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Macbook Air Keyboard Replacement Cost Apple Store

Macbook Air Keyboard Replacement Cost Apple Store

Macbook Air Keyboard Replacement Cost Apple Store

If you need to replace your MacBook Air’s keyboard, and you take it to the Apple Store, they will likely charge you the full price of a new keyboard, which can be quite expensive. However, there are many third-party repair shops that can do the same job for a much lower cost.

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Schedule a visit to the nearest Apple store for laptop services at the Genius Bar. If you do not live near an Apple Store, you can send your MacBook to Apples repair center.

As expected, servicing a MacBook with Apple will generally cost you considerably more than at any other repair center, particularly Gophermods. These repairs at Apple will set you back around $600-$1,300, depending on the size and condition of your laptop.

There is no easy answer for exactly what an Apple MacBook repair is going to cost. If you had your MacBook water damaged, then Apple is generally cheaper.

It is going to cost more to get Apples authorized service providers to replace the Apple MacBook Keyboard. The cost will vary depending on your MacBooks model and year, and what kind of keyboard you need. Without the extended warranty provided by AppleCare+, the cost to have a MacBook Pros keyboard replaced in an official Apple Store would be exorbitant. Without the AppleCare+ program or warranty, replacing hardware in an Apple product is expensive.

MacBook AirAppleCare+$129
MacBook proApple Care+$199
MacBook models and their keyboard replacement cost from AppleCare+.

With no option other than paying for expensive repairs or buying a new Mac, iPad, or iPhone, consumers often opt to replace their Apple products. Even better, due to the way Apple has designed its MacBooks, the replacement hardware is done at the same time. No matter what the year, most MacBook Air batteries are a lot easier to swap out, and consequently, a lot more repair-friendly.

Apple will service batteries on MacBook laptops, with prices from PS129/$129 to PS199/$199. Apple says that Apple will eventually sell separate batteries replacements for the MacBook Pros M1 model, but has not said when. To swap out a battery on your M1 MacBook Pro through Apples self-service repair store, you also need to purchase an entire upper body, which costs around $527-$615, less $88 if you ship the original parts back (you can see the deeper breakdown of prices on this handy pricing chart by The Verge).

Apple expanded its Self-Service Repair Program to M1-based MacBooks Tuesday. Apple is prioritizing keyboard repairs for MacBooks and MacBook Pros, and it is asking Apple Retail Staff to do those repairs in-store instead of shipping machines off to repair facilities, a process that takes days.

To address concerns, Apple has launched a program for repairing MacBooks that have butterfly keyboards. Apple has tried for three generations to repair MacBooks, though they have all presented the same problems. Four years later, Apple fixed most issues with a new 16-inch MacBook Pro, which has increased dimensions and returns the revised Magic Keyboard. Users were simply given another Butterfly Keyboard to replace it, which led some Apple customers to return several times to get their MacBook Keyboard repaired.

Along with a cash settlement, Apple agreed to continue providing those customers with free keyboard repairs for four years after the purchase. Apple has never admitted wrongdoing, but it has implemented a keyboard repair program for affected customers. When Apple replaced a keyboard in a MacBook, they had to also replace a battery, the aluminium top casing, and a trackpad.

Watch this video to learn how apple fixed the new MacBook Pro keyboard

Here, criticism is leveled at the keyboard being integrated into the top cover, making it a complicated and costly repair to perform (a special problem given keyboard issues with 2016-2020 MacBook Airs).

All the 2016, 2017, and 2018 and 15-inch MacBook Pro models are susceptible to the issue, although Apple has made a few generational changes with different models in keyboards, which we explain in greater detail below. According to Apple, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air 2018 machines experiencing keyboard failures can be upgraded to an updated, third-generation butterfly keyboard.

Apple introduced updated keyboards in 2015 and 2016 for its MacBook and MacBook Pro, debuting new butterfly keys with recessed “home” switches below each key, which reduce thickness but also offer satisfying clicks beneath your fingers. Many Mac users reported weird issues with the so-called butterfly switches, like a loud noise associated with some keys.

Built by one assembly, supported by a stainless-steel dome switch, Apples Phil Schiller said that the MacBook Pros butterfly keyboard is supposed to provide greater typing stability and precision. The butterfly mechanism was found on every Apple laptop made between the start of 2015 and most of 2019.

Apple began to retire the butterfly keyboard in 2019, and it was no longer used on new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models starting in May 2020, although older machines would still have problems since they could not be upgraded to a new scissor-switching mechanism. Apple launched a keyboard service program in June 2018 for MacBook and MacBook Pro models equipped with butterfly keys, and the program was expanded in May 2019 to cover all MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air machines equipped with a butterfly keyboard, including the newest 2019 models.

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Apple repairs and same-day replacement of iPhone screens are available in all Best Buy stores. If you are looking to get the screen replaced on an entry-level MacBook Air 13 from 2014, which has some other imperfections, but works just fine, you are going to want to flee from Apple, because Apple is going to charge you $799, plus sales tax.

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Well, if you have a perfectly working MacBook that has just one cracked screen, only one cracked screen, but you claim that your lower body has a minor ding, then they will insist you replace the whole unit using their Level 4 Repair Service, and not just fix the cracked screen. It is advised to avoid getting your MacBook Air repaired from any local centers because the MacBooks are sensitive, the parts which are built into the MacBook are expensive, well-built, so a local store would find it hard to replace your broken parts with high-quality MacBook Air parts. Apart from meaning that you may not be able to get your broken MacBook Air repaired, this is not good news for the environment since MacBooks which cannot be repaired usually go into the garbage dump. It is really important for MacBooks to be repaired at Adequate Free Labs, but your local repair shop does not offer them.

Is Apple keyboard covered under warranty?

With AppleCare+, your iPad, Apple Pencil, and iPad keyboard are covered for an infinite number of accidental damage occurrences. Each incident is subject to a $49 service cost for an iPad and a $29 service fee for an Apple Pencil or an iPad keyboard with an Apple logo, plus any applicable tax.

Can MacBook Air Keyboard be replaced?

Keyboard repairs for compatible MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro models are provided gratis by Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider. After the keyboard has been evaluated, the type of servicing will be decided. It can include replacing a few keys or the entire keyboard.

How long does it take for Apple to replace MacBook keyboard?

In general, the keyboard replacement process can take anywhere from 1 to 5 business days. However, in some cases, it may take longer if there are additional issues with the MacBook or if the repair center is experiencing a high volume of repairs.

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