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Macbook Air Gold Vs Space Grey

Macbook Air Gold Vs Space Grey

Macbook Air Gold Vs Space Grey

From among these two, people tend to buy the one that either matches their style or is synonymous with the vibe of their workplace. Space grey is usually selected because it gives an aura of professionalism as the color is termed to be more suited for corporate workplaces than gold.

It is worth noting that MacBook Air 2020 has one more color option than Apples MacBook Pro, adding Gold to the traditional Silver and Space Gray. The MacBook in space gray has a darker, subtler aesthetic compared to its silver and Gold counterparts. Apple offers the option of three color options.

Here are a few features to keep in mind when you are making your decision on whether an Apple laptop is best for you: Space Gray, MacBook Silver, or Gold. When choosing the right Apple laptop, you need to take into account several different factors in choosing between a space gray versus silver MacBook Pro. You can check out Apple Stores for your smart choice in MacBook space gray vs silver vs gold.

MacBook space gray has a subtle, dual-tone color scheme which makes it suitable for most careers, however, if you do not mind showing your passion, buying a MacBook silver will be good. If silver is not enough, but gold or rose gold is too much, then you will want the space grey MacBook if classic colors appeal to you, and the small, black computer is tempting. I have used both the space grey MacBook and rose gold MacBook at length.

Space grey is clearly the less distracting, but rose gold has never bothered me too much. If you watch lots of videos or play lots of games, a MacBook in space grey may be more exciting to you. For those who want a MacBook laptop with more of a distinctive look, then the gold version may be worth a look, considering that is the one color that Apple does not sell a MacBook Pro in.

If Champagne Gold is just not exciting enough, and you want to push the focus up a notch, maybe to the top, you will want to opt for the Rose Gold MacBook. If Bling is your thing, and attracting attention is what you enjoy, the brighter it is, the better for you, so go ahead, grab and flaunt this: The Gold MacBook. If you want that classic MacBook look, the one that is smooth and shiny, but does not draw much attention to itself, and does not show off every scratch, then you want the silver MacBook.

The silver MacBook is made of aluminum, whereas the gold is made of brass. MacBooks come in various colors, ranging from sleek silver to a snazzy gold.

Gold is the most popular color for MacBooks, according to a recent study. The study found that 56% of MacBook users preferred gold, 28% preferred space gray, and 16% preferred silver. The latest study also found that those who prefer a MacBook in gold are generally more social and extroverted, whereas those who prefer a space gray are more introverted.

Watch this video to see the MacBook m1 gold vs silver vs space gray color comparison

Many Apple fans still mourn for a time when MacBooks came in black, too, so offering a wider range of colors is sure not going to hurt sales. Compared with the other current models, the MacBook Air line offers more color options than the companys MacBook Pro line, considering that the higher-end Pro models are available only in either Space Gray or Silver. Apple is expected to launch a new MacBook Pro model at the end of this year, and it is possible the new models will come in Starlight and Midnight instead of Silver and Space Grey.

The new MacBook Air will come in silver, space grey, and the new colors of starlight gold and midnight blue. The MacBook Air M1 also has a taller display compared to the M2 Air. Apple has changed colors too, with a new launched MacBook Air, which comes in Starlight, midnight (two new options), silver, and space gray. The 2022 MacBook Air model has a flatter unibody design, brings back MagSafe, and – maybe best of all – comes with a range of new color options to choose from.

While two of the core models are new, the MacBook Air line has maintained its color options from 2018. With new products introduced on Tuesday, Apple has retired the silver and space gray/black colors on certain devices, replacing them with the new colors Starlight and Midnight. Apple chose to keep offering iPad minis in the darker color of space gray for the iPad mini.

MacBook Air 2020
Graphics8-Core Apple M1 GPU
Storage256GB, or up to 2 TB SSD
ProcessorApple M1 Chip
Memory8GB or 16GB LPDDR4
Everything you need to know about the MacBook Air 2020.

This 2022 version is also available in the standard silver and space gray colors, but what is truly worth looking for is midnight: an entirely new color, which is essentially dark navy surrounded by black. Considering new iPhones and iPads are already offered in space gray and gold, that seems pretty reasonable. 9to5Mac has now raised the possibility of an extra color combination beyond traditional silver-gray, which is the Space Gray-Gold Space Gray-Gold.

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The starlight colour is a new gold hue, much smoother and sleeker than the earlier MacBook Airs gold, and it is a good change of pace too. Starlight is a lot warmer than the natural silver color Apple typically uses. AppleInsider picked the color Gold, which matches both the Gold-plated stainless steel Apple Watch Series 4 and Gold iPhone XS, which is a nice touch for people who prefer to keep devices matching.

If you are looking for an actual gold laptop, the M1 model is the best choice: The M2 MacBook Air with the “starlight” finish is more of a gold/silver hybrid, and does not shout “I am fancy” in the exact same way. We have put these two Apple laptops side-by-side, and told you which might be a better fit. It is powered by the latest CPU, certainly giving the recently launched MacBook Air an edge.

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If you need a 13-inch laptop with a bit more horsepower, we recommend going with Apples higher-end MacBook Pro configuration — just keep in mind the MacBook Pro 2020 is likely to be launched later this year, so you may be better off waiting a bit longer. If you are a casual user, then you are probably going to be really happy with the Retina display on the new MacBook Air, but if you are someone who uses your laptop outdoors often, or if you are doing any kind of color-grading or photo-editing, then AppleInsider recommends going for a MacBook Pro.

Do MacBook Airs last longer than pros?

Your MacBook Pro should last 7.2 years on average, while a MacBook Air should last 5-7 years. The tasks you use your MacBook for, how often you use it, and how well you take care of your battery and other parts will all affect how long it will last.

Does the MacBook Air gold scratch easily?

They can, however, be scratched because they are metallic. Little scrapes on the silvery MacBooks are harder to identify unless you twist them and hold them up to the light in the right way. MacBooks in gold and rose gold fall somewhere in the center. Scrapes aren’t always easy to spot, but if you look hard enough, you can.

Which one is better MacBook Pro or Air?

Compared to the MacBook Air, the Pro sports better speaker systems and a more expensive display. It employs MagSafe charging, the same as the 2022 Mac Air, but it also includes Active Cooling, which uses two fans and is an upgrade from the Air.