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Iphone Se 2020 Waterproof Case

Iphone Se 2020 Waterproof Case

Instead of putting your premium phone at risk with a regular case, go with the Stash Waterpockets waterproof iPhone SE 2020 Case. For even beefier protection, see these best iPhone SE(2020) waterproof cases. Whichever design you choose, you can expect to get drops that can compete with any of these best iPhone SE (2022) cases. This FRe series Lifeproof case for iPhone SE 2020 is simple to install, and can keep your phone safe from anything life throws at it, whether dust, rain, or a big drop.

You are sealing your iPhone SE 2020 entirely inside this waterproof case, but you will still be able to use wireless charging, Touch ID, speakerphone, etc. The built-in screen protector will keep the scratch-free nature of the phone, just be sure to remove any extra screen protectors prior to using this case, in order to enhance the touchscreen feel. The case is water resistant up to about 33 feet (33 feet) deep, and it will protect your iPhone from drops of up to 6.1 meters (20 feet). The OtterBox Defender Series version for the iPhone 8 (which fits the iPhone SE 2020 just fine) also comes with an integrated screen protector, which is a convenient feature OtterBox does not provide anymore with its official case for the SE 2020. The Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case does more than just protect the new iPhone SE, since its RFID blocker keeps your cards secure, too.

Iphone Se 2020 Waterproof Case
Water Resistant Up to about 33 feet
Will Protect your phone Up to 6.1 meters (20 feet)
Iphone Se 2020 Waterproof Case

The Spigen Ultra Hybrid cover encases the phone in a soft TPU bumper, which will protect from drops from any direction while also absorption of impact. The Apple Silicone Case is a pretty basic case, with silicone wrapping around the back and sides of the new iPhone SE to provide a basic protection against drops. The Apple Silicone Case has a soft-touch finish that prevents any tacky feel some silicone cases may have, and is slim enough to allow wireless charging when you are holding the phone.

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Even with all these layers, Spigens Tough Armor Case adds just 0.1 inches more thickness to the new iPhone SE, so it continues to be compatible with wireless charging. The Catalyst Impact Protection Case is less chunky than you would expect, with raised edges to keep the screen from ever touching the ground, and a included wrist strap that lessens the risk that you will drop your phone first.

It is also a tough case, promising the survivability of your iPhone from drops of up to two meters. This ultra-slim profile Tech21 case offers impressive 10 feet (3 meters) of drop protection, all wrapped in a shiny, clear coating thatll have you showing off your iPhone. The Symmetry Series is an attractive looking case that is also impact-absorbing, defending against falls and scratches thanks to a double-layer design. While the Apple iPhone SE Silicone Case sports a basic design, you can expect a little bit of drop protection out of this case: there is microfiber coating inside of the Apple iPhone SE Silicone Case that will help to ensure that Apples latest entry-level handset stays safe.

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Since the Totallee Slim case is designed specifically for the iPhone SE, it will snugly fit around the 2022 model. The FYY leather case is designed to be the ultimate padded case for the new iPhone SE, keeping the device safe and protected on its sides against drops. The JETech case offers the staple soft TPU/hard polycarbonate combo, resulting in a case that stays tight to your iPhone SE, offering sturdy protection to all sides. The Dockem iPhone SE Case has a simple, leather-like aesthetic, offering a little bit of protection and an aesthetic update in one fell swoop.

The Lifeproof Fre case completely covers your new iPhone SE, protecting it from anything it may come across. LifeProofs Fre case is still pretty pricey, but offers maximum protection to the phone. If you need a even more waterproof option, the LifeProofs Fre case is your best option. Lifeproofs Next case offers a variety of protections for the iPhone SE, keeping dust, dirt, and debris out.

It is hard to find a slim case that is also water resistant, but Oterkin makes it happen. The Vansky Waterproof Dry Bag protects your iPhone underwater up to about 30 meters, and it will still retain all touch screen functionality, making it the perfect dive buddy. The edges are also inflated, meaning that if you drop the case into the water, it will float.

This light-weight OROTBY case fully seals the device, providing protection from not just water, but drops, dirt, and snow. This lightweight case from OROTBY is made from strong materials that offer long-lasting protection for your iPhone. Moshis SenseCover offers military-grade drop protection, and the front cover is lined with microfiber for anti-scratch. Spigens Ultra Hybrid Case mixes tough polycarbonate with Specks proprietary Impactium rubber to protect the new iPhone SE from drops as high as 10 feet.

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Like most cases on this list, Hitcase Splash for iPhone offers protection to IP68, but Catalyst says Catalyst goes further than this, and can protect phones from drops as shallow as 33 feet (10 meters).

Incipios NGP Case is listed as being compatible with iPhone 8, but will work with the iPhone SE, 2022 models as well as 2020 models. The Snakehive Vintage Leather wallet has a built-in kickstand to watch movies on the 4.7-inch iPhone SE screen, too. Fortunately, cases that fit the latest entry-level phones from Apple should work on the iPhone SE (2022), as Apple has not changed the dimensions.

Is iPhone SE waterproof in rain?

The iPhone SE has an IP67 classification for dust and water resistance, which makes it completely dust-proof and capable of withstanding one meter (3.3 feet) of water for up to 30 minutes. Splashes, rain, and brief accidental submersion don’t harm the iPhone SE, although purposeful submersion should still be avoided.

Is the iPhone SE Second Edition waterproof?

The IP67 rating for iPhone SE was determined through controlled laboratory testing in accordance with IEC standard 60529. (for a maximum of 30 minutes at the greatest depth of 1 meter). Dust, water, and splash resistance are not constant properties. Normal wear and tear could lead to a reduction in resistance.

Can I use iPhone 14 underwater?

Your new phone is welcome at the pool. The days when dropping your phone into the water would instantly kill it are long gone. If you drop your phone in the water, you can jump in and retrieve it because the new iPhone 14 can resist up to 30 minutes of submersion at a depth of around 19 feet.