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Macbook Dent Repair

Macbook Dent Repair

Macbooks can get dented too but there is no need to worry because they can be easily repaired as well. You can repair a dent on your Macbook by yourself too but for that youll have to take the whole case apart which will result in you never being able to avail the warranty on your Macbook.

We are one of the few shops that offers a component-level Logic Board Repair service on MacBook Laptops. Our logic board repair services are available for MacBooks that just stopped working, or have been damaged by liquid. You can also drop into our Repair Service Center for your Apple MacBook repairs.

Our expert Apple engineers will solve your problem, gently removing any dents and returning your Macbook to its original, beautiful state. If you suffer from a damaged MacBook Pro that is no longer working, bring the MacBook Pro into an Apple Store or authorized Service Center for professional repairs. As a result, if you get any dents on an Apple laptop, be it MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, do not ignore them; you need to have MacBook body repairs done before damage can spread.

Dents on your aluminum MacBook Pro case are a cosmetic issue that you can generally ignore. Mac Dents Getting dented in the body of an Apple MacBook is pretty common, and we may try repairing it as long as it is on a device whose corners are bent.

If the MacBook is dropped, chances are high that you will end up with a dent that could damage your computer forever. It may get seriously dented, making the lid hard to close. The MacBook might become damaged beyond repair, making a replacement a necessity.

Check out how to Fix Dents on Your Macbook

To keep a MacBook from being damaged in the event of dropping, you may want to use a MacBook case or cover to protect it when carrying it. With aluminum MacBook cases now available, dropping the MacBook on its surface does not break your case, but can still break the hinges in the Macbook, potentially making it impossible for you to open and close the MacBook without difficulty. In my opinion, you are best served leaving the MacBook as is (if the dents are not too severe) or buying a protective case to cover up the dents and prevent any further damage.

If you really have AppleCare+, they might refuse to repair a MacBook dent anyway. If you do have AppleCare+ coverage, bring your laptop into an Apple store, and they will let you know what they are going to do.

Keep in mind that it is much more likely that they are going to replace your MacBook Pro, since fixing an aluminum chassis is nearly impossible. If you are looking to get the screen replaced on an entry-level 2014 MacBook Air 13 with some other imperfections, but it works just fine, you are going to want to flee from Apple, because Apple is going to charge you $799, plus sales tax.

MacBook ModelsDent Repair Cost
MacBook Air$140
MacBook Pro$150
Dent repair cost of MacBook Air and Pro.

Well, if you have a perfectly working MacBook that has just one cracked screen, only one cracked screen, but you claim that your lower body has a minor ding, then they will insist you replace the whole unit using their Level 4 Repair Service, and not just fix the cracked screen. If you have a dent on the bottom, Apple will suggest replacing mostly the whole unit (drives, RAM, CPU, etc). Apple does not like doing repairs, so if you have a dent in the lid, chances are good that they will offer to replace the lid.

Apple does not typically charge a diagnostic fee, but Apple will give an estimate of repairs (for free). For example, you can go to Apples Genius Bar and ask for an estimate of what your MacBook repair costs.

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Instead of giving up your device for free, sell your MacBook Air and then use the money toward a new MacBook. Instead of paying to have it repaired, you could instead sell the MacBook you have broken. Regardless of what caused the devices failure, most people may think it is cheaper to fix a cracked screen or a water-damaged MacBook rather than buy new.

If you do get your MacBook to be repaired by Apple, then it is going to cost a ridiculous amount to fix a non-warranty MacBook. Without any kind of coverage, you will be charged an hourly rate, plus hardware costs, to fix the MacBook. As expected, servicing a MacBook with Apple will generally cost you considerably more than with any other repair facility, particularly Gophermods.

The hourly rate for simply having a technician look at your MacBook is anywhere from $45 to $140. Apples tiered structure of repairs varies from $300 to $849 depending on the MacBook that is being repaired. Our MacBook Air repair services are priced to reflect the job we are doing, as well as the high-quality replacement parts that we are using.

To clarify estimates, take a look at the following levels to see what a MacBook screen replacement costs in the Apple Store. If you decide to get your MacBook repaired at an Apple store, expect to pay $455-$755 for the full screen replacement. Assuming that you have a MacBook Air covered by AppleCare+, the minimum you would be charged for the damage is $348 for the cracked screen.

If a MacBook is covered by AppleCare Plus, fixing the MacBooks screen would cost you $99. Your homeowners insurance or renters insurance may cover the cost of a lost or stolen MacBook Pro, but AppleCare certainly does not. The bottom line is Apple will not fix a Mac with water damage, whether or not you have an AppleCare+ plan. Officially, Apple will not fix cosmetic damage, under which is dents, scratches, scuffs, etc.

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If paying one-third or more of the cost of a MacBook for a damaged screen, or even for the broken keys, makes you nervous, then avoid the damage in the first place. From repairing older MacBooks to fixing water damage, users come to us, a third-party MacBook repair provider, to have their MacBooks working like they were supposed to. At us, we offer doorstep same-day repairs services, working on everything from screen repairs to battery replacements, among others, for Apple MacBooks. Whether you cracked your MacBook Pros display screen, or damaged your MacBook Airs battery, or anything else, our MacBook repair experts in Singapore are equipped with intangible repair knowledge and experience to bring back your laptop to its best.

Can you fix the MacBook dents?

To remove the dent, strike it with a rubber mallet. Avoid striking too forcefully to prevent causing more injury. To determine whether you applied sufficient pressure to eliminate the dent, inspect the case in between strikes. If you take it to a technician, the labor cost to replace it will be in the range of $150.

Is it worth fixing a dent?

Fixing minor dings might run you $150 or even less. If you intend to sell your MacBook or are worried about the dent’s look, it may be a smart idea to get it mended at this price. However, doing it yourself can harm the paint. Furthermore, even a ding that has been fixed may eventually rust.

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