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Ping Watch From Iphone

Ping Watch From Iphone

Are you worried about your Apple watch that has been lost, don’t worry, just locate watch by pinging from iphone. If your watch is connected to your phone, just open Bluetooth and ping apple watch. Thus, in this way you can easily ping your watch from iphone.

There is no need to panic if you cannot seem to locate your iPhone; simply ping the iPhone. Instead of digging for the phone beneath a bunch of things in the house, you can just give it a ping from a clock. If you cannot locate the iPhone once you have done pinging, you can hit the Ping button as many times as necessary. Tap on the Ping button, and your iPhone will make a short pinging noise to help you find it, and your iPhone will make that sound even when in Silent Mode.

Now, tap on your tiny-ringed iPhone icon, and it will ping your iPhone; meaning, your iPhone will make a sound, and you will easily find your iPhone. If the sound stops before you locate your phone, simply tap on the iPhone icon again. If you can see your iPhones connected on your map, but still cannot visually locate it, select the Action option, then tap Play Sounds to make the Ping sound.

As you can see, simply tapping on either the ping button or the Play Sound can take you all the way to your missing smartwatch or phone. If you are trying to locate your lost iPhone around the house, or if an iPhone is turned on, has Airplane Mode turned off, and is within Bluetooth range of your Apple Watch, the “Ping My Phone” function is available. Your Apple Watch needs to connect to your phone through either Bluetooth or the same Wi-Fi network in order to be able to use the ping function on the watch to locate your phone.

Access the control centerYou can access the control center on the apple watch home screen by swiping up
Ping iPhoneLook for the button that says ping iPhone. The icon has two curved lines on both sides of an iPhone
Hold down the buttonWhen you hold down the ping iPhone button, your iPhone’s alarm will ring, and its flashlight will turn on
Steps required to set my iPhone to Ping Watch

If you cannot locate your Apple Watch using ping sounds, it means your Apple Watch is turned off, unpaired from the paired iPhone, or is not connected to your cell phone or WiFi network. If all you see is the Wi-Fi icon in the WatchOS control center, then you should be able to ping your iPhone using the Find Devices app (assuming that your iPhone is connected to the Internet through Wi-Fi or Cellular data). Once you tap on the Ping button in the watchOS Control Center, the iPhone starts to vibrate, which then allows you to locate the device immediately. Simply touch and hold down the bottom of the screen, scroll upwards to reveal the Control Center, then tap on the “Ping” iPhone button.

There is the Ping button located within Apple Watchs Control Center. Now, your iPhone will begin pinging and blinking, making it easier to find your iPhone. Once you tap on that button, your iPhone will begin ringing, thus telling you of its location. As long as your iPhone is in hearing distance, you should quickly be able to find your iPhone.

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If you are, you can quickly send out a PING on your iPhone that will help locate it, without having to go to a Find my iPhone app or iCloud site. Of course, one method of finding an iPhone is by calling the iPhone using the phones of a family member. Hearing and seeing your iPhone will nearly guarantee that you can locate it, even if the environment makes finding it challenging. Beyond the options above, there is not much more you can do to locate your iPhone other than search manually for it anywhere near you.

Watch this video to learn how to ping your iPhone using your apple watch

You will have to enable the iPhones location services if you have turned them off. As mentioned earlier, you cannot pin an iPhone down if your Apple Watch shows the Red Disconnected message, and you would have to instead rely on finding your lost iPhone using iCloud, which also has the ability to pin the device and put it on your Maps. This method has the advantage of being available from another iOS device or a web browser. If your Watch is not visible below your connected devices, you wonat be able to ping it. Fortunately for Apple Watch owners, they can use the convenient Ping iPhone function to have the iPhone in their pair emit a loud PING sound, making it easier to find the lost iPhone in hearing distance.

Fortunately for all iPhone users, they can use the handy Ping iPhone feature to make their paired Apple Watch emit a loud sound, and helping locate it wherever it has gone missing. Ping plays a loud sound on your Apple Watch to help find its location from wherever it disappeared, like the cracks on your couch, the gulf behind your bed, or the pockets of a coat you dropped in the wash. It lets users view their last iPhone or iPads location, and maybe most usefully, it sends out Ping, which forces the device to produce a sound, even if mute. Playing games can be helpful if you find that your phone is close by, but that your connection between the phone and your watch has been lost.

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If you meet just the third bullet, that is, devices are far, outside of Bluetooth range, or with Bluetooth turned off, tapping on the Ping icon might not trigger the audio to play back to your iPhone. If finding your missing iPhone takes longer than a single beep, press the button again to keep pinging the phone. The Find My iPhone app will send you a confirmation email saying that you placed your phone into lost mode. Ping will only work if you previously enabled Find My on the paired iPhone.

Since ping functionality is built into the Find My app, you will need to update your Find My app to fix any issues with it. How far you can ping is equal to how long you have your iPhone and your wearable device remain connected, per the Find My app. As I mentioned earlier, ping requires a wireless network in order to work. This function is useful anytime you have misplaced your watch, or have kept it in somewhere such as in cabinets, under a desk, or a pillow, and cannot recall its position.

Where is Apple Watch Ping button?

On your Apple Watch, swipe up from the watch face to reveal the Control Center. To access the Ping button, scroll. This is the button with a few lines on either side that resembles an iPhone. Ping button tapped and held.

How do I set my IPhone to Ping Watch?

  1. You can access the control center on the apple watch home screen by swiping up.
  2. Look for the button that says ping iPhone. The icon has two curved lines on both sides of an iPhone. 
  3. When you hold down the ping iPhone button, your iPhone’s alarm will ring, and its flashlight will turn on.

Why is my Apple Watch not Pinging?

When you cannot ping your iPhone, the most common cause is a network connectivity issue. You must have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections to ping your Apple Watch from your iPhone. It would be best if you ensured both links are accessible and working.