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Macbook Keyboard Backlight Not Working

Macbook Keyboard Backlight Not Working

Macbook Keyboard Backlight Not Working

If your MacBook keyboard backlight is not working, there are a few potential causes. It could be a problem with the backlight itself, a problem with the logic board, or a problem with the software that controls the backlight. You can always take your MacBook to an Apple Store or an authorized Apple service provider.

You can easily manually manage your MacBooks keyboard backlight via the system preferences, and you can adjust your lighting settings with the F5 and F6 keys. To summarize, keep bright light away from your camera area, and your MacBooks keyboards backlight lights will come back on. Prevent the bright illumination from hitting the camera area, and the backlit keyboard will light up again. Simply shine the light from a flashlight close to the front-facing camera (on top of the screen) and you should see your Macs backlit keyboard go black.

By now, you can see it is actually really easy to disable keyboard lights on your MacBook with just a few keys and options. If you believe a small error in your system is keeping keyboard lights off, then rebooting the MacBook might solve your issue. Sometimes, even after following all of the instructions above, you might find that the keys on the light-up keyboard are not working, and your MacBook displays the Lock icon when you try to use them.

After learning how to disable laptop keyboard lights, you may also be wondering how to enable the backlit keyboards on MacBooks when needed. In this post, I am going to walk through several different ways of turning keyboard lights on a MacBook Pro, step-by-step. You will find different steps in this article that you should take if your devices MacBook Air keyboard is not lighting up anymore depending on your circumstances, and steps you should take to activate and deactivate backlighting features on your machine.

There is a feature from Apple that is composed in automatic turning off of the keyboard backlight from your device Macbook Air if there is lots of light to avoid using batteries needlessly. This means your MacBook will turn on and off its backlight automatically.

By default, your MacBook is configured to adjust keyboard brightness automatically as light intensity changes. The Keyboard brightness option is a tool that allows you to adjust brightness automatically on MacBook.

To enable auto-turn-on and turn-off of keyboard backlighting, select the next checkbox for Adjusting Keyboard Brightness when Light is Low. All you have to do is head to Macs System Preferences, then Keyboard, and then check the box Adjust keyboard brightness in low light. If your Mac laptop has a backlit keyboard, you can either adjust how much the backlighting is turned on while using the Mac in low-light conditions, or you can disable backlighting.

Check BrightnessCheck the keyboard backlight brightness levels
Disable Turn Off/OnDisable automatic turn on and off the keyboard backlight
Prevent Light SensorsPrevent the light sensors from facing a bright source
Reset SMCReset SMCs for intel-based Macs
Ways to solve the “Macbook Keyboard Backlight Not Working” problem.

Better yet, backlit MacBook keyboards will automatically turn on when in low-light conditions, and off in brighter ones. Because backlighting uses a very small amount of energy compared with LEDs to light up, it does not really impact battery life much when brightness is set at reasonable or lower levels, which is why a lot of people prefer that backlit keyboards show up at all times, even when the lighting conditions do not require them. Keep in mind the backlit keys no longer auto-adjust at all, so if you do notice some adverse impact to the battery, brightness can be adjusted from the bottom.

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This might seem a little paradoxical, but turning off auto gives you complete manual control of the backlit keyboard, allowing you to set a brightness level that you want to be using the whole time, and that stays consistent whether external lighting conditions affect the sensors or not. By turning off auto-backlighting, it gives full control of backlighting, and you can quickly adjust or set a desired brightness you would like to use.

While both options do help in saving your battery, it may get pretty irritating while working in a dark room, etc. So, if you are facing a keyboard lights do not work issue with your Macbook, you might want to disable those options and set brightness yourself. For some of you, turning the settings off may be all that matters, especially if you are using MacBook to give lectures, working in coffee shops, using external keyboards, or watching movies without any nearby power outlets.

Sometimes, just tweaking your MacBooks position is not enough, and I have had experiences with a couple particularly stubborn Mac keyboards, the ones whose backlights just did not respond very well to outside lighting conditions. Another problem could be a backlighting issue with a keyboard that causes a distracting effect to others in the room. There is a possibility the ribbon that communicates with the keyboard could get damaged, and causing backlighting to go out.

Watch this video to learn how to turn off / on the MacBook air keyboard light

The cover can also affect your MacBooks light sensor, thus adversely impacting your keyboards backlighting performance. If you are using one of the latest MacBook models equipped with Touch Bar, you may not see F5 keys or correct icons for turning down the keyboard backlight because the buttons are contextually offset. Look around your keyboard top to find keys that can enable backlighting.

You could also use the brightness button on your keyboard (in most cases, this is in the top row, along with the F keys). Once you have expanded, it will show you two buttons toward the middle, which allow you to adjust how bright your keyboard is.

Another way of doing this is by pressing on the Brightness key on the keyboard to make it brighter, and on the Dimming Brightness key to make it darker. You can hit the reduce brightness key multiple times consecutively in order to completely remove backlighting of your Macbook Airs keyboard keys. The easiest way to verify if keyboard backlighting is enabled is to try to turn backlighting up so it is brighter, which is usually done by pressing Mac notebooks F6 key.

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The easiest hack that you can do to solve a problem with the MacBook keyboard not having any backlighting is to reset your MacBook. Sometimes, the backlit keyboard on your Mac laptop simply does not work, for seemingly no reason…and even trying to manually control backlighting using the hotkeys suggests the function is either broken or turned off. The brightness settings on your keyboard can make the backlight turn off automatically after a certain amount of idle time.

Backlighting implementations vary on keyboards, but Apple laptops generally feature one LED per key, meaning that brightness is uniform throughout the keyboard. The lights in the Macs keyboards do more than just light up the circumference of each key, they also shine straight down the letters and symbols, making typing at night simple and easier on the eyes. Then, deselect the nearby checkbox for automatic low-light keyboard illumination. Keep in mind liquid contact and minor spills on your keyboard may impact lighting, whereas other parts of your MacBook remain fully functional, so if your MacBook has a slippery feel, it may also be responsible.

Is keyboard backlight necessary?

Because of how portable they are, laptops need to have a backlit keyboard. You might unexpectedly lose access to light if you decide to use your laptop outside of an office setting, which might make the backlight necessary.

What to do if macbook pro backlight not working?

Press the F2 key to increase the brightness level of the screen. If it is already at the maximum level, move on to the next step. Moreover, you can shut down your MacBook Pro. Another method is to check for software updates or if none of this works then you may need to visit an Apple Store or Authorized Service Provider for further assistance.

How to turn keyboard light off mac?

To reduce the brightness of the keyboard lighting, use the F5 key. Try simultaneously hitting the “fn” key and the F5 key if the F5 key isn’t working. Continue holding down the “fn” key and the F5 keys until the keyboard backlight is entirely out. Be aware that some MacBook models could not have keyboard backlights or might have alternative settings for keyboard backlights.