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Lockscreen Tweaks Ios 14

Lockscreen Tweaks Ios 14

Tap Customize after touching and holding the Lock Screen until the Customize button appears at the bottom of the screen. In order to add widgets to your Lock Screen, tap the box beneath the time. You may add widgets by tapping or dragging them. to get rid of one widget to create way for another.

If you are not sure which tweaks to install or how to jailbreak your iPhone/iPad, here is the best guide for jailbreak free Cydia tweaks. For easy access, we are providing links of 30+ best Cydia tweaks in this section.

This latest trends tweaks collection helps you to get new themes, wallpapers, and a lot more apps in your device. Without any further delay, let us have a look at some amazing and trending Cydia app tweaks that are available for your device. If you are an iPhone user looking to break free from restrictions set by Apple, namely by jailbreaking your phone, then Cydia tweaks are the easiest way to unlock endless possibilities for customizing features.

As explained in our Guide to Jailbreaking Your iPhone, Tweaks are apps you cannot install onto your iPhone from the App Store. If you have already jailbroken your device, and do not know how to install Cydia tweaks, then either take a look at this tutorial to install a tweak, or move to the list of Cydia tweaks below.

Using these amazing tweaks, you can change your iPhones Jailbroken experience exactly according to your preferences. While classic Cylinder tweaks are not necessary to changing the experience on an iPhone, they are a great starting point to customize on your jailbroken iPhone. Jellyfish brings customization options not offered by even most Android phones, so if you are looking to change things on your jailbroken iPhone, you cannot go wrong with this one.

QuitAll is a useful addition to iOSs user interface, since you will often have to reset the iPhone after installing new tweaks or changing the settings of a tweak. DnDSwitch gives you a way to toggle Do Not Disturb using a toggle on the side of a jailbroken iPhone, rather than using the silence switch or rotating lock. Letmedecline replaces the Slide-to-Answer panel that appears for incoming calls when the jailbroken iPhone is locked, with the two dedicated buttons that everyone is familiar with.

CustomLock lets you replace iOSs stock lock sound with a custom one from preferences. A jailbreak tweak called LottieLockscreen animated the lock screen time marker on iOS 14, along with the quick action buttons on the bottom, with Lotties-style animations thatll entertain your eyes for a few minutes at a time.

Last up in our list of some of the best iOS 14 lock screen jailbreak tweaks is GreenPotion, a tweak that highlights the phones current battery level in a unique way. Earlier, we showed you jailbreak tweaks that could make the iOS 14 lock screen look either Android-like or Windows 10-like, but if you are hoping to stick to Apples aesthetic territory, a tweak called MacPass may be a better fit.

One of the best ways to enhance the iOS 14 lock screen on your jailbroken iPhone is by increasing the number of shortcuts that you can access without actually unlocking your device. The new custom lock screen will allow you to auto-rotate images, turn on filters, change the font type and color, add widgets, and more.

That is one of the reasons a jailbreak tweak called Aperio came into being, since it adds a lightweight, customizable app launcher to the iOS 14 Lock Screen, so that you can access your favorite apps at the drop of a hat. A jailbreak tweak called Hinata can make your iPhones lock screen unrecognizable from an actual Samsung Galaxy device, complete with its own custom date-time marker, as well as the unique fonts that go along with it. The BioProtect XS jailbreak tweak (for iOS 12 through iOS 14) serves a similar purpose, allowing the photo app to be locked.

This new iOS 16 feature is nothing new to the jailbreak community as the jailbreak community has been using this same function for some time now, using TappyKeyboard jailbreak tweak for iOS 13 and iOS 14. Apple Inc. has allowed its users to add multiple lighter-or-dark-oriented wallpapers on their phones with the release of iOS 16, a feature which was already appreciated by the jailbreak community with the jailbreak tweak; Edictus, that was introduced on iOS 13 and iOS 14. The jailbreak community has served Apple Inc well to think about new features ideas for their next iOS. As a jailbreak enthusiast for iOS 16, you might be already well aware that one of their practices has been using jailbreak tweaks to improve overall iPhone users experience.

Developers are trying their best to bring to you some of the best collections of tweaks, games, and apps for your device. It does not stop there; there are always a few new tweaks that are coming to your disposal with the passage of time. For more tips, see How To Customize Your Home Screen, and 20 Setup Tweaks That Will Change How You Use Apples Most Popular Product.

The Snowboard setting lets you personalize the iPhones home screen by using a new icon theme, changing the icons layout, and more. With the tweak, you can change icons instantly, no need for Shortcuts and images apps. If you are not comfortable with the standard square appearance of icons on the Home Screen, you can include fluid circle icons to alter how the device looks using CircleIcons tweak.

Cylinder Reborn adds new and exciting page animations when swiping through pages on the home screen of the iPhone. Cylinder is really cool, and it is a nice tweak to modify how the swipe effects look on the Home screen.

CallBar is a tweak that lets you appreciate an inbound calls banner across your screen rather than having it appear in a full-screen view. Currently supported only through iOS 12, the CallBar tweak is one of the more useful ones out there. If you do not yet have iOS 16, you can still take advantage of your current iOS to get your hands on the features of iOS 16 and the themes for iOS 16 within seconds using the below jailbreak tweak.

One of the first features that iOS 16 brought to attention was a custom lock screen, featuring a new setup which allows changing lock screen wallpaper, date and time, text fonts, etc. However, you can now admire an iOS 16-like look to the lock screen, complete with custom text fonts, thanks to the jailbreak tweak called Lafon (for iOS 11 and iOS 12) introduced in 2019.