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Is The Macbook Air Water Resistant

Is The Macbook Air Water Resistant

Is The Macbook Air Water Resistant

The MacBook Air is not water resistant. If needed you can purchase a water-resistant case for your MacBook. But if you are planning on using your MacBook Air in wet or humid conditions, it is important to remember that it is not designed to withstand these conditions and you should take precautions to protect it.

Of course, I am not promising that any of this is going to work for you, I am simply sharing what I did in order to rescue my MacBook Air from being permanently damaged by water-contact situations. Obviously, when I bought a new MacBook, I decided to do some research on what to do if there is water damage.

I had just bought a MacBook, and after three days, accidentally spilled around 10ml of water on the side, next to the charging port. Although I immediately picked up the MacBook Pro, shaken it upside-down to remove water, then grabbed a microfiber towel with an absorbent fabric to absorb the remainder, damage was done.

One of the worst scenarios is that moment where you realize the MacBook Pro you loved so much was not damaged by the water. If you power up the new MacBook when water is in the laptops internals, your laptops motherboard is damaged forever. It may be really tempting to turn your MacBook on and test the MacBook, but do not because if the water has reached the circuit board or any of the electrical components inside, you could damage the MacBook or components permanently. Powering your MacBook while the water is in, and giving it power, can damage and also can be hazardous.

If you cannot power down the MacBook Air or Pro while holding down the power button, that means that your MacBooks keyboard has stopped working. Shaking the MacBook may cause the water to get in the most sensitive areas, which can cause corrosion or damage when the MacBook is powered back on later. Once water damage occurs in MacBook, liquid is most likely going to get into the logic board and other components.

It is nearly impossible for water to get straight from a MacBooks keyboard to the logic board. You would have to try and prevent water from getting in through a hole in the air vent located between the MacBook keyboard and screen. Gravity will draw any remaining water out of the MacBook keyboard toward the Touch Bar area, eventually off of the MacBook body.

Watch this video to learn how to fix a MacBook pro with water damage

If the water or liquid is mostly on the MacBook Air/MacBook Pro keyboard, flip it over quickly, with its keys facing down on the towel. If the water dripped on the keyboard or trackpad, there is a good chance that water has found its way into your brand-new MacBook. While we are not laptop repair experts, we are fairly certain this means that spilling water on MacBook could very well damage it irreversibly. Consumer laptops are not water-resistant or resistant, and that includes MacBooks, so if you do happen to spill some water on a MacBook, you will want to turn it off immediately.

MacBooks are not water-resistant, you have to try as hard as possible to keep liquids out of them. MacBook Pros are not waterproof, and they are extremely susceptible to even minor water spills. While Apple Watches and iPhones are very water-resistant these days, MacBooks are not. Unlike a new iPhone, the Apple Watch, or even the AirPods Pro, your MacBook is not water-resistant.

Even small amounts of water are enough to permanently damage your MacBook. Even if it seems like your MacBook is doing fine, sometimes it takes water damage to appear. Traces of water slowly erode your logic board, and this could render your MacBook entirely unusable. It is extremely dangerous for your MacBook, attached peripherals, and your surroundings, since they could become fire hazards if damaged by water.

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Flipping over the MacBook might actually help in some cases, but might increase damage in others by spreading the water all over the device. While you can get away with not doing much damage, your best option is to bring the MacBook into an Apple Genius Bar or authorized repair service, open it, and inspect it for corrosion or any issues that the water might have created. There is never any guarantee a Mac can be saved from irreversible water damage, but you can sometimes salvage the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro from spills and liquids encountered with a few really fast actions, or maybe simply alleviate the water damage on the keyboard instead of your whole computer.

Excess WaterGet rid of the excess water
Dry Your MacAllow your Mac to dry in the air
Remove the BatteryRemove the battery of your MacBook
RelocateMove your Mac to a dry location
UnplugUnplug the power and turn off your computer
Different ways to protect your MacBook from water damage.

Spilling water or other fluids on your $1000+ MacBook Air or MacBook Pro is an awful feeling, but before completely panicking, there are a few proactive steps that may help to preserve your Mac or data. If you have spilled water or fluids onto a MacBook, take the following steps as seriously as you can so that you are best placed to avoid liquid damage. Just stay calm, and remember to keep your MacBook safely out of the water and away from all liquids.

Since water may still be inside, and turning your Mac on could result in electricity reaching water and further damaging parts of your Mac, and possibly injuring someone with a shock or causing a fire-related short circuit, you should never power your Mac after it has been spilled. Just like a clothes dryer, shaking the Mac could result in the water spreading throughout the device and reaching further into its internals, damaging those too, and increasing the cost of repairing the laptops water damage further, or possibly even killing the device entirely. Because the MacBooks screen is lying flat on a desk, the water does not get into the screen interiors, and it dries faster. What we are trying to say is that spilling water on a MacBook Pro or Air is an event that you really want to try to avoid, but should it occur, do not expect that a DIY fix for water spills will save you from that scary situation where your MacBook simply does not power anymore.

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Despite heavy holiday shopping traffic in the shop, my visit to the Genius was prompt and swift, as the damage was apparent, and I had prepared my MacBook Pro by performing a backup and turning off Find My Mac. Much to my surprise, as I picked up my MBP and prepared to pay, the Genius looked down at his hand-held terminal, then some paperwork, then back down at the terminal, before he walked away, walking off into the back of the store.

Can a MacBook survive a milk spill?

Apple recommends replacing any components with liquid damage while performing repairs. It’s the only method Apple can ensure a successful repair and restore the functionality of the laptop. Milk is quite bad. Just so you know, the battery continues to power some components of the Logic Board even if you unplug the charger.

Can MacBook Air survive coffee spill?

Coffee can be removed from the computer, just like most other liquids that could spill and harm it. You should be in luck if you turn off your computer right away, flip it over, and dry out the computer. If you do not use a bag of rice to keep your MacBook dry, your chances are doubled.

What happens to MacBook Air in water?

A MacBook that has had water damage is likely to have the liquid reach the logic board and other components. The liquid’s minerals and salts damage the metal, silicone, and fiberglass components right away. The Mac frequently functions for a few days after an accident before collapsing.

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