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Iphone Visual Voicemail Is Currently Unavailable

Iphone Visual Voicemail Is Currently Unavailable

Iphone Visual Voicemail Is Currently Unavailable

Restart your iPhone to fix the bug. Check out your internet connection, it must be enough strong to support visual voicemail work properly. Try to solve the error of ‘visual voicemail is currently Unavailable’ by turning on & off airplane mode.

If you are seeing an error message that says Visual Voicemail is not available at the moment on your iPhone while trying to look up your new voicemails, you can try fixing this issue by following the step-by-step instructions provided in this tutorial. If turning it off does not solve your Visual Voicemail is Currently Unavailable error, it could be that your phones network settings are incorrect.

If changing the network settings did not fix it, you may be able to try fixing the error by changing your voicemail password. Resetting your network settings on an iPhone can help to fix any kind of connectivity issue. Using the Network Reset, you will be wiping out all of your saved connection settings, like WiFi passwords, links, and any other cookies. To reset your voicemail password, head into Settings-Phone-Change Voicemail Password.

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You can reset the voicemail password on the carriers website, or you can contact carrier customer service. If you cannot remember your current voicemail password, you should contact your wireless provider. Your voicemail issue should resolve itself, since your connection to the carriers network will have been refreshed. If you still cannot figure it out, you can take the iPhone to the carriers service department for fixing.

Learn how to fix unavailable visual voicemail

If the problem is not caused by a blackout, there are several ways to troubleshoot iPhone voicemail. The issue occurs because of multiple errors when logging into your voicemail service on your device. Voicemail Not Working issues may happen temporarily or because of any glitches with software.

To solve this problem, first you need to reboot the iPhone. Sometimes, simply rebooting your phone is all that most users need to solve the problem. In those cases, it is possible to restore iPhone/iPad settings from iOS devices, saving lots of time.

Your iPhone will restore all settings to their original states within 10 minutes, and this works seamlessly across iOS versions. You can restart your iPhone once you are done with the reset, and then let it re-join your network for a minute or two, then test whether or not the visual voicemail issues are fixed.

Since a major cause of voicemail not working on an iPhone is the disruption in cellular network connectivity, the reset of network settings may resolve connectivity issues, which, in turn, will fix visual voicemail. Visual Voicemail allows you to review all of the voicemails that you received, listen to them, call back to a person, delete an entry, etc. However, you may occasionally run into issues where Visual Voicemail does not work on the iPhone.

In cases, if internet is not working on your iPhone, it could be an issue as you are not getting any voicemails. It may prevent your iPhone from connecting properly with your network. A messed up network setup can keep iPhone from connecting to the Internet.

Network Resetyou will be wiping out all of your saved connection settings, like WiFi passwords, links, and any other cookies
Reset the voicemail password On the carrier’s website, you can contact carrier customer service.
Visual Voicemail is not available. Try fixing this issue by following the step-by-step instructions
How to solve the problem 0f Iphone Visual Voicemail Is Currently Unavailable

When Airplane mode is enabled, your iPhone would no longer be connected to cell networks (cellular data, phone calls, and text messages will not function). The owner of the device must turn on Airplane mode, which disables all forms of networking functionality on the phone. The plane mode is normally turned off on each cell phone by default, however, if you accidentally activated the mode or forgot to activate it after leaving certain restricted areas on your cell phone, then you would lose out on visual voicemails, and the iPhone itself will display an error mentioned.

The plane mode usually solves the problem of voicemails being unreachable, however if not, then there might be something wrong with your actual iPhones network settings, so let us jump into our next solution. Since voicemail issues are more related to the networks being out of order, a likely solution for this problem may be turning airplane mode on and off.

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There is a good chance that you will have to re-configure the settings of the voicemail. You will have to test if your voicemail is configured correctly. Your voicemail transcript might not appear, or you may not see any entries in your voicemail app. It could be the case that you entered a wrong password to access your voicemail account, and as a result, you get this error.

In this case, you will need to call the Voicemail service and type your PIN number in order to listen to a message. Ideally, you can tap on the option to Call Voicemail under your error message and hear the messages.

Once you have closed the voicemail and returned to your voicemail, your voicemail should have been restored. You cannot use Voicemail if you receive error 1035 while trying to update or configure the voicemail greeting.

In addition to getting, a lot of users are also facing this error Visual Voicemail is not available now message from Apple iPhone while updating their Voicemail greeting message or setting greeting messages. Several users reported they were not able to use the Visual Voicemail, they were getting the error message saying that Visual Voicemail is currently unavailable, along with the button saying Call voicemail, when they wanted to look at their visual voicemail messages. Many users reported that when updating their Voicemail, they receive the There are times users would like to look for new voicemails in the iPhone 13.

If you put a new SIM card in your current device, or update to a newer device with a new SIM, you may lose the voicemails that you have saved to the phone before.

You should consider updating the carriers settings, which might be locked on the iPhone/iPad, as many networks do not have the complex tech in place to deal with iOS devices. If you have recently upgraded to the latest version of iOS on your phone and are experiencing issues with Visual Voicemail, and the tips above did not work for you, then the next step is to reset Visual Voicemail either by changing your password, or have your carrier push the service back into your account. Performing a visual voicemail password reset will not only resolve this issue with your Apple iPhones Visual Voicemail is currently unavailable, but will ensure it does not happen again in the future. If visual voicemail is unable to load, instead calling a voicemail number, then it is possible the issue is related to a bad settings.

Why does it say my visual voicemail is unavailable?

Visual voicemail won’t function correctly if there isn’t a wifi connection. If the cellular connection isn’t functioning correctly, review the signal power bars in the status bar located at the top of your phone’s screen and try turning on and off Airplane mode.

How long will my iPhone say unavailable?

If you see the notice “iPhone Unavailable,” it signifies that you have locked your iPhone after entering an incorrect passcode too many times. Your account will be locked out for at least 5 minutes if you input the wrong passcode seven times in a row. This security safeguard is in place to protect your data.

Why has my voicemail stopped working?

However, don’t forget to call your voicemail number to ensure that it is configured properly. In many situations, the issue may be resolved with a simple update to your carrier’s voicemail app or settings. Once you have a voicemail set up, you may turn it off whenever you want.

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