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Iphone Power Button Not Working

Iphone Power Button Not Working

Iphone Power Button Not Working

Make sure that your case or any protector isn’t covering the power button, this might cause power button to stop working. Carefully inspect the power button to check any damage. Clear all the dirt or debris around the button using cotton swab rubbing in alcohol.

When the issue arises with iPhones power button, an accessory can assist with locking or disabling the iPhone. When the iPhone button does not work, the assistive touch can be used to lock or turn off the iPhone. Unfortunately, this trick cannot help you if the iPhone 7 or iPhone 8s home button does not work, since the iPhone 7 does not have a mechanical button.

In iOS, there is a little-known feature that can be of great use when buttons are stopped working on your iPhone. It is a neat trick, most helpful if the phones physical home button is broken, and cannot be used to restore the iPhone (it works for models that do not have home buttons, too). One does not repair your Home button, but does allow you to continue using an iPhone with no working Home button. This is not a solution for fixing your iPhones Power button, but it is a workaround that lets you use the iPhone and do nearly every task comfortably, even when that physical button mentioned above is broken.

The Virtual Power Button allows a user to power down and lock a users iPhone, even if the real power button is stuck or broken. By double-tapping, one can quickly reboot an iPhone, and likely solve an issue with an iPhones power button. Next, reboot the iPhone XS Max, if side buttons are not working, you can follow our guide on rebooting iPhone XS Max without the Power button. Tap the Virtual Home Button on the screen, Tap Device > More > Reboot to reboot your iPhone X.

The case can be causing interference with the power buttonRemove the case or any other protective material to see if its protecting all the parts to the bottom
Your iPhone has suffered a fall from the button side and is damagedInspect the power button for any damages
It has accumulated large amount of dirt around the power buttonCheck for dirt around the power button, if so then clean it with a micro fiber brush
Reasons Why Iphone Power Button Not Working And Solutions To This Problem.

If an iPhone button appears on iTunes on the computer, choose it, and before doing a restore, backup the iPhone. In this step, once you have finished downloading, you can tap on Repair button, TunesKit iOS System Recovery helps you to instantly solve the issue with the iPhones Power Button. Then, click on Download button and TunesKit iOS System Recovery will begin downloading the correct package of iPhone firmware for your device. Keep pressing Home button until iTunes on the computer tells you it has detected your iPhone in Recovery Mode, and then press OK. Now, tap Restore on iTunes and follow on-screen instructions to complete the process.

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You can always wake the display using the home button/Touch ID if using an iPhone 8 or lower. If you want the ability to lock the screen of your iPhone (put your iPhone screen to sleep), take a screenshot, etc., and do not have a functioning power button, you can do this using the AssistiveTouch feature on the screen. To use Assistive Touch as a lock button, touch the AssistiveTouch button, and then tap on the Lock Screen icon to lock the iPhone.

Watch this video to learn how to fix the iPhone power button not working

You can turn on Assistive Touch in the Settings app — Accessibility — Touch — AssistiveTouch. It is worth taking the time to adjust either of those options from Settings so that your AssistiveTouch buttons are as helpful as possible. Drag and drop the AssistiveTouch button to reposition it on the screen of the iPhone to prevent it from getting in the way. You can also give Siri a voice command to enable the Assistive Touch feature on your iPhone.

Press lightly on the back of the Connector, near the bottom of the iPhone, like you are pushing it towards the Home button. Using your thumb and index finger, press down on your iPhone on either its left or right side, where the speakers are located.

The Home button is connected to the other components within your iPhone using a frail cable next to the charging port. Unfortunately, the flexible cable for the Power button was one of the last components removed from my iPhone 4S when I was refurbishing it, so there is plenty of fiddly work you need to do before getting to that.

Do not forget, though, if you power your iPhone down with a busted locking button, then you cannot turn it back on unless you connect it to your computer or a primary power adapter. When you do reach the power supply, you absolutely need to plug the iPhone back in. After turning iPhones off, plug your iPhones into the charger so they can power back up.

If you cannot connect iPhone to power and you would like to fix this issue, this is one way to go. At this point, a user just needs to swipe on the power icon in order to turn iPhone off. To turn off the iPhone, the user must tap on the lock screen icon of the iPhone, holding down on the icon until the user sees a red power icon and a slide-to-power-off message.

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If you are certain that your iPhones lock button itself is not damaged, then you can use third-party tools such as Tenorshare ReiBoot to repair the problems related to software and make the device function normally again. Cleaning Your iPhones Lock Button May Make It Work If your lock button is not working, getting rid of dirt and dust accumulating around the button can solve it and get it working again. Use It To Enter DFU Mode DFU mode can be used to solve a lot of problems on your device, and the way you enter a devices DFU mode is to use both your devices Lock and Home buttons. Since iPhones Power Button issues may stem from software issues, resetping all settings will help remove numerous bugs inside.

What causes iPhone power button to stop working?

Hard resets are the best method for identifying faulty or unresponsive iPhone power buttons. By doing this, any software flaws that might have prevented the power button from functioning properly would be fixed. If the power button is still non-responsive, a hardware component can be at fault.

How do I turn on my iPhone without the power button?

It’s not easy to hit a switch in the Settings app if your iPhone is off and you broke the Power button. The good news is that Apple has taken this situation into account. Plugging it in to charge over USB will enable you to use your iPhone again.

What is the alternative for power button?

In addition to lift-to-wake, which is already present in most modern Android phones, you can still enjoy this cool feature on older models through an app called Gravity Screen. Using Gravity Screen, you can turn your phone’s screen on and off without pressing the power button.