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Last Line No Longer Available Iphone 13 Pro

Last Line No Longer Available Iphone 13 Pro

Last Line No Longer Available Iphone 13 Pro

It’s likely that your iPhone is having trouble connecting to a cellular network if you’re seeing the “Last Line No Longer Available” message. In this situation, you can experiment with turning off and then turning back on Network Selection to see if it fixes the Last Line problem.

If Last Line is No Longer Available Issues are still stopping you from making calls on your default line, try switching SIM cards on your iPhone 13. If the methods mentioned above fail, reinserting a SIM into an iPhone may help users resolve the Last Line is no longer available issue. Now, try calling any contacts via your SIM of choice on your Apple iPhone to see if this lingering problem is fixed.

The error occurs when the iPhone user attempts to make a call from a recently listed number, and it does not let the user to dial the contact via preferred SIM. When this screen appears, users cannot make the call using their chosen SIM.

Some iPhone users reported that fixed-line errors disappeared once they turned off the Network Selection function. Many users reported this consistent problem occurring when their iPhones had the Network selection setting to Automatic. Several iPhone users that experience a ” Last Line is No Longer Available” error reported that clearing their Recent Calls Log worked for them.

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Many iPhone users, including myself, stopped seeing this error message after clearing recent call logs in the Phone app. In Apples community, a few users told of how they had solved the issue by clearing their call logs. Clearing was reported as the solution by several users facing this issue.

Last Line No Longer Available Iphone 13 Pro
May Occur The error message ” Last Line Not Available” on the iPhone 13 may appear when trying to call using the default phone number.
May Be Solved Several iPhone users that experience a ” Last Line is No Longer Available” error reported that clearing their Recent Calls Log worked for them.
Last Line No Longer Available Iphone 13 Pro

This error message is a networking related problem, and changing your networking settings back to their defaults can resolve the problem. Some users reported that turning on (or disabling, then re-enabling) Wi-Fi calls helped fix this issue. If you enabled Wi-Fi calling on your iPhone, disable Wi-Fi calling features to fix this problem. So, in order to remove the error message in question, you should try turning off Wi-Fi calling on your iPhone to see if it resolves the problem.

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To turn off Airplane Mode, head into your iPhones Settings app, tap on Mobile data > WiFi Calling > Turn Off WiFi Calling on Your iPhone toggle on top.

As it turns out, WiFi Calling is a feature on iPhone devices that allows you to make calls to your contacts through the WiFi network rather than using your cell data. A phone call made on an iPhone will now go over the wireless network rather than going through your cell provider.

Watch this video to learn how to fix last line no longer Available

In addition, Apples iPhones will let you use a default line when calling or sending a message to someone not on your contacts app. When trying to contact someone using a default line who does not have their contact info stored in the Contacts app, the iPhone allows you to take advantage of the default line.

If you previously established the default line to call and text, you can switch this out by tapping on the I button of the contact you wish to call, selecting the default phone number from the screen, then tapping the alternative number. Change means that we are going to be changing the default line that your iPhone has, or has been assigned, to making calls and sending messages.

Boot up your iPhone, and after the iPhone is booted, make a call using your default line to check whether any displays are still present. Now, boot your iPhone up and see if the error message is fixed or not.

This is a hint that a few bugs in your iPhone may have caused the display, and so updating iOS to the latest iOS should get you a fix. If you do take note, you should see displays appear only after updating the iPhone to iOS 15.

If you are experiencing this issue, please tell us what model of iPhone you have and what version of iOS is running on your device. There is a chance this persistent problem may be related to the carriers network, which can be resolved by updating the carriers setting on your Apple iPhone. The more likely assumption is that, when you updated the iPhone to iOS 15, the E-SIM portion became active, and that is what caused the handset to experience the issue of what lines are not available, although there was no change made.

This bug seems to affect preferred lines on iPhones using the dual-SIM feature. If you are using just one SIM on the iPhone, or your preferred call and text line is your physical SIM, you might want to remove this SIM card from the SIM tray. If you are using the dual-SIM option on your iPhone, you may be able to experiment with swapping SIMs for calling purposes without changing any other preferences. For those who do not know, iOS lets you set a default line (phone number) that is used by iMessage and FaceTime when your device has two SIMs active.

The error message ” Last Line Not Available” on the iPhone 13 may appear when trying to call using the default phone number. As you are aware, this error message mostly occurs when you are calling a number which is in the Recent Calls Log, so first, you need to clean the Recent Calls Log in your iPhone. This error seems to appear more frequently when trying to call out of your default SIM card using recent call logs in Phone > Recent. While the Last Line Not Available bug points at your E-SIM, multiple users confirmed the problem goes away after clearing the recent call log in the Phone app.

Now, make one call using your Apple iPhones default line, and see whether or not you still experience this lingering problem. Disable WiFi Calling on your iPhone and see if your fixed-line error is fixed.

This function helps you to solve issues related to carriers, giving you the latest version of carrier settings for iPhone. While carrier settings are enabled on your iPhone when you activate it for the first time, your network provider may update certain settings for you later on in order to ensure that the connection is more stable and secure. By turning off network selection on your iPhone, users are still able to connect to the cell network manually.

How can I tell when my iPhone was last used?

Tap General > iPhone or iPad Storage in the Settings app after opening it. You can find helpful details about your smartphone, such as storage space utilization, suggestions for freeing up space, and a list of loaded programs, on the screen after that. The Last Used date is also present, and apps that have never been opened are marked as Never Used.

What does the preferred line mean on iPhone?

When you phone or text a contact on Dual SIM versions, your iPhone automatically switches to the line you previously used to contact that person. Select the contact, press default (under the contact’s name), then select a line to use for phone calls and SMS/MMS message discussions.

What does it mean when it comes up last line no longer available?

 The “Last Line No Longer Available” error is caused by a network problem, so switching SIM cards may be a good idea. However, this is more likely to work if each SIM is from a different carrier. If dialing from the default SIM causes this pop-up message, try switching to another SIM.