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Iphone As A Mouse For Mac

Iphone As A Mouse For Mac

Iphone As A Mouse For Mac

Want to set iPhone As A Mouse For Mac. Just follow the steps. Go to Apple menu > Select system preferences on your computer > Tap on Accessibility > Choose switch control > Click on “Allow platform switching to control your computer. Now you can control a Mac by iPhone.

This is yet another app packed with features, which allows you to turn an iPhone into a capable mouse and keyboard for Macs and PCs. The easiest way to convert your iPhone into a wireless mouse for your PC is by installing an app that does the conversion for you. That is how you can convert an iPhone into a useful mouse, trackpad, and keyboard for your PC or Mac.

Better yet, the remote mouse turns your iPhone into a helpful keyboard for text entry. Remote Mouse? also lets you use the keyboard of your iPhone on a computer, should you wish to do so.

Mobile Mouse Remote is one of the few dozen apps popping up on the web offering similar functionality, but it is also received better reviews, and supports iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. If you are interested in trying out Mobile Mouse Remote, you can grab Mobile Mouse Remote on the App Store for $1.99, however, remember you will need free Mac Server Software as well.

To pair with your Mac, you can download and install the free Mobile Mouse Server software on your Mac or PC, and when Mobile Mouse Remote is running on your Mac and iOS device, and when both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network, the two devices will pair automatically. Windows users can use this app as well, but they will have to download that version of the free Mac server software. If you are using a Mac, you can get iPhone apps in the MacApp store. Mobile Mouse Remote has long been the go-to app to turn your iPhone into a trackpad, remote, and keyboard for Macs and Windows devices.

In addition to being a mouse, the iPhone can also act as a remote control for the Mac. Once you have paired up a computer and iPhone, you can use the phone as either a mouse or as a fancy trackpad. Remote mouse Use WiFi or cellular data to connect the iPhone to your computer.

Without AppWith App
Open System PreferencesDownload remote mouse app for your iPhone and Mac
Go to AccessibilityRun the software on your Mac
Tap on Privacy ModeOpen the remote mouse app on iPhone
There you will see Mobile mouse server, open itOpen your device name
Click on the box to connect your iPhone with the MacYour iPhone will automatically connect with Mac
How to use iPhone as a mouse for Mac with and without downloading the app.

If you are using a Mac, you will be asked to give Remote Mouse the permissions it needs to take over the computer, according to How To Geek. You can now check the box next to Remote Mouse on the right-hand side, allowing the device to control your computer. Once you have connected the mouse or trackpad, you can manipulate some of the settings that are available. Once all that is done, you should see options within your iPhone app about what computer or device you would like to be connected as your mouse.

Watch this video to learn how to use a mouse with an iPhone

When you are ready to pair a device to an iPad, make sure you have Bluetooth turned on, and then set the mouse to pairing mode. You can also use a wired mouse with the iPad, but setting that up is significantly more clunky than it is using Bluetooth. Apple makes a Bluetooth mouse for the Mac, and you can also pair the mouse to the iPad or iPhone.

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A number of current mice can support two or three devices, making it easy to share the same mouse between MacOS, its iPad, or even the computers on the other side of your house. Given Apples addition of mouse support for its iPad, you might not want to keep separate mice for the tablet and for MacOS. The benefit of being able to switch between devices is that you do not need to reconnect the mouse each time you move from your iPad to a Mac, or a Mac to an iPad.

As you can see, connecting your preferred mouse or trackpad to a current iPad, or even iPhone, such as an iPhone 13 Pro, is an easy feat. MacOS gestures are a major way that Mac and iPad users interact with their devices, and having a mouse that supports that kind of input could make life easier, especially if you are used to using the trackpad on a MacBook. Once you have mapped out the mouse pointer to the iPad, you will be able to use the Macs keyboard with the iPad, too.

If you have several iPads connected to a single Mac via universal control, you can select which one you want your mouse pointer sent to by either wake-up or tapping on its touchscreen before moving your mouse. You can configure the Universal Control function to send the mouse cursor from one device to the other just by moving it to the right or left edge of the screen, depending on where each device is placed. Conversely, Universal Control lets you use the existing mouse and keyboard to control both Mac and iPad.

In addition to existing capabilities from these functions, Universal Control lets you share a single mouse and keyboard between a Mac and one or more iPads. The Universal Control feature allows those using macOS or iPadOS to share a single cursor, mouse, trackpad, and keyboard between a Mac and an iPad. You can share a MacBooks built-in keyboard and touchpad with an iPad, the wireless Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse 2 from an iMac with an iPad, or any other keyboard-and-mouse combo connected to a compatible Mac.

Different remote apps offer different features, but in the end, you will be able to use your phone as a wireless mouse, keyboard, and touchpad. There is no shortage of apps out there that can help take advantage of the concept of your iPhone (or iPad) being a mouse. We hope that the guide above has helped you find just the right apps for both iPhone and PC, and helped you set it up to basically always have wireless mouse options. You can use an iPhone or iPad as a wireless keyboard or mouse using free software that is available in the App Store.

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Mobile Mouse Remote also uses the gyroscope on your iPhone to allow you to control the computer by moving your phone, and you can tap your computers screen. Remote Mouse also turns your iPhone into a trackpad, letting you use multitouch gestures (much like the Macs trackpad gestures) for scrolling, pinching, etc. Once in action, the Remote Mouse turns the touchscreen of an iPhone into a tidy touchpad, allowing for navigation with a desired level of fluidity and control. Remote Mouse has dedicated control panels, which allow you to perform things such as switching between the apps you are opening on the computer and the favorites or bookmarks you have in the browser at a moments notice.

Can I use my iPhone as a mouse for my Mac?

Installing an app that accomplishes it for you is the simplest way to convert your iPhone into a wireless mouse for your computer. Once everything is installed, this method—which works with Macs, Windows PCs, and Linux computers—is quite functional. There are a few apps that provide this choice.

Can you use iPhone as trackpad?

Apple’s iPhone has a wide range of features, and it can act as a wireless trackpad for Macs with an app. Follow these steps to complete the process. You can control many Mac functions from your phone using a free pair of apps called Remote Mouse in iOS 16.

How can I control my Mac with my iPhone?

You will need to set up both devices on the same network and sign into the same Apple ID to control the iPhone remotely. Enable Switch Control to do so. Go to System Preferences > Accessibility > Switch Control by clicking the Apple logo. Select Enable Switch Control from the General tab.