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Iphone Charging But Not Turning On

Iphone Charging But Not Turning On

Many users have reported experiencing issues with their iPhones charging or battery, such as getting stuck in their charging screen. In most cases, the problem is typically a charge port issue if their iPhone is not charging, or various hardware issues if the device is not turning on. Your iPhone might be not charging if you are using the wrong charging cable or adapter, or the charging port on your device is dirty or damaged. If you are seeing that your iPhone does not power up even after the battery is charged, a better option is to reset the iPhone back to its original factory settings, which may fix many problems.

If your iPhone is not charging, be sure to check your cables, Lightning ports, and AC adapter. Check to see that the cable is plugged into the charger and securely connected to your phone. Same with your Lightning cable, try using another charger and see if it works.

Options Details
charge port issueIn most cases, the problem is typically a charge port issue if their iPhone is not charging, or various hardware issues if the device is not turning on
By using wrong charging cableYour iPhone might be not charging if you are using the wrong charging cable or adapter, or the charging port on your device is dirty or damaged.
Issues of Iphone Charging But Not Turning On

Remove the iPhone from the wireless charging case, if using one, and connect the phone to the power supply using a lightning cable. Remove the iPhone from its wireless charging mat, and attach it to the lightning cable that is connected to the wall. Check the charging port and gently clean any dust or debris that may be present, and then securely insert the charging cable into your iPhone.

If you discover your phone is not charging at this point, inspect any cord connections to make sure that all is well as it should be, and there is no issue with the charging cable itself. As you can see, knowing if your phone is charging is easy. Your iPhone attempts to figure out your routine for charging, then stops charging at 80 percent, and then waits for you to need the device before continuing to charge it any more.

Watch to know why iPhone not turning On while on charging for a longer time

If the battery has not charged enough to keep the iPhone running, you will have to keep charging for a little longer. If forcing a reboot does not work, and if you find that your iPhone does not power up after that as well, then the next thing you should do is to see if your iPhones battery is charged enough to run your phone. If a battery symbol appears on your screen, make sure that the phone is getting enough juice before trying to power on your phone. If the phone still has plenty of battery power, reboot the phone, and then try charging it again.

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While a partially charged battery is still connected, try charging it to make sure that the charging points are not broken. To test whether the battery is a possible cause, you can use the partially charged battery to check whether the iPhone is going to turn on. If you are using wireless charging to charge an iPhone 8 or higher, make sure your case is wireless charging-capable.

You may have to bring your iPhone into an Apple Store for repairs (or swap out the wireless charging case), but meanwhile, you can still charge the phone the old-fashioned way, using wires.

If the iPhone still does not charge, try using another USB cable and power adapter, and check the jack (where the charger connects to the phone) to see if that is the issue. Plug your iPhone into a USB charger and connect it to a wall outlet for at least 15 minutes, or plug it into your computer via USB for at least 25 minutes, and then try turning the iPhone on like normal with the device still connected to the power supply.

If you are charging an iPhone through your computers USB port, be sure that your computer is completely waking up (not asleep or hibernating). You can charge the iPhone from your desktop computer, but this computer must remain awake throughout the entire process.

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Fortunately, it is often only a straightforward issue to fix, as either iOS has suffered an abnormally bad crash that requires a hard reboot of your iPhone, or your iPhone is simply dead, and needs recharging for some time before you can use it again. For example, the iPhones inability to charge may be because of a non-certified charger, or an arduous case that might not support Qi-WiFi charging, or even a piece of lint that might have gotten in to the charging port. For instance, there are certain apps that can impede device functionality, making it so that their iPhones are charging much slower.

There are several hacks that you can try on your own end to either find out the roots of your iPhones non-charging, or to fix the issue on your own. There may be issues with your charging adapter, there may be some buggy software that is keeping the iPhone from charging, or there may be underlying hardware issues. Before getting into some of the more intrusive solutions for fixing the problem, it is worth noting that it is possible for someones iPhone to not be charging or turning on due to a small hardware related issue.

Fortunately, though, there are a few steps that you can take either to bring back their iPhone, getting them charging again, or figuring out whether an underlying problem exists. In most cases, if you are seeing that your iPhone is not turning on or charging for whatever reason, and are unsure — Why is not my iPhone turning on or charging, then any of the fixes mentioned above should solve the problem and make the device start up and function normally again. Apple Support would help you to determine the cause of your iPhone will not turn on and see a black screen, even after charging, and would perform a hard reboot of the iPhone and resolve the problem. If your iPhone is not turning on and does not react when you tap on it, or you are seeing the iPhone stuck at Apple logo while turning it on, you can try following fixes that would get your iPhone booting up again and working like it should, unless you device has hardware problem.

How long does it take a dead iPhone to turn on?

It turns back on in approximately 3 to 5 minutes if I plug it into a wall outlet, but it takes longer if I plug it into my laptop (it displays the red battery with the power sign below). On rare occasions, the battery percentage will be more than 1% when it finally powers back on.