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Iphone 12 Touch Screen Not Working

Iphone 12 Touch Screen Not Working

Iphone 12 Touch Screen Not Working

Usually there are many reasons as to why this might be happening, and most of these can be resolved by restarting your phone. So, you should long press and then release the volume up key, and do this same things with the volume down key and the power key to restart your phone.

According to the Apple support thread, some users have complained about their iPhone 12 mini having an intermittent touchscreen problem, in which the iPhone 12 mini would randomly stop recording touch inputs, whereas the iPhone 12 touch screen works just fine once they have updated to the latest iOS updates. This can be frustrating, but fortunately, there are ways to solve iPhone touchscreen issue that does not work regardless of the method in which this happens, and also if you are experiencing this problem after iOS 16 iPhone iOS 16 update. While a hard reboot should make an iPhone 12 up and running again, this problem may crop up again.

Before trying out any other methods of troubleshooting, the first thing that you can do is to force reboot the iPhone in order to fix iPhone/iPad touchscreen does not work issue using below mentioned procedure. In most cases, rebooting the iPhone will solve a non-responsive touch screen, so it should be the first thing you try before trying anything else. Before jumping to any other troubleshooting procedures, you can reboot your iPhone to solve your unresponsive iPhone screen problem with the following steps.

If you are facing touchscreen issues after upgrading to iOS 16, and your iPhone was working just fine before that, then you can just downgrade your iPhone back to a previous version of software. Here, you can downgrade your iPhone from the new iOS 11 back to iOS 10 to fix the problem. You have to upgrade the iPhone 12 which is not responding to the touch, and the way is by placing iPhone 12 in standard mode, then reinstalling iOS in latest version. It is difficult to tell why this issue is occurring, but if you have done a hard reboot and managed to fix your iPhone 12 for the time being, you may want to consider a factory reset, in case no updates are available for iOS or apps.

A factory reset will restore your iPhone back to the condition it was when you first took it out of the box: It will delete any software updates, installed apps, and your personal data. On the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, you do a hard reset by pressing the power button and the volume down button together for several seconds, until you see the iPhone logo pop up on your display.

If you are using iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone 11, or iPhone 12, then you will have to press and hold Volume Up and then Volume Down buttons, and then hold down the Power button. Press and hold Volume Down Buttons (or Home button, if iPhone is 6s or earlier) while holding the Power Button as well. For the iPhone 7, press Volume Down and Side buttons together.

Watch this video to learn how to fix the iPhone touch screen not working

For iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, press the Top/Side buttons and Volume Down buttons together until you see a screen that says “Recovery Mode”. To do a hard reset of an iPhone 8 or newer, hold Volume Up, hold Volume Down, then hold Side button until screen goes black and the iPhone logo appears in center of the display. Launch the Settings app on the iPhone, then tap on General, followed by Reset.

First ThingYou can do is to force reboot the iPhone
Factory ResetA factory reset will restore your iPhone back to the condition
Hard ResetYou do a hard reset by pressing the power button and the volume down button together for several seconds
Ways to solve Iphone 12 Touch Screen Not Working

If there is still the problem with your iPhones screen failing, you can remove the app in question, and then reinstall the app to see if the touchscreen problem works as expected. The cases and screen protectors might not fit the touch screens on iPhone 12 and iPhone 12, preventing it from being touch-sensitive and leaving you with a Touch Screen Problem in iPhone 12. If the touchscreen of your iPhone does indeed start working correctly once it is removed, you might consider forgoing a screen protector or buying a new one (perhaps thinner).

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Before moving forward with ruling out lingering software faults on your iPhone 12, inspect the case and screen protector, and remove if needed. If the iPhone starts working again once you remove either of these accessories, it could be that it is the accessories that are causing touchscreen issues. If your iPhone 12 cannot detect touch at all after a software problem is fixed, then the problem is most likely caused by the defective hardware.

Typically, this problem is caused when either the physical portion of the iPhones display (called the digitizer) which processes touch stops working properly, or your iPhones software stops talking to the hardware as it is supposed to. Sometimes users experience Apple iPhone 12 Screen Unresponsive, iPhone 12 Screen Will Not Work, or Apple iPhone 12 Display Sensitivity Slowly Responding. Sometimes Apple iPhone 12 screen is totally unresponsive or screen does not support tap. For the options mentioned above, iTunes is the incredible Apple software which helps with an upgrade without losing any data.

No matter what is behind the iPhone 11 screens non-touch response, you can fix it easily by trying out the solutions mentioned in this post. If your iPhone has stopped responding to your touch recently, and nothing else has worked until now, there is likely to be a major hardware problem, and your iPhone needs repair or replacement. If your iPhones touch is not working because it is totally broken, you can order a kit and try swapping parts out on your own, but I would not recommend that.

In fact, the iPhone is basically worthless without a working touchscreen, so if it is not responding to your taps, that is an issue that you have got to fix – right away. Of course, if the touchscreen on your iPhone is not working, you cannot turn off the iPhone the normal way using the settings menu; you have to force the phone to reboot by pressing a certain combination of power and volume buttons. If the issue is caused by a serious system bug, there is no other option that will likely fix it except for a factory reset, entering Recovery Mode, or updating your device firmware.

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Other common problems that arise following an iOS 16 update, like Touch ID not working, apps on the iPhone failing and many others, can also be fixed with the help of a tool called Imyfone D-Back. In addition to the slide-up unlock problem reported by the majority of users in the mini, Pro Max has been experiencing touchscreen issues inside apps.

Why is my iPhone not letting me touch anything on the screen?

Reboot your iPad or iPhone. Make sure your screen is dry, clean, and devoid of any water or particles. Disconnect any USB-C or Lightning accessories. After removing an accessory, if your screen still functions, try a new outlet, cable, or charger.

Does iPhone 12 have screen issues?

I’m experiencing the same problem; on my iPhone 12 Pro, when the brightness is less than 100%, the pixels do not turn off when displaying genuine dark colors; instead, I see a sort of greyish-green glow like what an LCD panel would show. Same. When it should be completely black, the screen keeps coming on with a subtle green or gray tint.