Iphone Sauna

Iphone Sauna

An iPhone will be damaged in the sauna. The optimum temperature for the working of the iPhone is 98 degrees Fahrenheit. While the temperature of the sauna is about 158 degrees Fahrenheit which is much hotter. When the battery of the iPhone is exposed to this high temperature, it will burst and affect the other parts of the iPhone too.

There are many reasons why you might take your cell into the dryer sauna. A phone is a distraction in an environment, and most people would not be grateful that you brought your phone to a sauna.

Yes, you may be able to get away with taking a phone in the sauna for a few minutes, until your phone gets an alert telling it that it is getting too hot. Eventually, your phone will let you know when you are getting too hot in your sauna, and you will be able to take your phone out again if you really have to. At this point, you want to place your phone outside of your sauna and away from the hot temperature.

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If you do decide to bring your phone inside the sauna, remember you will want to ensure that your phone is protected from heat, is fully charged, and you are monitoring it. Even if your phone is smart enough to turn off in order to prevent any additional damage, do not assume that keeping it in the sauna is safe. Even if your phone comes out of the sauna unscathed, you may still be dealing with problems.

If you are using an infrared sauna, you do not need to worry about the steam damaging your phone. The less time you spend in a sauna, the less heat your iPhone absorbs.

Even though your iPhone is protected against water, sauna heat — which can reach temperatures of more than 200 degrees Fahrenheit — is not ideal for your device. The air temperature inside a typical sauna may range between 150 to 195 degrees Fahrenheit. While saunas are undeniably warm environments, temperatures can fluctuate. Different saunas are a range in temperature, and if you are using infrared saunas, the highest temperatures are much closer to your phones limits, or his iPhones.

Watch to know if can you take your iPhone to the sauna

Not only are there higher temperatures in a sauna, there is a ton of moisture, and that could harm the device. You should not bring your iPhone, or any cell phone, into the sauna because extreme temperatures and moisture could destroy your phones internal components. Saunas have extremely high humidity, which could result in water damage or thermal damage on most phones, even if they are waterproof.

You could argue that iPhones will be just fine in a wet environment such as saunas or steam rooms, but think about the heat and hot steam. Whether you are in the sauna or the steam room, keep in mind these places generate lots of heat which could harm your iPhone. Continuing to use your phone while in heat, be it Android phone or iPhone, could cause damage to the internal components and cause it to shutdown. If you put your android phone into extreme heat, it will shutdown to protect the system, giving you time to take it somewhere cooler.

Types Of SaunasHeating RateTemperaturesResults
Wet FastMoistGood
DrySlow DryBetter
Difference Between Wet & Dry Saunas

After the phone gets heated up past a certain temperature threshold, it will shut down automatically to protect against damage. If you put an iPhone in the sauna, the system starts heating up, which triggers iOSs temperature alert system. The iOS temperature warning system will turn the iPhone off temporarily in order to prevent any damage in the long run.

If you bring an iPhone 7 to the sauna or infrared sauna, it gets too hot, which can cause permanent damage. The temperatures created by the infrared light within the infrared sauna are so high, that the temperature of your phone will overheat, and the damage to your phone will be permanent. The more infrared light you put on your phone, the higher your inside-out temperature becomes.

Especially with the higher temperatures that your phone will be exposed to, Infrared Saunas reach temperatures of 100+F, not many phones can take this type of heat over long periods, regular Saunas may reach higher temperatures. All saunas are much warmer than 35 degrees, so keep your iPhone or Android phone out of the sauna — it is simply not worth the risk.

No, you should not bring your phone into a sauna, as a sauna is above the recommended maximum operating temperature for your phone, which is 113degF (45degC). The whole point of going in a sauna is to sweat, and excessive sweat on your phone cannot be ideal. The purpose of going to a sauna is to sweat, and to sweat heavily, you are going to get heavy loads of sweat, on your arms, and yeah, on your phone, which cannot be okay.

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For the full sauna experience, a lot of people add water to hot rocks, this increases air relative humidity, and in turn increases your chances of damaging your phone. The high temperatures of a sauna, and the users good hygiene, may decrease the risks of catching infections. As an iPhone user myself (iPhone 7 Plus) I have always brought my iPhone into saunas with me, and have never had an issue with it getting too hot (although, as you sweat more/it gets warmer, the screen does get harder to interact with).

Okay, so the answer to that is, yeah, you can, but it is the same answer that I gave to the phone, saying, yeah, you can bring headphones in the sauna, they are not as sensitive as phones, but you could damage them too in the extreme heat conditions. That means that even if your iPhone actually makes it through a sauna, then after several weeks, something else happens, your phone is not covered because its humidity sensor has been turned off. Your phones waterproofing and water-resistant ratings might make you think that it will be able to survive a sauna or steam room, but this is simply untrue.

Smartphones are designed to operate at temperatures between 32-95 degrees Fahrenheit; so, subjecting it to higher temperatures, or temperatures that are significantly lower, may result in the phone malfunctioning even days after you have taken it into a sauna. Like iPhones, Android phones are designed to function within a specific temperature range: 0 to 35 degrees. Well, all phones have a temperature range in which they will work efficiently.

In this case, place the phone in a shade, shut down, and allow it to cool for several hours. Do not leave your phone out in the sun either, or in the rain, or anywhere else it might be unsafe.

How long should I sit in a sauna?

You shouldn’t spend more than 20 minutes in a sauna if you’re not properly hydrated since you run the danger of being dehydrated. But if you’re physically fit, healthy, and well-hydrated, you may extend this into something like 30 to 45 minutes, or even an hour.

Does sauna burn fat?

It is incorrect that you can lose extra weight by simply sitting in a sauna. A sauna just temporarily removes rapidly replaceable water from the body, not help you lose weight. Moreover, extreme heat causes your body to perspire, and perspiration can cause you to lose fluid, including water.

Can the moisture in the sauna damage my phone?

No, the moisture from the steam will trigger the phone’s built-in water damage sensors and void any warranties you might have. If it gets enough moisture, it might also destroy your phone. It is preferable to avoid using it and find some alone time while using the sauna, and it is not advised.

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