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Macbook Air Space Gray Vs Silver

Macbook Air Space Gray Vs Silver

Macbook Air Space Gray Vs Silver

Space Gray and Silver Macbooks are not just different colors but completely different models too. The decision depends on what is your requirement. If you want a portable and lightweight mac, then you should go with the silver model. However, for good battery life, you should choose the space gray model.

MacBook offers a lot of different types of laptops, but the two most popular colors are Space Gray and Silver. Silver might be the most popular laptop color, but a Space Gray MacBook could be a great option for someone looking for something a little bit different. The sizes are offered with options from 13-inch to 16-inch MacBook Pros, both available in either Space Grey or Silver, colors that have been popular for years across a range of Apple devices. The MacBooks Space Grey has a darker, subtler appearance, whereas the silver has a brighter, more glossy look.

The insides are a bit nicer to look at as the two mesh together nicely than with the Silver MacBook Air. In Space Gray, the trackpad is slightly blended, while with Silver, there is a bit more of a stark contrast between trackpad and body. We can conclude there is not much of a difference between the Silver and Space Gray colors of the MacBook Pro.

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Both space gray and silver models of MacBook Pro are made from metal, which is why they offer a little bit of shine when it comes to reflecting light. If scratches are slight, then it is going to be less noticeable on a MacBook Pro with a silver colour as opposed to the Space Grey one. In silver, a few scratches would be hidden, but with gray, scratches would be noticeable. Minor scratches and microabrasions would not be so visible in silver versions as scratches would not be so comparable to space grey color types.

The silver is going to fit better with your needs if you are seeing signs of wear, or even small scratches. If you are more into hiding scratches and dings, then Silver would be the better choice. If you like vibrant colors, but you are not into gold, silver is the real deal. There is even an argument to be made for silver being a more practical choice out of just the two styles available.

Watch this video to know about the comparison of Silver vs Space gray Mac

Since there is no price difference between either of these colors, what one you choose ultimately comes down to personal preference. The differences between MacBook Pro colors are minimal, so you should not spend a lot of time debating pros and cons, and just pick which you prefer. Which color you choose for your new MacBook Pro is completely up to you, but there are a few subtle differences between the two colors that you need to be aware of in order to make the best choice. There are a few more things to think about than just color when you are making your decision on whether you want to get a MacBook Silver or Space Gray.

SilverSpace Grey
The outside of the Silver is better than that of the space gray, which is why most people choose it.The Space gray MacBook blends better than the silver, which makes the interior look better.
In silver, certain scratches would be hidden, whereas scratches would be noticeable on gray.Space grey anodized aluminum is as scratch-prone as the silver color
Space Grey Vs Silver Macbook Air

Apple is expected to launch a new MacBook Pro at the end of this year, and it is possible the new models could come in Starlight and Midnight instead of Silver and Space Gray. We drew a simulation of how the starlight-and-midnight MacBook Air will look compared with the current silver model. This MacBook Air has the same wedge-shaped, aluminum-machined body that we are used to, in that Apple seems to be trying to make users feel more at home in Apples silicon age. Apple has opted to present the new M2 MacBook Air instead with a choice of four colors, though I would have been hard-pressed to see these as colors.

Speaking of Gold, The M1 MacBook Air is now the only member of Apples current Mac line that features some kind of Gold color option. Ever since the M1 iMac launched with six vibrant color options (plus Silver), there have been plenty of rumors about whether the next MacBook Air will join that party and adopt color. With new products unveiled on Tuesday, Apple has retired the silver and space grey/black colors on certain devices, replacing them with the new colors Starlight and Midnight. Silver is an excellent option for those that prefer the traditional MacBook look over the new colors.

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Silver is also a popular choice, as silver is a lighter color, which helps to reflect light and makes the MacBook appear brighter. The MacBook Air Silver is good for most Apple users due to its brightness and elegance, making it stand out and appear professional. You can use it in bright environments and still keep an eye on the display without worrying that the body will reflect the light thanks to the Space Gray color.

Some might argue that Silver looks outdated next to Space Grey, but the stark Silver combined with a black keyboard is a combination hard to argue against. While the deeper hues of Space Gray on MacBooks means that they get more wear and tear than Silver, this should not be a problem as long as you keep them looking good. If you are the type that gets easily frustrated by a few minutes worth of scratches, then you will want to opt for The MacBook Pro in Silver, since it has a lower contrast to scratches, making them less noticeable. It is common to be concerned about your MacBook Pros colour getting worse with time, particularly if you get the silver model, but it is not necessary.

If your MacBook still looks boring after cleaning, maybe it is time to look at another color. It is a common misconception that the Space Gray MacBook is more susceptible to discoloration than the silver model. The Silver MacBooks feature glossy displays, which may reflect, whereas the Space Grey models feature matte displays, which do not reflect light.

For instance, if you like working in low-light situations, you may prefer going with a Space Grey model, since it will reflect less light off of its bezels compared with a Silver-colored MacBook Pro. When it comes to actually lighting up your MacBook Pro, both the silver and space grey versions are metal, so they do throw off a bit of light, and for a keen observer, the silver one may shine slightly brighter; the difference is minor, though. To the sharp eye, the Silver model may seem to glow a bit brighter, but the difference is insignificant. The best part is that both the silver and grey spaces feature black bezels surrounding the screen.

Both the silver and grey options have black bezels around the screen, which is a bonus. Silver is, relatively, the better option for those looking for that signature MacBook aesthetic. Just be aware that once you get your hands on the piroshki – which is a deep gray color – you are going to desperately search for a proper Silver hue.

Which Colour is better, space GREY or silver?

Silver is timeless and has a paler hue, which brightens a space. Space Gray is more subdued, and the disparity between its devices and accessories is greater. I’ve owned both colored and silver devices, but I prefer silver (iMac, iPhone, AirPods). Scuffs, in my opinion, are more obvious on silver.

What looks better Space Gray or silver?

Silver is timeless and has a lighter tint, which brightens a space. Space Gray is much more subdued, and the disparity between its gadgets and accessories is greater. I’ve used both colored and silver gadgets, but I like silver (iMac, iPhone, AirPods). Scuffs, in my opinion, are more obvious on silver.