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Macbook Air Silver Vs Gold

Macbook Air Silver Vs Gold

Macbook Air Silver Vs Gold

Both the colors, silver and gold, have their own importance in the product portfolio of Macbooks. However, in terms of what is preferred, people usually opt for a silver Macbook Air as it gives a professional vibe and is suitable for their personal and workplace use as compared to the gold color.

You can pick up an Apple MacBook Air for only $899.9. If you are looking for an actual gold notebook, then model M1 is the best choice: The M2 MacBook Air with the “starlight” finish is more of a gold/silver hybrid, and it does not shout “I am fancy” in the exact same way.

The new MacBook Air has the midnight (bluish-black) and starlight (pale gold) options, along with the space gray and silver options (which are a bit paler than previous shades). The Starlight colour is a new gold that is a lot smoother and sleeker looking than the earlier gold MacBook Air, and it is a nice change of pace too. If silver is not enough, but gold or rose gold is just too much, and you are looking for a classic color, and small, black computers appeal to you, then you will want a MacBook in Space Gray.

Apple once sold the 12″ MacBook as well, and rose gold was one of the colors that this smaller laptop could come in. While Apple does not sell the MacBook in rose gold now, it used to.

Regardless of what model/configuration of MacBook you are looking to purchase, Apple does not sell any of its current MacBook models in rose gold. Considering that Apple has sold MacBooks in rose gold before, it remains possible rose gold may return in the future. Apple is expected to launch a new MacBook Pro at the end of this year, and it is quite possible the new model could come in Starlight and Midnight instead of Silver and Space Gray. This MacBook Air has the same wedge-shaped, aluminum-machine-body (available in gold, silver, and space gray) we are used to, as Apple seems to be trying to ease users into Apples silicon age.

Check out the color comparison of gold vs silver of macbook air
MacBook’sColor Options
MacBook Air M1Space Gray, Silver, and Gold
MacBook Pro M1Blue, Green, Pink, Silver, and Yellow
Different MacBook’s and their color options.

The new Air is essentially the same as a MacBook Pro stacked on top of the other. No trimming occurs on the new Air, as the wedge-shaped form factor tapers off into virtually nothing. This is thanks to a slimmed-down bezel on the new model, as well as the introduction of the top-display-mounted notch, which is a feature that you would see on larger MacBook Pro models. When the notch came on the larger MacBook Pro models back in 2021, some people were critical, but if you think about how Apple added screen real estate either side of the notch, and made the display taller, you are really not losing out on space.

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It comes with a new Apple M2 processor and taller display, but one of the biggest new features is a new case design. The new model has Apples more modern aesthetic, new components, and some features — such as a Retina display and Touch ID — that were previously exclusive to the pricier MacBook Pro. The MacBook Air M1 continues to be made of Apples own designed aluminum alloy, which uses 100 percent recycled aluminum, and is available in silver, space gray, and gold. Other differences between the two MacBook Air models in terms of design are the M2 models are available in Silver, Space Grey, Starlight, and Midnight colors, whereas the M1 models are offered in Silver, Space Gray, and Gold options.

Unlike iPhones and iPads, the MacBooks both feature black faceplates, no matter what their finishes are. On the silver MacBook, the little scratches are not contrasted so strongly, so they will not stand out unless you angle it over and stare into it with just the right amount of light.

If you want that classic MacBook look, the one that is smooth and shiny without calling too much attention to itself, the one that does not show off every scratch, you want a silver MacBook. If you are the type of user that uses the MacBook mostly for day-to-day tasks like surfing the Web, reading emails, or watching videos, then you need to think about whether this new design is worth the cost of a cheaper MacBook Air, which costs $999/PS999. If you are an occasional user, you are probably going to be perfectly satisfied with the retina display on the new MacBook Air, but if you are someone who uses your laptop regularly outdoors, or if you are doing any kind of color-grading or photo editing, AppleInsider recommends going for the MacBook Pro.

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Before getting into the in-depth product comparisons, it is worth pointing out that there are plenty and lots of great non-Apple laptops priced in the $1,000 range that offer greater versatility, more powerful components, and features that you do not find on any MacBook Air. Next, we are going to take a look at specific differences between the 2017 and 2018 MacBook Airs, from the standpoints of design, display, keyboard, ports and connections, processing power, and battery life. The original featured the traditional chiclet-style keys, which AppleInsider liked, but honestly, Apples third-generation butterfly-switched keyboard is certainly better.

As was the case with the early 2020 MacBook Air, the MacBook Airs Magic Keyboard is an update that Apple needed, after its overly shallow butterfly-switched keys proved to be a point of contention, with many believing that they were susceptible to jamming if little debris or dust got in between the keys. The entry-level MacBook Pro (without the Touch Bar) had an earlier version of the Butterfly Keyboard that did not feature the membrane; it is this version some labelled as defective. Both MacBook Air 2022 models and 2020 models feature Apples Magic Keyboard, which has Touch ID at its upper right, although the 2020 models feature speaker grilles on both sides of the keyboard, whereas the 2022 models place their speakers on top of the keyboard, under the screen, taking advantage of a hinge gap.

The Force Touch Trackpad is a fair amount larger than that on the 2017 model, but it is smaller by a fair amount compared to that on the 2017 MacBook Pro, even though exterior dimensions are nearly identical. You also get individually backlit keys on the new Air, as opposed to the universal backlighting of the original.

AppleInsider picked the color gold, which matches both the gold-plated stainless steel Apple Watch Series 4 and gold iPhone XS, which is a nice touch for people who like their devices to match.

It should also be noted that while that 8-core M1 MacBook Air has a 512GB SSD, the new MacBook Air offers just 256GB of storage, a fact which could reflect in Apples lower prices, at least in the U.S.

Is it better to buy a MacBook directly from Apple?

Buying directly from Apple is always the preferable choice because you will always receive an authentic device from them, and if for some reason the product is damaged, you can return it with ease. Additionally, purchasing through an authorized Apple Reseller is always preferable to buying directly from Apple.

What Colour is best for MacBook Air?

The choice between a Space Gray and a Silver MacBook eventually boils down to taste. If you’re going for a smooth, contemporary aesthetic, Space Gray is the color to choose. Silver is the ideal option if you love its timeless appearance.