water drop icon should be clicked and held down
FrequencySet the frequency to a value between 160 and 200
SwipeSwipe anywhere on the screen and you will see water droplets coming out of the screen
Steps required to make my phone vibrate for water.

Essentially, there is a way of getting your iPhone to play the sound at a specific frequency, which, in turn, causes a vibration, ultimately pushing water droplets out of the speaker. The user turns on the Shortcut, which generates a vibration via audio in the phone, which helps remove the water out of any ports or speakers. After installing the shortcut, users just have to say, Hey Siri, Water Extraction Shortcut, and the device will produce a sound vibration that shakes the water from the devices speakers.

Watch this video to know about the sounds that remove water from a phone speaker

On Apple Watch, users turn a dial to the water side to activate the removal of water from the watchs ports. This technique is similar to the Water Removal function of the Apple Watch. Ingress would result in water drops getting trapped within an iPhone, and this could sometimes stop a phone from turning on or working as intended.

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If you do not want to install the unsafe shortcut to an iPhone, there are other ways of getting rid of water. That is, if a shortcut is not cutting it for you, then there are also tons of other methods for getting rid of water on an iPhone you could try, like using apps for getting water off iPhones, and some online tools that you can use to get rid of the water on an iPhone, so take a look at the linked article. Once Apples Shortcuts app is installed, heres what you need to do to configure the Shortcut to expel water from an iPhone. In the browser of your iPhone, head over to the Shortcuts gallery (opens in a new tab) and grab a shortcut for “Water Expelled” by tapping “Get Shortcut,” followed by “Add Shortcut” in the next screen.

Before we get into this, do note that this simple Water Eject shortcut is an Untrusted Shortcut, and you will need to enable Untrusted Shortcuts on your iPhone in order to use it.

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The water eject shortcut will automatically set the iPhones volume to its highest level, and begin playing an audio file that spits out water from your iPhones speakers, provided that they are facing down — gravity makes liquids a lot easier to spit out. Tap on the Water Drop icon at the middle of your screen to begin the eject. This should probably go without saying, but DO NOT use headphones or listening devices when you are going through this process. Black The sounds that are being released to assist with water ejection could damage your ears, much like Lizzos concerts. An app called Sonic App works somewhat similar to the Fix My Speakers, using the speakers themselves to push the water out.

How do I make my phone vibrate for water?

To raise the volume, use the volume up button. The water drop icon should be clicked and held down. In order to set the frequency to a value between 160 and 200, swipe anywhere on the screen. Many times, go back and do the previous step (until you see no water droplets being pushed out of the speaker grill.)

What do I do when water enters my iPhone?

You need a desiccant to dry out the interior of the iPhone. Uncooked rice is usually suggested by experts, who advise owners to place their moist iPad or iPhone in a large bowl of the grain (covering it fully) and keep it there for around 48 hours.

Does iPhone 12 have water eject?

Additionally, the iPhone lacks the Apple Watch’s built-in water expulsion mechanism. So if you’re seeking a way to get the water out of your iPhone’s speaker grills, I found a clever Siri shortcut that uses very low-frequency sound to force the water out from the speaker.