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Iphone 11 Left Speaker Not Working

Iphone 11 Left Speaker Not Working

Iphone 11 Left Speaker Not Working

Look at your iPhone’s Ring/Silent switch, which is on the left side of the device. When the switch is pushed away from the screen and there is a little, orange line, your iPhone is on mute. Pull the switch in the direction of the screen to activate your ringer.

Fixing the iPhone 7 speakers using iTunes (No data loss) Sometimes, iPhone 7 speakers that do not work may be caused by certain issues in iOS systems as well. After trying the aforementioned fix, your speaker may begin to work properly. If you flip the toggle to silence, the issue of the iPhone 7 Plus speakers not working may occur very easily.

You need to disable Bluetooth in your iPhone 11, and then test whether or not speaker is working in your iPhone 11. You will probably notice whether or not music that you are trying to play on the iPhone is actually being sent to a Bluetooth speaker. You might not be hearing something, because your iPhone is sending the sound to another speaker, like the Bluetooth speaker.

Your iPhone might connect to an external speaker through AirPlay without you knowing. This might be true even if you are using Apple TV, or you connected the iPhone to the sound system in your car. It is possible your iPhone 11 is connected to a Bluetooth media device and is beaming sound back at it, so no audio is coming out of your speakers.

If your new iPhones audio is playing fine, but your speaker is losing one audio channel, the source of the issue is somewhere between the connecting point and your speakers mechanics. Everyone has the tendency to snooze from time to time, and it is entirely possible you set your volume on the iPhone 11 to zero, so no audio is coming out of your speakers. The next thing that you will want to do is to check the volume level on your iPhone 11 if no audio is coming out of the speaker.

If the speaker is working, but is not playing loudly or clearly like it should, then you might want to skipping software and cleaning your iPhones speakers. Once you are done, you can just unplug your iPhone 7 from the computer and see if the problem is fixed on your iPhone 7 speakers. Once the process is completed, you will no longer be facing a sound is not working issue on your iPhone 7. If none of what you tried has solved the issue, and your iPhone is still unable to produce any sound, then check with an Apple specialist.

Watch this video to learn why the left speaker not working on iPhone

In this guide, we will cover eight simple ways to solve the most common reasons why your iPhone does not produce any sound. Here, in this guide, we are going to teach you several ways you can solve the issue, so that the speaker on your iPhone 7 starts working properly. With just a little technical know-how, you can solve a lot of common speaker problems without taking your iPhone to an Apple technician.

Try out a few of the possible solutions listed below to get your iPhone 11 speakers working again. Until and unless you drop the iPhone 11, or if it is physically damaged, it is highly unlikely the speaker on your iPhone 11 is simply going to suddenly stop working. While the blow-out speaker is a possibility, it is not likely to occur provided that you are using Apples iPhone correctly and are not messing around with the speakers.

A blown speaker would severely reduce the audio quality your iPhone is capable of producing. The more you use the speaker on an Apple iPhone at a loud volume, the more internal components must work in order to create the sound. If you are getting sounds from the speakers located at the lower right hand corner of your iPhone, you do not have anything to worry about. The Apple iPhone really uses that top speaker to produce stereo audio when listening to music or playing any other kind of media on the device.

When playing any songs or videos, or placing calls into speaker, this opening plays audio, but only when the iPhone is not connected to external speakers or headphones. The bottom line is we have just a single speaker in the iPhone, which is located on the right-hand side of the Lightning connector, while the left-hand set of holes is simply the microphone. It is important to know that the grille located to the left of the Lightning port is not the speaker as is the grille located on the iPhone 11s right.

A little crumb stuck next to this switch could prevent it from properly setting up when you take off the wired speaker, locking your iPhone in Headphones Mode, or making your speaker connections fall short. If headphones mode is the reason your iPhone 7 is missing sound when on calls, then you cannot hear sound out of your iPhone 7s speakers. Turning the volume up There may be cases where the iPhone 7 calls are not working, and you cannot hear any audio. In most cases, however, you should not worry much about issues with iPhone volume not working.

While this should not be an audio-related issue, it is always worth keeping up on your iPhone updates to address potential issues. That is because updating iOS to the latest version — which is iOS 15 at this point — is always recommended for fixing a number of software issues, including iPhone 7 No Sound in Call Speakers. It is more than likely the iPhone has a hardware issue, and will require repair to correct.

When you remove accessories from the Lightning port, iOS might fail to handle this event, leaving the iPhone 11 stuck in Headphones Mode, with your iPhone 11s speakers failing to function. Since another person in a call cannot hear your voice, and iPhones left-side speakers are not working when making calls, you are advised to reset all settings.

If this recorded audio has a perfect audio, the speakers are working normally. In that case, change your Audio Output settings from the external speaker to iPhone speakers again so you get audio from your iPhone speakers. Adjust volume using the Side Button; the screen will let you know whether or not it is obviously being routed to a different speaker. Muted volume should have no effect on the music, but will impact your iPhones alarm volume.

Often, although the iPhone does not sound at all, it is because the iPhone is connected to a Bluetooth device, such as an external speaker or headphones, that sounds are being played through that device instead of through the iPhone.

Does the left speaker work on iPhone 11?

The other openings you probably see are for the microphones; the iPhone 11 only has one speaker at the bottom. To see how the speakers are configured on your new iPhone, refer to the section of this article titled “External Buttons and Connectors”: Cheers!

Why does one of my speakers on my iPhone not work?

You can drag the Ringer and Alert slider back and forth via Settings > Sounds (or Settings > Sounds & Haptics). Whenever you do not hear any sound or if there is a dimming of the speaker button on the Ringer and Alerts slider, it might be the speaker that needs fixing.

How do you fix one speaker not working?

Make sure the speaker balance is set to the center position on your stereo system. Make sure the speaker wires are connected to the stereo system properly. Replace the speaker wire if the issue persists. In case the problem persists, disconnect the stereo system and speaker wires.