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Iphone 6 Plus Slim Cases

Iphone 6 Plus Slim Cases

Iphone 6 Plus Slim Cases

Get information about the best Iphone 6 Plus Slim Cases we picked for you. The slim cases enhance your iPhone appearance while providing full protection against scratches and impacts. The ultra-thin affordable iphone 6 Plus cases are best choice for you.

The best custom phone case protection & style. The best custom case for iphone 6 Plus/6s Plus. This case keeps the iPhone 6s Plus thin and light, and still protects the device on every corner. The case snugly fits around the corner of your iPhone as well as on its sides, keeping the effects of knocks at bay. Normally, thin cases are considered to be flimsy and are unlikely to protect your device.

The iPhone 6(s+) is a tough device that will stand up to punishment, so for most people, a slim case should suffice. A good company that makes slim cases for the iPhone 6 Plus will give you support that is top-notch. There are dozens of options out there for ultra-thin cases, so let us look at some minimalist cases that add the smallest amount of bulk to your iPhone 6s. If you are looking for our reviews on iPhone cases, you can find them here for thin cases, tough cases, and waterproof cases.

Peels ultra-thin iPhone 6s case is such an unobtrusive, subtle case that it acts as the iPhone 6s second skin. Designed using premium Japanese TPU/rubber, this ultra-thin case is just 0.6mm thick, making it a perfect iPhone companion if you are looking for something to act as a second skin.

Since this stylish case is light, your device will still sport that thin appearance. The super slim cases retains the slender look of iPhone, yet keeps your device protected against scratches and daily drops.

Because this case is made from hard TPU matte, polycarbonate hard plastic, your device is protected against unexpected drops and scratches. The case itself is protected, having a shock-absorbing core with a hard polycarbonate cover all around. JETech has placed TPU within this carbon fibre case, protecting the device against drops. For protecting your iPhone, Torras has tested this case to ensure that this case has reinforced strength.

Luvvitt Crystal Case Series Luvvitt Crystal Case Series 6s Plus$14.99
Case-Mate Sheer Glam Case Case-Mate Sheer Glam Case$5.99
iPhone 6s Plus silicone case$4.99
Speck Presidio Grip $33
Different cases for iPhone 6s and their prices.

The case itself is not the strongest one you will find on the market, but it offers a baseline level of protection against scratches and light drops. The buttons are covered, the front panel has an raised lip, and the case is Otterbox certified drop resistant. The button covers are tactile, and the cutouts are quite spacious, so the case should not hinder day-to-day usage on the super-slim iPhone 6 Plus. While the iPhone 6S Plus is a pretty old phone right now, Tech21 still offers an array of sleek, protective cases for the Apple device.

The Flip for the iPhone 6/6S Plus is wrapped in super-lush microfiber, making it a truly unique way to carry and protect the iPhone. This slim case is completely covered with slick, natural leather — the type of slick leather that you will want to keep touching again and again. This slim case features a hard polycarbonate material, along with a soft microfiber.

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Apple iPhone 6s Plus Silicone Case iPhone 6 Plus/An Apple iPhone 6s Plus Silicone Case –(Product)RED The most affordable iPhone 6s Plus silicone case ditches leather for a more impact-absorbing silicone exterior. Customized iPhone 6 or 6S Plus Hard Cover by GoCustomized GoCustomized makes sure that your cover is highly protective against scratches and dent. If you are looking for something really bulletproof, consider an OtterBox case or an Urban Armor Gear.

Watch this video to see the iPhone 6 plus ultra-thin tpu case

The only way we would recommend the ZeroLemon Protector is if you have just $20 to spend and you want something that is relatively hardy for protecting your iPhone. If you are looking for a tough case, it is not the one. The design of Griffin Summit is unique, but as with all super-tough cases, there are issues with iPhone usability within the case, but if protection is what you are looking for then this may be the case for you. On to its Tough Extreme Case Mate, this case is virtually guaranteed not to accidentally drop from your hands due to the construction; it is slightly thinner than some other hard cases, but your iPhone 6s viewing experience and usability will take quite a hit inside of this case.

The KX cases are going to help your iPhone take on some of the most difficult falls, falls, and drops, protecting your iPhone far more than Apples 3-foot drop protection minimum required by other cases. The Speck Presidio Grip is the best case protection available for older models of the iPhone, and it is also available for the SE. If you are someone who is inclined to drop phones often–or just does not want to risk anything in terms of damage–the Smartish Gripzilla is the most protective case we would recommend for the iPhone 12.

A Smart Cover-inspired, flip-style protective case, particularly the kind made for iPhone6 Plus, would make serious sense now that the iPhone sports such a large display and the ability to use in landscape orientation. The Shmuri Slim iPhone 6s Case is ridiculously slim and lightweight, offering an excellent option if you are looking for a minimalist-looking accessory for the iPhone 6s. Moshi Sense Cover Moshi Sense (iPhone 6/6s Plus) See It A unique case that features pads in its shell, which let you make calls and silence alarms without ever having to open it, the Moshi Sense Cover is an excellent option for overall protection with smart features built-in.

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Caseology Wavelength Series Caseology Wavelength for iPhone 6S Plus See It With textured backing to ensure that it will never slip from your hands, the Wavelength Series Case from Caseology is a solid addition to your large iPhone – particularly if you like using it single-handed. Case-Mate Sheer Glam Case Case-Mate Sheer Glam Case (for iPhone 6 Plus) $5.99 at Amazon See it The shiny sheer-glam case is not for everyone, but the clear, shiny appearance could help to dress up your iPhones minimal design. The shiny sheer-glam iPhone cases are not suited to every taste, but if you like to keep things simple and simple. Luvvitt Crystal Case Series Luvvitt Crystal Case Series 6s Plus $14.99 at Amazon See It Offering 360-degree protection from drops and impacts, but also being able to see your iPhones construction is a tough task, but the Luvvitt Crystal Case does it, all the while keeping things affordable.

Which is bigger iPhone 6 Plus or 6s Plus?

Display has the same size and resolution, however the iPhone 6S Plus has 3D Touch. With its 5.5-inch display, the iPhone 6 Plus was the gadget that first introduced Apple to the phablet market. The iPhone 6S Plus maintains the same size but adds a function known as 3D Touch.

Do 7 plus cases fit 6s Plus?

You’ll need a cover that is specifically made to accommodate the new phones because their cameras take up more room. According to Apple, the dimensions of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are identical to those of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, down to the tenth of a millimetre.

Can I still use iPhone 6 Plus?

The upcoming vintage status of the iPhone 6 Plus has not yet been officially announced by Apple. If you still use one, you should probably think about upgrading because the phone no longer receives software support and isn’t offered for sale new or refurbished by Apple. The official list from Apple is available here.