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Macbook Pro 2017 Logic Board Replacement Cost

Macbook Pro 2017 Logic Board Replacement Cost

Macbook Pro 2017 Logic Board Replacement Cost

To put it simply, replacing a Macbook Pro’s logic board has different costs for different models of the laptop. However, regardless of the model the price/cost of replacement always lies between a set standard range. This would be somewhere between one hundred and fifty dollars to five hundred dollars.

Us is continually upgrading our testing facilities and tools, so you can rest assured that we will provide you with an expert Logic Board Repair service on models of Apple Mac computers including the MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro. With our expert knowledge of troubleshooting and Apple Mac hardware repairs, Us offers complete tech support for Apple Mac logic board repairs and replacement needs. The Mac Response Centers standard turnaround time for a logic board repair for all 13-inch, 15-inch, and 17-inch MacBook Pro laptop models is same-day, once we receive your Mac notebook.

MacBook Pro ModelsCost
13-inch MacBook Pro$200-$450
17-inch MacBook Pro$600-$800
15-inch MacBook Pro$500
Different MacBook Pro models and their logic board repair cost.

Our singular focus is on eliminating lengthy periods of repair times, which is why iCertifiedGeek has a stockpile of iMac repair parts for nearly every model, so that we can offer customers a quick turnaround for repairs. We will not bill you any additional fees unless we are able to fix, upgrade, or troubleshoot the problem you are experiencing with your iMac. ICertifiedGeek has a reputation of providing quick turnaround on repairs to your iMac. We have a professional team that has years of experience in repairing iMacs, and we can help you save your iMac from damage caused by a spill.

No matter what parts your laptop has been damaged, Techyuga has the experienced engineers to repair your laptop for an affordable price. Techyuga has certified engineers who can fix/replace the laptop hinges at a cost-effective price.

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Book Repair Get MacBook motherboard replacement anywhere in India from Techyuga. Get your MacBook Motherboard replacement by Techyuga Call 9088888835 | Live Chat Get high-quality, but affordable, MacBook repair services, anywhere in India from Indias #1 MacBook service center.

It is essential to get your MacBook repaired at Adopt Free Laboratory, however, the local repair shops are not providing it. It is recommended to avoid getting your MacBook Pro repaired in any local centre because the MacBook itself is sensitive and parts which are built-in in the MacBook are expensive and highly-structured, it is hard for local shops to substitute the defective parts with high-quality parts of the MacBook Pro. However, be aware if your MacBook Pro has any other damages which prevents it from being repaired like cracked screen, Apples going to charge you to have that replaced.

An authorized service center will say they replaced the MacBook Pros motherboard with a better-quality part, but have no evidence to back that up. Anyway, you may discover they replaced with the cheap one, you would not even know.

The logic board is one of the more expensive components within the MacBook, so the cost to replace a piece of the assembly is sometimes closer to the computers cost. A MacBook Logic Board Replacement should be the final option you need to consider before buying a new Apple Mac laptop.

In a memo distributed at Apple stores in June 2018, Apple wrote that Apples had identified a particular demographic of MacBook Pros (13-inch, 2017, dual Thunderbolt 3) units requiring replacement of both the solid-state drives and main logic boards when one fails, per macrumor. In the past, Apple has offered hard drive replacements for iMacs that contained Seagate 1TB HDDs known to have failed, replacement MagSafe adapters, logic board replacements for the iBook as early as 2004, and, more recently, the MacBook Air flash drive replacement program for models from June 2012 through June 2013. On February 19, 2015, Apple announced a service program for certain MacBook Pro models suffering the graphics issues described below.

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An iMac, or any computer/device, which has been physically damaged is not only hard to repair, it may be extremely expensive depending on the state of the iMac. Replacing it is one of the hardest computer repairs, even for skilled technicians such as ourselves. If you have a brand-new model, fixing the existing motherboard may be an excellent choice: the $200-$450 cost to fix a motherboard is much better than spending $700-$1100 on replacing a state-of-the-art motherboard. Once a boards replacement costs drop below the cost of high-skilled board repair labor, repairing a board does not make any more financial sense: A $200-$400 board repair charge for the 820-2327 makes no sense when an 820-2327 can be had for $38.28.

Even if your existing board could be purchased in parts alone at a cost comparable to component-level board repair services, a repair facility would take on responsibility for the disassembly, rebuild, and any associated work that ensures that your machine will work. With logic board repairs, you will likely need to replace the broken tracks (the copper that joins components) with wires, which is highly effective, but is not appealing to look at, the purpose of this service is to bring your machine back to working order, not make it pretty. This service covers the repair of the logic board only, it may be necessary to replace other components like the keyboard, trackpad, LCD connector, HDD, etc.- Other components like the keyboard will be quoted as a separate cost.

This service is for repairing the logic board (motherboard) of most Mac notebooks (see compatibility listed below) using microsoldering techniques and analysis to replace the damaged particular components – it is a repair service, not a replacement of the logic board. Techyuga offers chip-level Laptop Motherboard Repair services to all Toshiba, Apple Inc, ASUS, HP, Acer, Fujitsu, Lenovo, Sony, Macbook, and all other laptop brands. Our technicians are extensively trained on the Chip Level, with special knowledge in soldering IC chips and de-soldering, IC BGA chips, & BGA Chip Rebel, & Rework services. ICertifiedGeek repair technicians are certified experts with multiple years of experience to fix all software and hardware related issues in all the Retina and non-Retina models of iMacs, and offer services at a competitive price.

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After going to the Apple Store — Apple employees took just 10 minutes to tell me that my MacBooks logic board was bad — they quoted more than $800 USD to fix it. I would also strongly suggest checking out the health of your integrated SSD, just to be sure that it is not worn (we actually had a worn out SSD in the Logic Board Apple replaced – the SSD did indeed die, thankfully still covered by their parts/repair warranty).

Can a MacBook Pro logic board be repaired?

Physical harm, aging, overheating, and liquid spills are the main causes of logic board issues. Logic board issues are frequently fixable by engaging us to repair the board you currently have. We have an exceptionally high success rate, and this service is ideal if any of those problems are present on your machine.

Will Apple replace a faulty logic board?

Although the specifics of the issue are unknown, Apple’s proposed fix appears to involve replacing the logic board. Even though Apple doesn’t have a formal program in place to address that issue, if a member of staff determines that there is an issue, Apple should replace the logic board without charge.

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