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Iphone Could Not Be Restored Error 17

Iphone Could Not Be Restored Error 17

Iphone Could Not Be Restored Error 17

Reboot your iOS device, disconnect it from the computer, rejoin it, then try the update process once more. Try to use another to connect your device to the computer if you have one handy. Open iTunes on a Mac running macOS Mojave or a PC running Windows. Close iTunes first, then launch it once more.

Error 17 occurs when most of the Apple users are restoring or updating iPhones through iTunes, with the message saying The iPhone cannot be restored. Recently, a majority of Apple users complained about their iPhone being unable to restore because of Error 17.

According to Apple, the iTunes error 17 is mostly caused by a connection issue, resulting in iTunes being unable to communicate with Apples software update servers, among other issues. Poor Internet connectivity may disable iTunes ability to communicate with Apples servers, which will then result in iTunes error 17.

Your antivirus/firewall software may prevent iTunes from connecting with Apples servers, preventing it from updating your device. Sometimes, anti-virus software installed beforehand, or because of the firewall enabled on your desktop/laptop, may limit iTunes on your Mac from connecting to Apples servers. Well, remember to turn off the Firewall and re-install the anti-virus software again after upgrading or rebuilding using iTunes.

You may disable the Anti-Virus on the computer while using iTunes to restore your iOS devices. We recommend that you temporarily turn off the computers firewall, proxy, VPN, or anti-virus software, and then restore or update the iPhone back to iTunes. If you are still getting the iPhone Error 17, you should move to disabling the computers antivirus or firewall.

Error 17 typically occurs when trying to update or restore iOS devices via iTunes. The iTunes or iPhone Error 3194 will always appear while updating or downgrading iOS, or when you are restoring device, and will display a message saying that iPhone cannot be restored, there is an unknown error (3194), or that the device is ineligible for the requested build. Modifications cause problems when later trying to upgrade the iPhone to the latest version, or restore from a backup, giving you the unknown error 3194.

Basically, this error occurs due to the lack of communication between iTunes and Apples Update servers. Changing the hosts file on your computer simply so that iTunes is able to connect to Apples update servers may fix this issue.

Sometimes, an incorrect host file may also cause the iTunes Issue 17. Due to the older versions of iTunes, you often face an error message. Some older versions of iTunes are not capable to install newer versions of iOS, or the latest versions of iPhone/iPad are more recent than what your installed version of iTunes supports, so, accordingly, you might get an Error 17 message.

RebootReboot your iOS device
Disconnect DeviceDisconnect the device from the computer, rejoin it, then try the update process once more
Use Another WayTry to use another way to connect your device to the computer
Close iTunesClose iTunes first, then launch it once more
Solutions for the problem “iPhone Could Not Be Restored Error 17.”

Some Windows users are reporting they are seeing Error Code 17 while trying to restore the iPad or iPhone, or trying to upgrade the iTunes app to a recent version. In the event you are facing this issue on Windows, chances are that you are seeing Error Code 17 because you are using an out-of-date version of iTunes. Some users have reported running into issues updating iOS 16 (error code 3194) using iTunes.

Updating iTunes to a recent version is a valid method of fixing iTunes Error 17, as it has better compatibility with the iOS devices and the version of Windows. Another cause for the iTunes error 17 is your iTunes version is already outdated. iTunes error 17 is one of the more critical errors, among others, when connecting your iPhone to iTunes on your Mac to upgrade or restore it through Mac.

Watch this video to know about fixing the issue of restoring Error 17 on iOS

Whenever you encounter any iTunes or iPhone errors and face problems while restoring your iPhone using iTunes, feel free to download the iOS System Recovery Program in order to repair this error during the restore of your iPhone/iPad. The iTunes repair tool is simple to use and no issues, effectively works in solving such unknown errors. The iOS system repair helps in recovery and updating of the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, apart from that, the powerful software is capable of fixing some more issues such as DFU Mode, the iPhone stuck on a black screen, a white screen, the Apple logo, iDevice getting locked or disconnected, etc.

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It is an extremely powerful system repair tool that is designed to solve over 30 types of problems such as iTunes Error 4005, iPhone stuck at Update Bar, iPhone stuck on Black Screen, iPhone disconnected from iTunes, etc. In addition to fixing problems with the iPhone system, it is capable to solve problems with the iPad, iPod Touch, and Apple TV. Fix My iPhone is the best in its category, offering fast, immediate solutions for fixing iPhone/iTunes errors, without losing any bytes of data (Learn How to Reset iPhone master).

For example, iPhone SE gets stuck in Apple logo cycle, Apple stopped signing my iPhone, cannot load the iTunes IPSW file, etc. In this Quick iPhone/iTunes Errors Tutorial, we show how to solve iPhone/iTunes update restore error 17 in easy steps. Below is the quick iTunes/iPhone update/restore error 17 problem resolution guide which works perfect on the iPhone SE. Many users are facing iTunes Error 3194 (iPhone cannot restore) on their iPhones while updating to iOS 16 or downgrading from iOS 16 to iOS 15, and the Apple Support forums are full of questions about how to fix iTunes Error 3194.

If you are trying to upgrade or restore your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Apple TV via iTunes, and are getting a Error 17 warning, then you are likely experiencing a problem with your computers connection to Apples servers. When iTunes is having trouble connecting to Apples software, then your iOS devices are not responding either. You can disconnect the iPhone or iPad from the computer, and then reboot both the computer and the iOS device to resolve iTunes Error 17.

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Otherwise, earlier versions of iTunes on a Mac may be unable to download and install newer iOS seeds, or update/restore more recent versions of the iPhone, iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini, and iPod Touch. The problem is well documented, and many affected users found out there are a few overlapping sets of protections which may be blocking the iTunes app from making the connections required for updating apps or sync files from the device being plugged in. As confirmed by a few affected users, the problem could also result from overprotective firewall solutions, which ultimately blocks outbound iTunes connections.

How do you fix an iPhone that Cannot be restored?

Set up your device once more by putting it in recovery mode. Make sure you have the most recent version of iTunes if you’re using it. On a Mac running macOS Catalina or a later version, launch Finder. On a PC or Mac running macOS Mojave or an earlier version, launch iTunes. If iTunes is open, close it before relaunching it.

Why does my Apple ID keep saying an unknown error occurred?

You might want to double-check your iPhone’s network connection just in case. After an iOS upgrade, your iPhone could occasionally automatically disconnect from WiFi. You may also try using your iPhone’s cellular data or a more reliable WiFi connection to sign in with your Apple ID.

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