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Macbook Pro Logic Board Replacement Cost

Macbook Pro Logic Board Replacement Cost

Macbook Pro Logic Board Replacement Cost

To put it simply, replacing a Macbook Pro’s logic board has different costs for different models of laptops. However, regardless of the model the price/cost of replacement always lies between a set standard range. This would be somewhere between 150 dollars to 500 dollars.

This service is for the repairs to logic boards (motherboards) in most Mac notebooks (see compatibility listed below) using microsoldering techniques and analyzing the replacement of the particular damaged components — it is a repair service, not a replacement of a logic board. The repairs are covered under a 3-month warranty: should your logic board fail or show instability during that time, this service will refund your payment for that service (but not any shipping costs). For which you get a 12 month warranty; we repair and replace the faulty components. We offer replacement of new, OEM parts of nearly every motherboard/logicboard chipset, taking advantage of various repair options that are provided by our technicians for every motherboard/logicboard fault.

There is already quite a broad array of repairs available including the Display, Battery, Top & Bottom Case, TrackPad, Touch ID Module, Speakers, Audio Board, and Logic Board, among others. This might sound like a viable option if the devices motherboard is readily available, and repair costs are much higher than new, replacement motherboards.

This will be the more expensive option: You are paying the repair shop for their labor, while paying for a brand-new motherboard. Add $100-$200, depending on your location, to the price of the board alone, above, and this is typically what the repair shop would charge to replace the board.

Once the cost to replace the existing board drops below the price for high-skilled repair work to do the board, there is no longer any economic reason to do the board replacement — the $200-$400 charge to do a repair of a 820-2327 board makes no sense when an 820-2327 can be had for $38.28. Board repairs may be a great option if you own the most recent model: A $200-$450 board repair fee is much better than spending $700-1100 to replace the current board.

With Repair$200-$400
New One$700-1100
Cost of Motherboard.

Repairs are done on a “no-fix, no-fee” basis – shipping charges are only applied unless the repair is a success. With logic board repairs, you will usually need to replace the broken tracks (the copper that joins components) with wires, which is highly effective, but is not appealing to look at, this service is about getting your machine back to working order, not about making it pretty.

With that said, most motherboards can be repaired by a skilled technician. Replacing one is one of the hardest computer repairs, even for expert technicians like ourselves. Apple logic board repair problems can stem from any number of issues, like overheating, water damage, avoid replacing a logic board due to physical impacts.

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Since we require properly equipped, high-tech machines for diagnosing and fixing the logical boards in the Mac, something that an expert would do, diagnosing MacBook logical board problems can be done at our center only. No matter how complex is your MacBook Motherboard Repair, Apple Motherboard Repair issue, we are literally the number one experts in MacBook Motherboard Repair & Apple Component Repair, We will travel far & wide, to other parts of the world & back, in order to fix your Mac Motherboard Repair, or repair your MacBook Pro board, in order to fix the Logic Board Repair for MacBook Pro. Techyuga offers laptop motherboard repair services at a component level, to every Toshiba, Apple Inc, ASUS, HP, Acer, Fujitsu, Lenovo, Sony, MacBook, and every other laptop brand. Our technicians are highly trained at the IC level, with specialist knowledge in soldering IC chips, de-soldering, BGA chips, rebels, and all other laptop brands. No matter what parts your laptop has damaged, Techyuga has the experienced engineers to repair your laptop for reasonable prices.

Watch this video to learn how much it costs to replace a MacBook logic board

This service is highly unlikely to be able to fix a motherboard on a small 12-inch laptop from the Retina MacBook line. It is essential for MacBooks to be repaired at Adequate Free Laboratory, however, the local repair shops are not offering it. It is recommended to avoid getting your MacBook Pro repaired in any local centre because the MacBook itself is sensitive and parts which are built-in in the MacBook are expensive and highly-structured, it is hard for local shops to substitute the defective parts with high-quality parts of the MacBook Pro. An authorized Service Center will say they replaced the Motherboard in MacBook Pro with best-quality parts, but no evidence is provided.

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Anyway, you may discover they replaced with the cheap one, you would not even know. As you may be aware, the Apple motherboard repair costs are so high, not everybody can afford them. You are looking at $588 to repair the board on the 16-inch MacBook Pro, $500 to repair the 14-inch or 13-inch MBP, or $368 to repair the M1 Air, regardless of its load. The deals mean that if you get a large-hard-drive board, you are paying full price for that component – and that is not cheap.

After going into an Apple Store — Apple employees took just about 10 minutes to tell me that the logic board in my MacBook was bad — they quoted more than $800 USD to fix it. As it did with iPhones prior to its laptop repair program, Apple is going to keep adding more models (and types of repairs) going forward. This includes a new MacBook, the M2 (released after the work began on the laptop repair program), as well as more systems such as the iMac and the Mac Studio Display.

We are constantly updating new technologies and tools, so you can rest assured we will provide you with the most knowledgeable solutions to Logic Board Repair & Replacement on Apple Mac Desktop & Laptop Computer models including the Mac Pro, Mac mini, iMac, PowerBook G4, iBook G4, MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro models. I would also strongly suggest checking the health of your integrated SSD drive to ensure that it is not worn (we have actually had an SSD that was worn on a Logic Board Apple replaced — the SSD did indeed die, thankfully still covered by their Parts/Repair Warranty). Battery Not Recognizing If your Mac is only working while connected, and you have tried replacing your battery before, then it is probably due to a Power Management Chip, or another chip within the Power Management Circuit. Fan Does Not Run Sometimes, you have to fix the circuitry that supplies power to your fan.

What causes MacBook Pro logic board failure?

Physical harm, aging, overheating, and liquid spills are the main reasons for logic board failure. Typically, if one component fails, the motherboard as a whole fails. Identifying which IC (integrated chip) or filter is defective is necessary to replace the problematic components, which is not as simple as it may sound.

Is it worth replacing logic board on MacBook Pro?

Replacement logic boards are often a last resort due to their high cost. The logic board, an element of more current computers, houses the CPU, graphics processor, RAM, and SSD. It is the most expensive part of the device because it actually IS the computer.

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