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Iphone Haters

Iphone Haters

Iphone Haters

We all know about someone who talks shit about iPhone or iPhone users. They love to talk shit because they can’t afford one. However, Android lovers or iPhone haters should remember that Android devices are what they are thanks to Apple. These haters frequently have very poor grammar and spelling and are barely literate.

Some folks want to do what they please with their devices, and that is why they hate SIP in macOS. Apple has many loyal fans, but many more hate Apple. While using Apple devices has many benefits, there are also obvious reasons people like to hate Apple.

Android lovers (or, more accurately, iPhone haters) need to keep in mind that Android devices are the thing that they are thankful for over Apple. In fact, you can barely find too many significant differences between an iPhone and an Android device any longer. With all of that going on all the time, we are at the point now where there are way more similarities between Android phones and iPhones than differences.

Granted, there will always be differences that make them unique, but the days of Android fans point out an infinite amount of tricks that their phones can do that iPhones cannot are probably going to go away anytime soon. When it comes to phones, there are two pretty different teams: That technology behemoth that is iOS, and then there is Android. Apple is building a nice little patchwork of products that work seamlessly together, but are not compatible with the competing platform, Android. Now, I am not saying Android has not invented some great features all by itself, but my point here is to consider how the iPhone has been so heavily criticised, and yet it is the one that started this trend in the first place.

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Remember, a lot of features that you enjoy in phones became reality because of the iPhone. For instance, Android devices had features such as wireless charging and facial unlock years before the iPhone came along. Android OEMs are also perpetually leaning into Apples design patterns, whereas Apple typically unveils new iPhone features about one to two years after they first appear in Android phones.

Android v/s iPhone
Android UsersAndroid has more freedom and customization choices than iOS because it is an open-source platform.
iPhone UsersAccording to a recent study, iPhone users are usually happier, more outgoing, extra active, and earn more money.
Android v/s iPhone

For instance, you cannot sideload apps onto iPhones; you are only allowed to install apps that Apple has approved for placement in the App Store. For instance, iMessage is iPhone-exclusive, and there just are not any Android alternatives. Because iPhones are just easier for the vast majority of people to use.

Apples argument is that the vast majority of people who are going to buy an iPhone 12 already own iPhones, and therefore they already own headphones and power bricks. The truth is, really, that the majority of iPhone users would just throw away the headphones and the power brick that they are using, since they could just return the older iPhone for a discount, unless they actually sold the older phone to someone else. In fact, the only time I would suggest an Android device is if someone told me that they are already using Android, or an iPhone user admitted they wanted out of the Apple ecosystem.

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Granted, there are some folks out there that just do not care, and never participate in the Apple Hate or Android Hate. Some will point out a few of my complaints and point fingers at the makers of apps that I am trying to use, rather than Apple. Sure, some of my problems with iPhones are because of decisions made by app makers – but these decisions are all rooted in Apple being too protective both of their users and their market share.

Apple says that it has even more tricks up its sleeve for the iPhone, but perhaps pulling off our dreams of tech wizardry is not possible. While the Apple iPhone commands a dedicated following among fans, it is not Apple in the eyes of everybody–to put it lightly. My first iPhone was the iPhone 6, so it was not the latest and greatest, but it ran the latest version of iOS. Owning one is not due to any blind faith in Android, nor any baseless hatred for Apple, either, as I always made sure I got my hands on every iPhone iteration along the way, just to see what was available.

Now, Apple is getting rid of the bricks and headphones that come with Apple iPhone boxes. Since iPhone 12, Apple has shipped Apple phones without a charging brick in the box–you have to provide your own, or pay Apple $19 for one.

Most people were not pleased when Apple removed the headphone jack from the iPhone, starting with the 2016 iPhone 7. Wireless audio has improved over time, and Apple includes a Lighting-to-3.5mm adapter in each iPhone, so you can still use wired headphones. Bluetooth file-sharing was standard on all phones, until that tech juggernaut and iPhone came along.

I ran into my first problems on an iPhone when trying to purchase an audiobook via Audible, an app that I used for listening to books. Instead of agreeing to give 30 percent of it to Apple, Audible forced iPhone users to purchase books online, and then download them to the phone via an app.

Android fans have taken to summarizing iPhone users as iSheep, folks who go along with everything Apple tells them. People claimed Apple was slowing down older iPhones, a planned move of obsolescence designed to force users of older phones to purchase a newer device. The summary was rooted in the notion that Apples lockdowns on Apple iPhones, when compared with Android phones, offered few if any customization options, and forced consumers to only buy phones from a single manufacturer.

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For years, we heard this argument: This other phone has twice as much RAM, it is half as expensive as the iPhone This other phone has. Other phones actually typically come with more RAM, or even more storage, than iPhones, and yet many still choose an iPhone over these other phones, since RAM does not really matter that much to them. Others mock people for being willing to pay a monthly charge, that is basically going on forever, in order to have a new iPhone at all times.

Android fans should be supporting the people who use the iPhone, just like the iPhone folks should be supporting Android users. There are lots of other things you can do on Android that you cannot do on iPhone. In certain cases, such as the notorious antenna problem with the iPhone 4, in which the phones reception suffered when held in its natural position, Apple would tell customers they were not using the device correctly.

Why do people prefer Androids to Apple?

You desire more freedom, discretion, and personalization. Android has more freedom and customization choices than iOS because it is an open-source platform. On an Android device, practically everything can be customized, including the appearance of the home screen and the way the phone is used.

What kind of person prefers an iPhone?

According to a recent study, iPhone users are usually happier, more outgoing, extra active, and earn more money. According to a research of 1,000 iPhone and 1,000 Android users, your preference for one over the other may reveal a great deal about your character and even your expenditure patterns.