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Macbook Swollen Battery

Macbook Swollen Battery

Macbook Swollen Battery

MacBook Pro’s battery can become swollen pretty soon. This may be due to heavy usage or charging it overnight. If you notice a bulging battery you should unplug your MacBook from mains power, or move it somewhere cool, or shut down your Mac. You should copy your data onto an external hard drive or USB stick.

In addition to the MacBook Replacement Battery itself, you will also need a toolkit for opening up your MacBook, a static-resistant wristband, and a way to safely dispose of the old battery. You will have to get the battery replaced, as well as repair any damage done to MacBook. Follow the steps outlined above for how to remove and replace your battery, and you can continue using your Mac securely for the long term. If you have an older MacBook that has a removable battery, then follow the instructions for disposing of your battery responsibly.

In all cases, you should take action quickly to avoid the battery swelling and damaging the rest of the MacBook Air. Damage that is done to the outside of the device may be transferred to the battery, which may overheat and expand. If you do not address the swelling of the Macs battery soon, it could result in the MacBook overheating, or even fire. The biggest takeaway from the notice of the swelling battery on your Mac is to not ignore it.

Swelling is a sign that your MacBooks battery is defective, and if you continue using it and charging it, it may lead to fire or an explosion. Swelling is a result of too much current flowing, uncontrollably, within one cell of your battery, causing it to accumulate heat and gases. In case of laptop batteries with lithium-ion technology (Li-Ion), it is always the indication of a fault, which results in the gas build-up within the battery — hence, swelling. Overcharging of Li-Ion batteries is a major reason for swelling and expanding.

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Battery access on current laptops–that is, being able to reach into the chassis and change batteries–is a pretty mixed bag. With Apples MacBooks, certain Windows-powered ultrabooks (notably, certain models of Microsofts Surface Laptop), and certain Chromebooks, batteries you simply cannot get into for replacement are sometimes an issue.

Battery packs capable of powering MacBooks are available, and you may still use them in the future for other devices, even once you replace your MacBook. If you own an unibody Apple MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, and your battery is dead, swelling, or dying, you really have options.

Macbook Pro Swollen Battery
Become PrettyMacBook Pro’s battery can become swollen pretty soon.
Heavy UsageThis may be due to heavy usage or charging it overnight.
Bulging BatteryIf you notice a bulging battery you should unplug your MacBook from mains power, or move it somewhere cool, or shut down your Mac
Copy DataYou should copy your data onto an external hard drive or USB stick.
Macbook Pro Swollen Battery

Even if your MacBook is beyond normal warranty coverage on the MacBook, you might qualify for Apples specialized battery replacement service on MacBook Pros. Unlike Apples iPhone 6 battery replacement, which costs you $29 for new models, however, Apple will replace the MacBook Pros battery at no charge… so long as you own the right model. Some units of the 13-inch MacBook Pro (non-touch bar) manufactured from October 2016 to October 2017 are eligible for free MacBook battery swaps.

If your MacBook is still under warranty, Apple will replace the defective or severely degraded battery at no cost. To begin a MacBook Battery Replacement With MacBook, go to Apples Mac service and repair site and click Start Service Request. MacBook recommends using first-party or third-party authorized service centers for your MacBook battery replacement. Your MacBooks battery is probably the first component that you will have to replace on the computer.

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When the MacBook Pros battery starts looking like a blowfish, because it starts expanding or swelling, it is time to either swap out your battery, or call an expert at CPR Cell Phone Repair to help. If your MacBook Pros battery is swelling and expanding, you should take extra care because the gases building up inside are exceptionally toxic. If using it heavily, or charging it frequently at night, then the MacBook Pros battery is likely to swell very quickly.

On MacBook, you will typically notice swollen batteries pushing against the trackpad and surrounding lower body. An expanded or bulging MacBook Pro battery can begin with trackpad failure, or with the laptop casing showing visible bulges. With an iPhone or iPad, the swelling battery is often noticeable as it starts warping your case, or may even break the screen–it all depends where the swelling is happening, and which parts of the device are giving way first.

In most cases, the problem with your devices bloated Macbook Air battery is supported by Apple because of how dangerous the situation is. I get service jobs related to laptop batteries that are not good/old all the time, but this issue with the Apple Laptop is highly unusual.

Of course, even outside the AppleCare warranty, you are welcome to bring the laptop in and they can swap out that old battery for you. I am curious, however, to see what Apple will charge for my wifes Macbook Air, and whether Apple would even offer to replace the battery, or simply tell me that it is too old. If you decide to have MacBook Service look at your laptop, they will handle your spent battery and recycle it for you (but sadly they do not offer drop-off services).

If your battery is not holding charge anymore, or has been damaged by dropping or being hit, be sure to swap out your batteries, before you have catastrophic failure. For the most part, you can follow the devices battery replacement manual, but extra caution should be taken to prevent damaging your battery when you remove it. Head over to the Apple 15-inch MacBook Pro battery recall page to type in the computers serial number and find out whether a replacement is required. I wonder how many more tech-inept folks have ditched their $1200 laptops for $30 batteries. An Apple Original battery, a fresh bit of RAM.

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With Mac laptops, various problems – some fairly minor – can suggest the internal battery is swelling, including a screen that does not click shut correctly, gaps between upper and lower parts of the body, failure to sit perfectly flat, problems clicking trackpads, or malfunctioning keyboard keys.

Is it safe to use MacBook with swollen battery?

It can be dangerous to remove a bloated battery, but doing so also puts the gadget at risk. A gadget shouldn’t be used with an excessive battery to avoid potential device and physical harm. These recommendations provide procedures for removing bloated batteries, but they cannot ensure a secure fix.

Will Apple replace a swollen battery?

Battery swelling frequently occurs for a variety of illogical causes, including perhaps poor power management or a manufacturing accident. The main thing Apple won’t do is swap out a battery if there is a problem that prohibits the gadget from being properly reassembled.

What causes swollen batteries in MacBook?

Yes, it is detrimental to constantly charge your MacBook. When too much current is passed through a lithium-ion (or Li-ion) battery cell, the chemical components outgas in a process known as outgassing. When a battery or membrane overheats, pockets of toxic gas can collect there.