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Macbook Air Space Grey Vs Gold

Macbook Air Space Grey Vs Gold

Macbook Air Space Grey Vs Gold

There is no performance difference between the two colours, and none is superior to the other. Even while gold isn’t a horrible colour, space grey is seen as more professional and gold is a fun colour (no offence), plus the gold colour sort of. The space grey colour started to fade over time.

Apple offers three color options. Here are a few features to keep in mind when you are making your decision on whether an Apple laptop is best for you: Space Gray, MacBook Silver, or Gold. The Space Gray MacBook has a darker, subtler aesthetic compared with the Silver and Gold counterparts.

The space gray MacBook has a subtle, dual-tone color scheme, making it suitable for most careers, but if you do not mind showing your geekiness, buying a MacBook silver will be better. You can check out Apple Stores for the smart choice of MacBook space gray vs silver vs gold. Whether you prefer the classic look of silver or the striking shine of gold, there is a MacBook perfect for you.

If Champagne Gold is just not shiny enough for you, and you want to bring the focus up a notch, maybe to the top, then you will want a Rose Gold MacBook. If Bling is your thing, and attracting attention is what you enjoy, the brighter it is, the better for you, so go ahead, grab and flaunt this: The Gold MacBook. If silver is not enough, but gold — or rose gold — is just too much, and you need classic colors, and small, black computers appeal to you, then you want the space gray MacBook. The space grey MacBook is clearly the least distracting, but rose gold has never bothered me too much.

Check out the MacBook m1 gold vs silver vs space gray color comparison
Gold Color56%
Space Gray Color28%
Silver Color16%
Percentage of users who prefer different MacBook colors.

For anyone who wants a MacBook laptop with more personality, it may be worth going for the gold option considering that is the one color that Apple does not sell a MacBook Pro in. Compared with the other current models, the MacBook Air line offers more color options than the companys MacBook Pro line, considering that the higher-end Pro models are available only in either Space Gray or Silver. This MacBook Air has the same wedge-shaped, aluminum-machined body that we are used to, with gold, silver, and Space Gray options, as Apple seems to be trying to ease users into Apples silicon age. The M1 MacBook Air also has a taller display compared to the M2 Air. Apple has changed colors too, with its recently launched MacBook Air, coming in Starlight, Midnight (two new options), Silver and Space Grey.

That is not to say the M1 MacBook Air is a slouch, because it is still one of the fastest laptops you can get, but the M2 Air has. The MacBook Air has always been designed very well by Apple. With that boost in performance, as well as support for a new P3 color gamut, the MacBook Air(M1) is an excellent choice for video editors looking for a more affordable laptop than the new MacBook Pro 13-inch. For the same asking price, you are getting The MacBook Air (M1), and while this does not mean the earlier model of MacBook AIr (2020) is now outdated, if you were not completely convinced by that version, then this new release might change your mind. You are paying a pretty big premium for the new model compared to the 2020 model, but for the added hefty chunk of cash, you are getting improved performance, the new design of the Air, improvements to the battery and display, higher-resolution camera, multiple RAM options, multiple color options, and Spatial Audio support.

You can get the new 2022 MacBook Air in any of those colors, no matter how you set up your internal specs, so you are totally free to pick any colour you like. I always liked this color, but I am going back to the silver one this time. The starlight colour is a newer shade of Gold which is a lot more muted and elegant compared to the earlier Gold MacBook Air, it is a good change of pace too. Starlight is a lot warmer than the natural silver color Apple typically uses.

The MacBook Gold also offers up to 10 hours of battery life, like the MacBook Silver. Gold is the most popular color for MacBooks, according to recent research. The study found that 56% of MacBook users preferred gold, 28% preferred space gray, and 16% preferred silver. The latest study also found that those who prefer a MacBook in gold are generally more social and extroverted, whereas those who prefer a space gray are more introverted.

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Other differences between the two MacBook Air models in terms of design are the M2 models are available in silver, space gray, starlight, and midnight colors, whereas the M1 models are available in silver, space gray, and gold options. Apple is expected to launch a new MacBook Pro model later in the year, and it is possible the new model could be available in Starlight and Midnight colours instead of Silver and Space Gray. With new products introduced Tuesday, Apple has retired silver and space grey/black colors for certain devices, replacing them with the new colors starlight and midnight. Apple chose to keep offering iPad minis in the darker color of space gray for the iPad mini.

Space gray was introduced along with silver and gold as part of Apples new colors for the Macbook Pro back in 2015. MacBooks come in various colors, ranging from sleek Silver to a glaring Gold. Silver MacBooks are made of aluminum, and the gold ones are made of brass.

If you want that classic MacBook look, the kind that is smooth and shiny without calling too much attention to itself, that does not show off every scratch, you will want the silver MacBook. I have used both the Space Gray MacBook and the Rose Gold MacBook for extended periods of time. While both of the base models are new, the MacBook Air line has maintained color options since 2018. It arrived about two years after the MacBook Air (2020), transitioning the series to Apple Silicon, offering an M1 chip under its hood, and while the new models, M1 MacBook Airs are still present in the lineup.

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Our colorimeter also rates the display on the new MacBook Air at producing a maximum of 365.8 nits of brightness (a little lower than Apples estimate of 400 nits), making it similar to that on the Intel-based MacBook Air (386 nits) and the ZenBook 13 (370 nits).

Do MacBook Airs last longer than pros?

Your MacBook Pro should last 7.2 years on average, while a MacBook Air should last 5-7 years. The tasks you use your MacBook for, how often you use it, and how well you take care of your battery and other parts will all affect how long it will last.

Are MacBook pros or airs cheaper?

With a starting price of $999, the MacBook Air with M1 continues to lead the market in terms of value. Performance-wise, it may even outperform the 13-inch MacBook Pro. Longer battery life is provided by both the old and new 13-inch Pros, but it might not be sufficient to justify the $1,299 cost.

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