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MacBook Keyboard Light Not Working

MacBook Keyboard Light Not Working

MacBook Keyboard Light Not Working

This is termed a minor issue and can be fixed very easily. All you have to do is start by pressing and holding the shift button along with the left option and the left control key. Along with this, press and hold the power button too, and keep this going for the next seven seconds.

If you believe a small bug in your system is keeping the keyboard lights off, rebooting the Macbook might solve the issue. The easiest hack that you can use to solve your issue with the MacBook keyboard not having any backlighting is to reboot the MacBook.

Sometimes, keyboard backlights may become stuck or become unusable, and the backlights turn off and back on as you reset your machine. You can easily manually manage your MacBooks keyboards backlight via the system preferences, and you can adjust your lighting settings with the F5 and F6 keys. Backlighting implementations on keyboards varies, but Apple laptops generally feature one LED per key, meaning the brightness is consistent across the keyboard.

What is better, the backlit MacBooks keyboards turn on automatically when there is little light, and off when there is plenty. If you have got a Mac laptop with a backlit keyboard, you can adjust how strong your backlight is, or switch it off, while using the Mac in dim lighting. After learning how to turn off a laptops keyboard lights, you may also be wondering how to enable the backlit keyboards on MacBooks when needed. In this post, I am going to walk through several different ways of turning keyboard lights on a MacBook Pro, step-by-step.

By now, you can see that turning off your keyboard lights on a MacBook is actually pretty simple with just a couple of keys and options. Sometimes, even after following all of the instructions above, you may find your light-up keyboard keys do not work, and the MacBook displays the Lock icon when you try to use them. If you are using one of the latest MacBook models equipped with a Touch Bar, you may not see F5 or the right icon for turning down your keyboards brightness because the buttons are contextually switched. If it is been configured into your system, you will have to hold down the Fn key on the keyboard in order to use the built-in backlight controls for F5 and F6 keys.

After this, press and hold the Shift+Control+Option keys on the keyboard, together with the power button. Press Shift-Control-Option from the left-hand side of your keyboard, and then press the Power button (or the TouchID button, if you have a Mac with the Touch Bar) simultaneously.

If that shows backlight controls and the other function keys working again, you can configure that by disabling the option to Use All F1, F2, and So On keys as Standard Function Keys under the keyboards System Preferences. Now, you will have to hit F5 and F6 keys to manually adjust or control your light levels.

If you want the full brightness of the backlight, continue pressing down keys. By turning off the automatic light function, it gives full control of backlighting, you can adjust quickly, or adjust to a desired brightness that you would like to use. The Mac uses a camera light sensor to determine how the backlights for your keyboard and display are adjusted when they are set to automatic, so shining bright light at the camera should reveal changes to backlight levels.

To let keyboard backlighting automatically turn on and off, tick the next checkbox to set the brightness of your keyboard under dim conditions. Open the Keyboard menu under System Preferences (Apple Menu > System Preferences > Keyboard) Disable Adjust keyboard brightness in low light Move keyboard brightness up or down manually. Auto-adjust the brightness of your backlighting when you are using a lower-light setting Choose Apple Menu > System Preferences, click Keyboard, and then tap Keyboard.

Watch this video to learn how to fix the keyboard backlight not working on MacBook pro/air

Look around at the keys on top of the keyboard, which can enable the backlight. Then deselect the box next to Auto-illuminate Keyboards when the lights are dim. To finish, stop bright light rays reaching your camera region, and your MacBooks keyboards backlight lights will come back on.

Back LightKeys
Adjustment F5 and F6
Some ModelsF9 or 11 & F5
Also WorksFn+F11
Keys to turn on Back Light

Keep in mind, the backlit keyboard does not auto-adjust anymore, so you can adjust the brightness at the bottom should you notice a negative effect to your battery. This might seem a little paradoxical, but turning off auto gives you complete manual control of the backlit keys, allowing you to set a brightness level that you want to be using the whole time, and that stays consistent whether external lighting conditions affect the sensors or not. Since backlighting uses a very low-power LED for illumination, there is not a lot of a hit on battery life when the brightness is set to a sensible level or lower, which is why a lot of people prefer the backlit keyboard to show up at all times, even when the lighting conditions are not conducive for its usefulness. Now, you must manually manage backlighting levels on your keys using the F5 and F6 keys on your keyboard, which becomes the only way illumination is affected.

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Note, though, that it is not required that you use the keyboard backlighting function on the device. There is a feature Apple has which is composed in turning off your devices Macbook Airs keyboard backlight automatically when it is getting too much light, in order to not needlessly drain the battery. You will find different steps in this article which you should take in case your devices Macbook Air keyboard is not lighting anymore depending on the circumstances, and also steps you should take in order to activate and disable the backlight function in your computer. If you have noticed the failure in the automatic adjustability feature of your device Macbook Air, you will therefore need to choose the manual backlighting of your keyboard.

By default, your MacBook is configured to adjust keyboard brightness automatically as light intensity changes. The Keyboard brightness option is a tool that allows you to adjust brightness automatically on MacBook. Early models of Macs had keypad shortcuts that allowed brightness settings to be changed by just pressing the keys. Another way of doing this is by pressing the Brightness key on the keyboard to make brightness higher, and the Dimming Brightness key to make brightness lower.

The easiest way to test whether your keyboards backlighting is enabled is to try and turn your backlighting up so that it is brighter, usually done by pressing F6 on your Macs laptop. If you are experiencing an early timeout with backlighting, you will have to adjust your settings in Windows Keyboard Properties. Sometimes, a backlit keyboard on a Mac laptop simply does not work, for seemingly no obvious reason…and even trying to manually control backlighting using the hotkeys suggests that either the function is broken or it is turned off.

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In certain situations, direct lighting, bright lights, sunlight, or glare may shine directly on the MacBook Pros or MacBook Airs light sensors, and when that happens, the backlight indicator and controls lock up.

Do keyboard LEDs burn out?

They frequently experience burnout from pretty much every manufacturer that produces per-key illumination. You can find complaints by searching online. Over 100 keys on a typical keyboard equate to over 100 LEDs, and over 300 if it’s RGB. The likelihood of an LED failure on the keyboard is high if they have a 1% failure rate.

How do I get my keyboard back to light up?

You need to press certain combination of buttons or keys on your keyboard. This is different per brand or computer model. Some works using F9 or F11 button. Other models uses F5 button only. Aside from that there are also some special keyboards with FN thus the combination Fn + F11 also works to turn on your backlight.

Why will my keyboard not light up Mac?

Switch off the keyboard illumination or physically modify it. Use the key for increasing or decreasing the brightness on the keyboard. Continue pushing to shut off the backlighting. Extend the Control Strip inside the Trackpad, then press either the button to raise or reduce intensity.

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