Lost Apple Pencil

Lost Apple Pencil

Do you have Lost Apple Pencil, and looking for a solution to locate it. You could use Bluetooth to ping your apple watch. Make sure you apple watch is connected to your Iphone or Ipad. If Apple pencil is in range then it will automatically connect to your phone and you can easily find it.

The Apple Pencil uses Bluetooth to connect with your iPad, and technically, you could use a Bluetooth tracking app to locate your lost Apple Pencil. Using a Bluetooth tracking app such as Bluetooth Finder, you will be able to use your iPads Bluetooth connection to the Apple Pencil to determine your Apple Pencils location using signal strength. You can also use the Bluetooth Finder app, or shaking things to wake up your lost Apple Pencil and force a connection.

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You cannot solely depend on Bluetooth Finder to locate a lost Pencil. For this, you can use the simple Bluetooth Tracking App, and do not forget to turn off Bluetooth on the device that is plugged in, if you want to locate the lost Apple Pencil.

Learn how to find lost Apple pencil

Launch this app, then browse through your connected devices listed in range. A Bluetooth location app is basically a Bluetooth tracker, which you can use to find your Bluetooth-enabled devices, like your AirPods, Apple Watch, or even MacBook. Getting a GPS tracker for your Apple Pencil might sound redundant at first, but imagine a scenario in which you drop it while walking home or commuting — the GPS tag would help you locate the Pencil wherever it is.

Fortunately, if you actually do lose the Apple Pencil, the iPad is fully capable of helping you locate the Apple Pencil, either through its built-in Bluetooth feature or through a third-party app. You can start by checking the Bluetooth settings on the iPad to see whether or not the stylus is still connected, and if it is, it means that your Apple Pencil is close. By going to the Bluetooth settings on the iPad and turning this on, you will have the iPad connect to your Apple Pencil once it is in Bluetooth range, which is around 30 feet — it is generally about the width of two rooms Bluetooth range.

Let us say that you tried the first method and managed to get the iPads connected with the Apple Pencil, but it is still difficult to locate the Apple Pencil, since the 30-foot range is pretty large, especially if your environment is cluttered. Pinpointing is one of the best ways to locate your lost Pencil, especially after using the first method.

Where you can do so many things with the Cylindrical Smart Pencil, it is possible that you might misplace it at the office or at home. Losing a pencil can be pretty disappointing, but you can avoid this entirely by taking proper measures. Despite this, it is common for people to forget where they left the pencil, and they end up losing it.

Use the “Find My” appIf you have Find my app on your iPhone then use it find your Apple pencil
Check nearby devicesCheck the nearby devices such as iPad, whether Apple pencil is connected to them or not
Use Bluetooth trackerYou could use Bluetooth to ping your apple watch. Make sure you apple watch is connected to your iPhone or iPad. If Apple pencil is in range then it will automatically connect to your phone and you can easily find it
Contact Apple SupportContact Apple Support and ask them to help you find your Apple pencil or have it replaced
How to find lost Apple Pencil.

If you believe that you have received a faulty Pencil, or that something has happened that has made the pencil flawed, you may be able to bring it into an Apple Retail Store to be either given additional service, or traded in directly. You can also get repairs and exchanges processed through Apple, whether at an Apple Store location or through the mail. If you do not live near an Apple Retail Store, you can also call AppleCare at 1-800-MY-APPLE to request a repair or replacement by mail, or visit Apples Support Website (opens in new tab). Repairs or replacements for accidental damage are billed at the Service Fee, which is $49 for iPads and $29 for Pencils or Keyboards.

You can secure both the iPad and the pencil with a bounce back cover, since it is made from smooth, synthetic polymer, which keeps your iPad from sliding around or falling out. The rebound case is more than a regular case, in fact, it is a robust and intelligent cover that plugs into, and works seamlessly with, the auto-sleep feature of the iPad. This reversible pencil holder case is a lifesaver, since it gives you full access to ports, buttons, and camera. By placing the Apple stylus in a silicone case such as this, you will also be able to attach key rings and neck bands.

To make sure that people do not misplace the Pencil, Apple included a feature that allows the pencil to be magnetically attached to the iPad Pro and iPad Air. This is the first time that the Pencil is provided with iPad Pro by Apple, making it easier for users to create, draw, make notes, etc.

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Apple still will not approve of the new iPad app when it has no features beyond finding the Apple Pencil, so Deucks Pty added features for all the other Bluetooth devices as well. The App That Will Help You does indeed have some of the issues found in any Bluetooth-based app (obstacles blocking signal, slower updates to signal strength, etc), but this is still an app that I will be using if I have ever lost my Apple Pencil.

One downside is that this app, called Bluetooth Finder, is a commercial tool, and in order to use it, you need to pay a $4.99 one-time fee. With this being said, given how expensive the Apple Pencil is, and how easily it can get dropped or misplaced around your house, with no official capacity for finding it if lost, the $4 price-tag attached to this simple-to-use app, Bluetooth Finder, might certainly be worth paying for, if you are someone who finds himself looking for your Apple Pencil on a regular basis. If reviews are to be believed, Bluetooth Finder seems to be extremely popular among folks who misplaced their Pencil. The Bluetooth Finder app is basically a slick iPad experience that helps you locate any number of Bluetooth-powered devices, like the Apple Pencil or the Activity Tracker wearable.

If you are having issues with the Apple Pencil failing to respond within apps, disappearing from Notification Centers battery menu, or refusing to power on, we have got a few easy tips that will help get you on your way back to good health. It is frustrating, because I am starting to treat my Apple Pencil as I would treat any other pencil I would ever drawn with…which, I suppose, includes a habit of being unable to hold onto any writing implement for longer than a few weeks at a time. And it is not as though I could simply borrow the pencil of whomever is sitting next to me in order to complete my [digital iPad] drawings.

How do I wake up my lost Apple Pencil?

Open the Bluetooth portion of the Settings application. The “Apple Pencil” should appear in your list of devices, where you can check to see if it’s still paired. If they are interrelated, you’re getting closer to discovering it. Try looking around the neighbourhood to see if you can find the Apple Pencil; you never know.

Does dropping Apple Pencil 2 damage it?

The Apple Pencil should typically be able to withstand a fall of at least a few feet, especially if it lands on carpet rather than a hard surface. Possible damage to the tip would be one of the most important things to watch out for following any drop.

Does AppleCare cover lose Apple Pencils?

With AppleCare+, your iPad, Apple Pencil, and iPad keyboard are covered for an infinite number of accidental damage occurrences. Each incident is subject to a $49 service cost for an iPad and a $29 service fee for an Apple Pencil or an iPad keyboard with an Apple logo, plus any applicable VAT.

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