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My Apple Watch Is Stuck On The Apple Logo

My Apple Watch Is Stuck On The Apple Logo

My Apple Watch Is Stuck On The Apple Logo

Looking for the solution to “My Apple Watch Is Stuck On The Apple Logo”? Press the side button and crown button at the same time and reboot your apple watch. If it is not worked, then force reboot your device again. This will surely solve this bug. For more detail about solving this bug, read below.

While Find My Apple Watch is designed to help Apple users reconnect with their devices, it may be used to resolve small software malfunctions, such as your Apple Watch getting stuck in Apples logo. Since Your Apple Watch is stuck on the Apple logo, reboot it by pressing both side buttons and Digital Crown together. Press and hold both the Side button and Digital Crown at the same time, and keep holding this position until you see the Apple Logo on the Apple Watchs screen.

To force reboot my new Apple Watch SE, I held down both the Digital Crown and side button together for about ten seconds. If simple rebooting does not work, then it is time to try a forced reboot. You can perform a force reboot in almost exactly the same way you do on your iPhone or other Apple device. Now, with your iPhone unlocked, perform a forced reboot of your Apple watch (repeating steps 1 through 4) and, once it is rebooted, verify that your Apple Watch is powered on without any issues.

The first thing that you should try if you encounter any stray malfunctions and issues with Apple Watch, like your watch getting stuck at Apples logo, is to do a quick reboot. When dealing with nagging bugs, like an Apple watch being stuck on the Apple logo, hard rebooting, or forcing your device into an emergency reboot, may be the most effective way of fixing the problem. Hard resetting (also known as forcing reboot) is pretty powerful when it comes to fixing various WatchOS issues.

PressPress the side button and crown button at the same time and reboot your apple watch
SettingsGo to settings and there will be an option to reboot your device, click on it and your device will start rebooting it self
Ways to reboot iPhone.

To do this, hold down both the Digital Crown and Side Button on the Apple Watch simultaneously for a minimum of 15 seconds, until the Apple logo disappears and reappears. Once you see the Apple logo reappear on your screen, you can stop pressing the buttons. If you do not see the Apple logo disappearing from the screen after too long, then you will have to use the other methods written below. If, however, the Apple logo has not gone after an excessive amount of time, you should consider using one of the following steps to try and fix things.

With every new update, Apple fixes bugs that are already present, and it attempts to introduce new features. Apple releases WatchOS updates regularly, which include productivity improvements, bug fixes, and security improvements. Apple attempts to address known issues and bugs with each new version of software released, as it rolls out new features. If you are facing issues with the screen freezing, you will want to make sure that your watch has the latest WatchOS update.

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You may face this problem because of software issues or hardware issues on your watch. Before exploring viable remedies and ways of fixing the WatchOS problem on your watch, first consider possible causes of the issue. If neither of those options works out for you, then it is safe to say the issue on your watch is beyond your control, and the only person that is currently in a position to help you is Apple themselves.

If your Apple Watch is stubborn enough not to respond, even after a factory reset, then you will have to reach out to the Apple Support team, and they should be able to walk you through troubleshooting steps, along with hardware fixes, as necessary. We also organized the troubleshooting steps into sequence, starting from ways that are simple and do not result in data loss, all the way up to ways that involve an Apple Watch factory reset entirely. If these work, please tell us what methods worked for you, and if they did not, please tell us what Apple support told you was wrong, and how Apple support fixed it.

If your problem is still unresolved, reaching out to Apple support is going to be the final resolution. You might also want to book a Genius Bar appointment or pay a visit to an Apple Authorized Service Provider for a problem resolution. Contact Apple Support or visit your nearest Apple Store/Apple Authorized Service Provider to have your Watch checked.

Some inside settings may cause problems, the Apple Watch is turning on fine, but do not know, the watch is going to “Curtain Mode” and the behavioral screen is not responding to your touches, disable this mode. If the Apple Watch Calendar or Time Zone settings are misaligned with Watch App in paired iPhone, it can also lead to Apple logo stuck, since the Watch App is unable to communicate properly with iPhone.

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Sometimes, this small hack using the Find My function may be able to free up a locked Watch screen. Playing the audio through the Find My service should free up the Apple logo, and within a minute, my brand-new Apple Watch SE would be off that screen and running as normal. For this method, once again, open up your watch app on your phone, go to the tab labeled “My watch”.

You can open the watch app on your iPhone and choose “Pair new watch”. Open the Watch app on your iPhone and go to My Watch, if it is not open by default. Go to the Watch app on your iPhone and make sure that the “My Watch” tab in the lower-left corner is selected. Open your watch app and tap General, and then choose Software Update.

Then wait until you see an “Erase All Settings” prompt appear (perhaps about 20 seconds), and after it, tap “Erase Apple Watch content and settings”. This calls for you to delete all the content and the default settings on the watch. Keep in mind that the erasing will remove any existing media and data stored on the watch, and that you will have to configure the device all over again. You do not have to worry about any of your prior data, since the Watch OS will automatically backup your data as soon as you disconnect from the phone.

It would even work better if you had both your iPhone and Watch connected to power and Wi-Fi at all times. I have installed WatchOS 5 on 2 more watches, but my work partners got Apples logo stuck. Once I reset the new Apple Watch SE to solve the issue, I noticed the screen brightness decreased considerably.