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Ping Apple Watch From Iphone

Ping Apple Watch From Iphone

Ping Apple Watch From Iphone

Are you trying to locate your Apple pencil and want to know about how to “Ping Apple Watch From iPhone”? Just turn on your Bluetooth from your iPhone and your apple watch will start pinging. But make sure that your apple watch has paired with your iPhone.

An Apple Watch needs to connect to a phone, whether through Bluetooth or on the same Wi-Fi network, in order to be able to use the Ping function of your watch to locate the phone. If you are trying to locate your iPhone lost in your home, or your iPhone is turned on, has Airplane Mode turned off, and is within Bluetooth range of an Apple Watch, then you can use the Ping My Phone feature. Once you have clicked on that button, your iPhone will begin ringing, thus telling you your iPhone. The iPhone must be within range of your Apple Watchs Bluetooth range in order to have the ping function. Tap the ping button and your iPhone will make a short pinging noise to help locate it, your iPhone will make this sound even when in Silent Mode.

Now, your iPhone will begin pinging and blinking, making it easier to locate your iPhone. Listen carefully for the sound, and you can find your iPhone. Pinging the iPhone will cause the phone to buzz loudly, then you can track the sound to locate the phone. If you can see your iPhones connected on your map, but still cannot locate it visually, select the Action option, then tap Play Sounds to make ping sounds.

Your iPhone will then play a full-volume pinging sound effect, even when your iPhone is muted. The sound plays even if your iPhone is in Silent Mode or Do Not Disturb Mode. If the sound stops before finding your iPhone, simply tap on the iPhone icon again.

Playing it back may come in handy if you discover that your phone is nearby, but that your phone-watch connectivity has been lost. Tap Play Sounds to pin the lost iPhone back down, or Tap Directions to create a route on Apple Maps*. If your phone cannot be found, tap Notify When Found to receive a notification when it is online with the location. You can also tap Notify When Left Behind to receive a reminder next time when your watch and phone are separated – for example, when you left home without a lost iPhone.

The Find My iPhone app will send you an email confirmation saying that you put the phone into “Lost” mode. You can pin a lost iPhone from any other device using the Find My app. You can also take advantage of iPhone Ping, which allows users to locate their missing iPhones in no time using Apple Watch. The Ping function means that it is easy to locate an iPhone using your Apple Watch, so it can be extremely frustrating if the function does not work.

If you still have not found your iPhone once you have done a ping, you can hit the Ping button as many times as necessary. There is a Ping button located on Apple Watchs control center, which makes your iPhone buzz and blink, so you can locate it more quickly. With Apple Watch, it is easier than ever to locate your iPhone with a single tap of the Ping button. Simply touch and hold down on the bottom of your screen, scroll to the top to reveal the Control Center, then tap on the Ping iPhone button.

Once you tap on the ping button in watchOS Control Center, the iPhone starts to vibrate, which subsequently allows you to locate the device immediately. If all you see is the Wi-Fi icon from watchOS Control Center, then you should be able to use the Find Devices app to ping the iPhone (assuming that your iPhone is connected to the Internet through Wi-Fi or Cellular data). If that is the case, you should be able to ping your iPhone quickly to help locate the iPhone, without having to go to the Find My iPhone app or iCloud site. You will have to enable the location services for the iPhone if you have turned them off.

If your watch is not visible underneath your connected devices, you cannot pin it. Instead of digging a phone out under the stacks of things in the house, you can just ping it from the watch. To turn on your phones flashlight (if you are looking for the iPhone in a dark area), press and hold down on the “Ping” button of the iPhone, which turns it on. If you find yourself losing your phone several times per day, as I have, then your iPhones flashlight can be useful.

Watch this video to learn how to ping Apple watch from iPhone

Ping comes in handy any time you have misplaced your watch, or have left it in somewhere such as in cabinets, under a desk, or on your pillow, and cannot recall its whereabouts. Note, if you do not see the green light display while performing the steps mentioned above, then your iPhone is too far away (maybe you forgot it in office or elsewhere where you were), then Pinging your iPhone function will not work. If you meet just the third point, which is the devices are too far away, outside of Bluetooth range, or have Bluetooth turned off, tapping on the ping icon might not trigger any audio to play back to your iPhone. If you cannot locate the Apple Watch through a ping sound, then that means either Apple Watch is turned off, disconnected from your connected iPhone, or is not connected to your cell phone or WiFi network.

How far away you can get from the ping is equal to how far away your iPhone and Wearable remain connected, which is detected by the Find My App. As I mentioned earlier, ping requires a wireless network in order to work. If the iPhone is connected over Bluetooth, your iPhone or iPad will immediately begin ringing.

If finding your lost iPhone takes longer than a single beep, tap the button again to keep your phone ringing. To ping your missing iPhone, swipe up from your watch-face view to summon the spies.

What happen if I lost my Apple Watch?

Tap My Watch, followed by All Watches. Tap Find My Apple Watch next to your watch. Tap Activate under Mark As Lost in the Find My app on your iPhone, then tap Continue. If you want the person who finds your Apple Watch to contact you, enter your phone number.

How do I make my Apple Watch ring?

It’s possible that the sound setting on your iPhone is off. Open the Watch app on your iPhone and select “My Watch” to find out. If you want your Watch to ring and vibrate, go down and choose Phone. Then, under Ringtone, ensure both Sound and Haptic are toggled on.

Can you ding to find your Apple Watch?

For a map view of your watch, sign in at or use the Find My app. You can tap Play Sound to locate your watch if it’s close. Until you tap Dismiss, your watch will ring. Your watch might not be linked to Wi-Fi, cellular, or your associated iPhone if you can’t see it on the map.

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