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Last Line Not Available Iphone 13

Last Line Not Available Iphone 13

If you are facing the problem of the last line not being available, you don’t need to worry about this problem. It is all because of the settings problem. Restarting your phone, clearing your recent chat list, and turning your internet on or off may help you to solve this problem.

Restore the iPhone using Tenorshare ReiBoot with No Data Loss, then retry the previous methods, and you will be sure that the final issue of iPhone 13 No More Available is actually solved. If the methods mentioned above fail, then reinserting your SIM into the iPhone may be helpful for users to resolve the Last Line No Longer Available issue. Now, try calling any contacts via your SIM of choice on your Apple iPhone to see if this lingering problem is fixed. The error occurs when the iPhone user attempts to make a call from a recently listed number, and it does not let the user to dial the contact via preferred SIM.

The error message ” Last Line Not Available” in iPhone 13 may happen when trying to make a call through your default phone number. If the Last line not available issue is still preventing you from making calls from the default number, try switching SIM cards on your iPhone 13. Now, make a call using the default line on your Apple iPhone, and see whether or not you still experience this lingering problem.

Several iPhone users that experienced a Last Line No Longer Available error reported that clearing their Recent Calls Log worked for them. Many iPhone users (including myself) stopped seeing the error message after clearing the recent call log in the Phone app. In Apples community, a few users told of how they had solved the issue by clearing their call logs. Clearing was reported as the solution by several users facing this issue.

Learn how to fix iPhone 13 says the last line is no longer Available

The problem was reported to be occurring on contacts who were in your Recent Calls Log before you upgraded. As you are aware, this error message mostly occurs when calling a number that is present in your recent call logs, so you should clear the recent call logs on your iPhone first. This error seems to appear more frequently when trying to call out of your default SIM card using recent call logs in Phone > Recent.

Try the following steps to force reboot the iPhone in order to resolve this error. The first option for you to try when trying to fix Display is to force reboot your iPhone. If you take note, you can see the displays only appear once you update the iPhone to iOS 15. This is a hint that it is possible some bugs in your iPhone may cause this bug, and therefore updating to iOS latest iOS should get you the fix.

How to Solve if Last Line Not Available Iphone 13
Force RebootThe first option for you to try when trying to fix Display is to force reboot your iPhone.
Restart the iPhoneRestart your iPhone before you begin using complicated troubleshooting methods to resolve the issue
Reset the Network Settings Reset the network settings on the iPhone if there is error to your network.
How to Solve if Last Line Not Available Iphone 13

Now, open up your iPhone and see whether you fixed the error prompt or not. Boot up your iPhone, and when the iPhone is running, call it on its default line to check if the display is still there. Your iPhone will reboot, then check if you are seeing that error or not.

After it is back in, dial somebody in Recents Logs and test to see if the error is fixed. Try calling someone through the Recent Calls log and checking if the problem still exists in iPhone.

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Reset the network settings on the iPhone and see if the problem is fixed. This error message is an issue related to your network, and by resetting the Network settings back to their defaults, you can resolve the problem. You can also encounter this error if there is a problem with the network settings of your iPhone.

Some iPhone users reported the fixed-line error disappeared after turning off the network selector function. Many users reported this consistent problem occurring when their iPhones had the Network selection setting to Automatic.

Some users reported that turning Wi-Fi Calling ON (or off, then back on) helped to fix the error. Wi-Fi calling may sometimes be the culprit behind this error appearing on your iPhone. As a result, in order to clear up the error message in question, you should try turning WiFi calls off on the iPhone to see if this solves the issue.

As it turns out, it is known that this error message occurs following a recent update, wherein the device is not able to select the line in order to make a phone call you asked it to do. As it turns out, when an eSIM is active on the phone, and you are also using the physical SIM card, the device can be confused about what line to select when trying to make the call, which could cause an error message. The more likely assumption is that, when your iPhone was updated to iOS 15, the eSIM portion became active, and that caused the phone to get stuck with what lines are not available, although there was no change made.

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The error message appears when the device attempts to access the e-SIM rather than the actual physical SIM that is placed in your iPhone. When this screen appears, users cannot use the selected SIM to make calls.

It will also prompt whether or not you wish to continue with a call using a different SIM card on the iPhone. This will update your cell service, and thus, potentially, your display. When that notification pops up unexpectedly on your iPhone every time you try to make a call, that is when you are going to be annoyed, but do not fret; you can quickly solve this problem.

Turn off WiFi Calling on iPhone and check whether your fixed-line error is fixed. Restart your iPhone before you begin using complicated troubleshooting methods to resolve the issue. This error prevented users from making calls from their phones after updating to iOS 15. There is a chance this persistent problem may be related to a carriers network, which can be resolved by updating the carriers setting on the Apple iPhone.

If the call log has something important iPhone 13 users want to keep, like phone numbers or the date and time when the call came, owners should screenshot it.

How do I fix the last line no longer available on my iPhone?

Go to the Phone app, select Edit in the upper right corner, and then choose Clear to accomplish this. Then click Clear All Recents on the prompt that appears. Restart the iPhone after completing, then attempt making a call. Although this should resolve the “Last Line No Longer Available” issue, there are alternative solutions.

Why Does Last Line No Longer Available Pop up?

Wi-Fi Calling can be used to make and receive phone calls if your cellular coverage is poor, however it may also result in conflicts and return the “Last Line No Longer Available” error. By heading to Settings > Cellular > Wi-Fi Calling, you can resolve this. Next, turn it off. Alternately, you might try upgrading your carrier settings or disabling Automatic Network Selection.

What does the last line not available on iPhone mean?

The “last line no longer available” error has been reported to happen frequently by users of iPhones with Network Selection set to automatic. It’s worth a shot to disable this because it often resolves the problem. What you must do is as follows. Select the Network option under Settings -> Mobile Data.