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Pixelbook Go Vs Macbook Air

Pixelbook Go Vs Macbook Air

Pixelbook Go Vs Macbook Air

PixelBook go is more affordable than MacBook. The starting price of PixelBook go is 649 dollars. Pixel book go is the best alternative to Apple’s most affordable MacBook. The outlook of PixelBook go is also good and comfortable. 12 hours of continuous surfing on google can be done on PixelBook go, while MacBook supports 8 hours and 51 minutes of surfing. 

Google unveiled a new Chromebook premium model, the Pixelbook Go, earlier this month, which is shaped like a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, but runs Chrome OS instead of the MacBook Air. The Pixelbook Go is shaping up to be a solid alternative to the 13-inch MacBook Air, thanks to its striking design, solid specs for the price, and comfortable, silent keyboard. The Google Pixelbook Go is built from magnesium alloy, boasting a ridged bottom that looks uncommon, feels incredible, and makes it easier than 14-inch MacBook Pros to grip reliably. The Google Pixelbook Go has a bit more of an edge to it than the 16-inch model.

While it is unable to live up to either the displays on the Google Pixelbook or MacBook Pro, the new Chromebook does an excellent job holding up.

Combined with the paltry 8GB of RAM (which is hilarious in that this is considered middle-of-the-road), the new Chromebook feels much more powerful than its specs suggest. Googles Pixelbook hits this mark with greater reliability in our tests, but the latest 13-inch MacBook Pro has the best battery life we have tested in a laptop. We are skeptical about that score, considering that Google rates Pixelbooks go time as 10 hours, but the laptop lasted just 7 hours, 43 minutes in our battery test.

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While Googles new Pixelbook Go is capable of handling more than most chromebooks in its category thanks to at least 8GB of RAM, it is not by any means going to take over, say, the MacBook Pro. Regardless, Googles new Pixelbook Go is largely unparalleled in the specific benefits and features it offers, when it comes to premium Chromebooks, like the ultra-long battery life, 1080p webcam, and one of the best keyboards we have had the pleasure of using on a laptop. For its price, the Pixelbook Gos Geekbench 4 scores are not all that far off from those of the latest MacBook Air, at least with the configurations we tested.

Watch this video to see the review of pixelbook go the MacBook of Chromebooks

The offering means the base Pixelbook Go (with the Core m3 CPU) is likely to perform poorly against the MacBook Air, while the more expensive Core i7 Pixelbook Go should perform faster than the MacBook Air.

All versions of MacBook Air have 8th-generation Core i5 CPUs, meaning the MacBook Air is likely to beat a Core m3 Pixelbook Go, but it could lag behind the full-specced Core i7 versions. The Pixelbook Go and the MacBook Air are likely using Y-series chips, so expect similar performance between the two laptops. Both laptops are extremely portable, they use Y-series chips, each has a shallow keyboard, and should provide good battery life (we will need to test the Pixelbook Go for that).

Both of these laptops start at similar price points, but the laptops are vastly different propositions: Googles Pixelbook is a light, Web-based laptop that converts to a tablet when you press it, while the MacBook Air is more of a traditional laptop, giving you all the MacOS has to offer. Both sets of devices perform pretty well in real-life, at least when compared with recent Windows laptops, according to Brooke Crothers, so you could go for Chromebooks if you are more of an Intel fan, or an M1 MacBook if you are an Apple fan.

When it comes to pricing, the M1 MacBook Air is just $150 more expensive than Googles Pixelbook Go, so if you are on a tight budget, you could certainly opt for the Pixelbook Go and get nearly as much performance and battery life as you would get from the M1 MacBook Air. The $849 Pixelbook Go is pretty comparable to the 13-inch MacBook Air, so the Google notebook has an advantage if you are looking for the best possible value (or if you want to set up the model up to have a Core i7 CPU and a 4K display). Googles original Pixelbook ($999) is one of the best Chromebooks out there, but it is a hard sell due to its hefty price tag. Googles new $649 Pixelbook Go is a polished, more affordable version of the companys Chromebook flagship, offering lighter weight, a unique, clutch-friendly design, and a silent keyboard.

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Now, at a lower price point, the Pixelbook Go ($649) arrives with many of the same features–a thinner body, a comfy, quiet keyboard, and even newer processors–making the Pixelbook Go an even more compelling alternative to the recently refreshed MacBook Air. Overall, upgrading to the MacBook Air from the Pixelbook Go might be worth the price difference for most people, given better screen quality and the ability to run macOS, although when it comes to its $649 entry-level variant, it is still a lot cheaper than the MacBook Air. It should be noted that, for only $50 more than the new Pixelbook Go from Google — at the time of its US launch — you could get the 2019 MacBook Air, which has double the storage, sharper display, better Thunderbolt 3 ports, and not to mention the general appeal of the complete MacOS system. Design-wise, the Pixelbook Go looks pretty MacBook-like, featuring a light-weight body, large trackpad, a 13-inch display with thin bezels along the sides and thicker ones at the top/bottom, keyboard with speaker grilles at each side, and similar hinge mechanisms.

The Intel Core i5-8200Y processor inside Googles Pixelbook Go is not built to burn down a barn, but it is a solid offering when compared with chips inside most other Chromebooks: it is definitely able to handle basic business tasks, if not graphics-intensive apps or games.

Chromebooks are fine if you are deeply involved with Googles ecosystem and really need nothing beyond Google Docs and other Web apps, but the MacBook is simply the better choice if you have heavy lifting you need to perform.

Is Google Pixelbook discontinued?

The development team for Google’s Pixelbook laptop’s upcoming iteration has been disbanded. According to a person acquainted with the situation, the project was canceled as a result of recent cost-cutting measures implemented by Google. The device was well along in the development process and was scheduled to launch next year.

Is the Pixelbook Go worth buying?

If you primarily use the laptop for browsing the web, using web-based applications, and streaming media, the Pixelbook Go may be a great option. It’s well-suited for people who need a lightweight and portable laptop for traveling. However, if you need to run specific software the Pixelbook Go may not be the best choice. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly laptop, other Chromebook options are more affordable.

What is cool about Pixelbook Go?

The Pixelbook Go has several features that make it cool, including its ultra-thin design, lightweight portability, and long battery life. It also boasts a comfortable keyboard and trackpad, a high-quality touchscreen display, and fast performance. Additionally, it runs on Chrome OS, which is known for its simplicity and security.