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Ping Apple Watch

Ping Apple Watch

Ping means alert with audio, many are unaware of this Iphone feature that makes an audio sound in Apple Watch every time users click in the Watch apps. You can use Find my iPhone button to send ping sound on phone. If you are trying to locate your lost iPhone around the house, or a iPhone that is turned on, has Airplane Mode turned off, and is within Bluetooth range of your Apple Watch, you can use the Ping my Phone function. If finding your lost iPhone takes longer than a single beep, tap the button again to keep pinging the phone.

If you still have not found your iPhone after a few pings, you can press the “Ping” button as many times as necessary. If you cannot seem to locate your iPhone, no need to panic; simply ping your iPhone. The ping function even made my iPhone easier to find in a dark room or at night.

Now, your iPhone will begin pinging and blinking, making it easier to find your iPhone. Now, tap on your tiny, circular iPhone icon, which will then ping your iPhone; meaning, your iPhone will make a sound, so it will be easier for you to locate. If the sound stops before you locate your iPhone, simply tap on the iPhone icon again. The sound plays even when your iPhone is in Silent Mode or Do Not Disturb Mode.

Pinging an iPhone causes it to make loud noises, making your iPhone easier to find, even if it is inside the couch. Pinging iPhone will show up on your watch face, and the iPhone will produce the sound. If you can see your iPhone in pings map, but you cannot still locate it visually, select the Actions option, then tap Play Sounds to make ping sounds. If the Play sound button in the Find My App is the only one that is down (not in Find My App), you can still verify the location of your Apple Watch through the app map.

SettingsGo to Settings
Apple Id ProfileOpen Your Apple ID Profile
Find MyThere you will find the option of “Find My”, click on it
Turn onThen, turn on Find My iPhone option
Steps required to turn on Find My iPhone

As you can see, simply tapping on either the Ping Play Sound button will take you to the missing smartwatch or phone. If you cannot locate your Apple Watch using Ping sound, then that means your Apple Watch is either turned off, disconnected from the paired iPhone, or is not connected to your cell phone or WiFi network. If you meet just the third bullet, which is devices being remote, outside Bluetooth range, or Bluetooth turned off, tapping on the ping icon might not trigger the sound in your iPhone. The reason for this probably has nothing to do with the fact that your device does not fulfill the criteria necessary to make pinging work.

If your watch is not visible below your connected devices, then you cannot ping it. Your iPhone and watch need to be connected to the same wireless network in order to be able to ping each other. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will make sure that you are able to ping the devices, or properly use Find My Service. Make sure that both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are turned on your iPhone, and both are close by.

If all you see is the Wi-Fi icon in the WatchOS Control Center, then you should be able to pin the iPhone using the Find Devices app (assuming that your iPhone is connected to the Internet through Wi-Fi or through your cell data). Once you tap on the Ping button in the watchOS Control Center, the iPhone starts to vibrate, which then allows you to locate the device immediately. There is the Ping button located on Apple Watchs control center. Once you have clicked on that button, your iPhone will begin to vibrate, thus giving you an idea of the iPhones location.

Watch this video to learn how to ping an Apple Watch

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You can check whether Find My is enabled or not by going to your iPhones Settings > Your Name at the top > Find My > Find My iPhone. To turn on Find My iPhone, go to Settings > your Apple ID profile > Find My > Find My iPhone.

Ping will only work if you previously enabled Find My on the paired iPhone. Since ping functionality is built into the Find My app, you will need to update your Find My app to fix any issues with it. How far you can ping is equal to how long you have your iPhone and your wearable device remain connected, per the Find My app.

We hope that pinging, along with our guides, will make it faster for you to locate an Apple device or wearable. Fortunately, for all iPhone users, they can make use of Ping, the iPhones handy feature, to have a pair of their Apple Watches emit loud sounds that will help locate them wherever they have gone. Fortunately, for owners of the Apple Watch, they can use the iPhones handy feature of Ping to make their paired iPhone emit a loud Ping sound, making it easier to find their lost iPhone in earshot.

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As mentioned earlier, you cannot Ping an iPhone if your Apple Watch shows the Red Disconnected message, and you would need to instead rely on finding your lost iPhone using iCloud, which also has the ability to Ping devices and put them on your map, this method has the advantage of being available from another iOS device or a web browser. Pinging comes handy anytime you have misplaced the watch, or you are keeping it somewhere such as a cabinet, under the desk, or in your pillow, and cannot recall its location. Pinging plays a loud sound on the Apple Watch to help you find it wherever it disappeared, such as the cracks on your couch, the gulf behind your bed, or in the pocket of a coat you dropped in the wash. We did not include some fixes, like rebooting and updating the iPhone, because it requires access to the iPhone — something you cannot have if you are trying to locate that iPhone that is sorely missing.

How do I ping my Apple Watch when dead?

Browse to the Devices section of the Find My iPhone app. Whenever your Apple Watch is attached to the internet, the screen should be turned on. Tap Play Sound and listen to the audio to find your misplaced watch.

How far can Apple Watch Ping phone?

Although the Apple Watch’s Bluetooth has a maximum range of 100 meters (330 feet), in actual use, the range may be less. The Apple Watch and iPhone can communicate over Wi-Fi if the associated iPhone is linked to a recognized Wi-Fi network.

How do I make my Apple Watch ring?

It’s possible that the sound setting on your iPhone is off. Open the Watch app on your iPhone and select “My Watch” to find out. If you want your Watch to ring and vibrate, go down and choose Phone. Then, under Ringtone, make sure both Sound and Haptic are toggled on.