Iphone Won’T Play Music Through Usb

Iphone Won’T Play Music Through Usb

If your iPhone won’t play music through a USB connection, you need not worry about this problem. You should make sure the USB cable you’re using is not damaged and is working properly. You should check for updates, choose settings, click on general, and tap on “system software.”

I just recently purchased an iPhone 13 Pro, and ever since, I cannot seem to get the music playing through my USB port in the car. An extremely frustrating issue that iOS has is the iPhone does not pass on any kind of music or sound when connected via USB to a cars radio. When an iPhone is connected to a car stereo through a USB connection, some users claim their cars audio is unable to play the iPhones music.

The error is caused by most car audio systems using an older interface designed for transferring sound from iPods to radios over USB, which does not trigger if the device does not have any songs on it. If you plug in your iPhone or iPod touch device with the USB cable which has been updated to iOS 11.3, you will get an error message displayed in the source iPod screen and will be unable to play any content from the plugged-in device. Try connecting your iPhone to the car using another USB cable and putting into another USB port, and check to see that your USB cable is not damaged, or occasionally, your USB cables ports might be to blame, and causing the iPhone not to play music in the car when you are connecting using the USB cable or USB ports.

ProblemThe issue of an iPhone not playing music through USB, which can occur when attempting to connect to a car stereo or other audio system.
CausesThere are several potential causes for this issue, including a faulty or incompatible USB cable, outdated software or firmware on the iPhone or audio system, incorrect settings or configurations, or a damaged audio port on the iPhone.
SymptomsSymptoms of the issue may include the audio system not recognizing the iPhone, no sound playing through the audio system, or error messages or notifications indicating a problem with the connection.
SolutionsTo resolve the issue, users can try using a different USB cable or audio system, updating the software or firmware on both the iPhone and audio system, checking and correcting configuration settings such as audio output or equalizer settings, or cleaning the audio port on the iPhone.
Iphone Won’T Play Music Through Usb

Your car will have more USB ports as well, so try connecting in another port if your connection is not tight. Of course, you will need your cars backup USB cable for that (an accessory that you should have on hand at all times). Having a USB port in your car allows you to charge up your devices without adapters, and you can even connect a USB flash drive for music, if you want.

Learn How to Enable or Disable iPhone or iPad USB Access

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If the USB port in your car is not charging your phone, it may be the port, cable, or even your phone that is causing it. There is also the possibility of there being a compatibility problem between your cars USB port and the phone, which can or cannot be solved by using another cable.

A malfunctioning of the functionality of your cars USB port is generally traced back to either hardware or software deficiencies. The issue with an Android phone that is not recognized by your PC is often caused by an incompatible USB cable, incorrect connectivity modes, or outdated drivers. If you are struggling to connect your Android phone with the computer using USB cable in order to transfer some files, this is a familiar issue that can be solved within minutes.

Any blips or accidental errors on the iPhone may be the reason why it is struggling to play music through a USB cable. Corrupted files or slow Internet connectivity could be a cause for the problem with the music not playing on your iPhone. Black, unresponsive screens, playing music that does not work, or the iPhone getting stuck in Recovery Mode may happen from time to time.

If your problem of the iPhone will not play music when connected with USB in the car is not solved yet, you may need to reset all your settings. Doing the resetting will restore all your iPhone settings, so you will lose data such as your WiFi password, the Home Screen Layout, etc. Now, plug the iPhone into the Car using a USB cable, then test whether or not it is playing music. Resetting ensures the EQ settings stay turned off, even after plugging your USB cable back into the iPhone.

If the music on your Android mobile device is still not playing, remove the USB cable and plug it back in. If Android Auto used to function normally, but does not anymore, replacing your USB cable likely fixes it. Replacements will allow for the use of modern features such as USB and Bluetooth connections – some even enable Googles Android Auto and Apples CarPlay support.

You can also connect your device to the car using CarPlay or Bluetooth, as long as the car supports that. Simply plug the phone into your cars built-in Bluetooth just as you would any other device (following instructions on the cars manual), and you will be able to play media from any app in your vehicle.

Even if you do not have an AUX port on your device, newer cars will allow you to play music from your phone thanks to the cars built-in Bluetooth. You can get your favorite music to your car from your phone, sans aux and Bluetooth, using a radio FM transmitter, tape adapter, USB connection, Sound Routing App, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto.

Nearly all modern cars come with an FM radio and cigarette lighter/power outlet, which you can combine to play music using an FM transmitter. The exact set-up differs from device to device, but typically, these transmitters connect to the outlets of the vehicle (or cigarette lighters in older cars) and are connected to the phone using Bluetooth.

After setting up your FM transmitter to transmit on a free-running FM station in your area, you can play the sound from your phone through the cars stereo system by tuning into that station. If your iPhone is connected through Bluetooth to certain devices (earbuds/speakers), the iPhone will mostly play music through those, not through the speakers of your car. This is mostly for people who have no Bluetooth audio capability in their cars, and have to plug iPhone in to use things like CarPlay, or get directions played over speakers.

When you set the car up with a Bluetooth input, your phone should connect automatically and play through your cars speakers. Sometimes, just turning Bluetooth off and connecting it helps CarPlay or your iPhone to discover songs on your iPhone, and that problem is solved for good.

In addition to my Truck having CarPlay, I also have an older vehicle which does not have CarPlay, and instead has an older legacy iPod Audio Playback which just pipes audio out over regular USB to the stereo. If you have an older vehicle that does not have built-in USB, Bluetooth, or aux options, and do not want to use a FM transmitter or tape adapter, then you could swap out the whole stereo box.

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One of the big joys of the smartphone era is that you can connect an iPhone to the cars infotainment system, and you can use the iPhone to play music, listen to podcasts, get navigation info, and much more. A2DP allows you to beam music from your phone to the cars stereo, and the latter lets you control your phone from your cars stereo.

Why is my music not playing through USB in the car?

Disconnect and reconnect the USB device if your stereo is unable to recognize it. If after reconnecting the device, there is still no playback, look into the following: Don’t let the USB device be empty. Make sure the files on your USB device are stereo compatible.

Why won’t my USB play music?

Unplug and reconnect the USB device if your stereo is unable to recognize it. If after restarting the device there is still no playback, look into the following: Don’t let the USB device be empty. Ensure sure the files on your Flash drive are stereo compatible.

How do I get my iPhone to play music when plugged in?

In the upper corner, tap the plus sign (+), then choose the Build Personal Automation option. Choose Charger at the bottom of the list of choices. Confirm the Is Connected box here. Choose the Is Detached choice if you prefer personalized music to play when you unplug the phone.

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