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Price To Replace Macbook Pro Screen

Price To Replace Macbook Pro Screen

Price To Replace Macbook Pro Screen

If you need to replace the screen on your 13-inch MacBook Pro, you can expect to pay around $400-$800 for the parts and labor at an Apple store. This price will vary depending on the exact model of your MacBook Pro and where you have the repair done.

Your cost to replace your 13-inch MacBook Pro screen is going to cost you $455-$755 from an Apple store. Replacing your MacBook Pros screen is a repair you can perform fairly easily by yourself, but it is best to have it done by a professional if your computer is under warranty, or you are not comfortable performing a repair on your own. Replacing the screen might seem intimidating, but it is actually quite doable when you know the right steps for completing the task.

Just getting a screen replacement would not solve all of the potential problems, which means that the whole repair would cost you a lot more than the screen replacement alone. If you try and do a screen replacement yourself, you may run the risk of invalidating this warranty, which is certainly not a desirable option should something bigger occur within the warranty.

If your screen is cracked, replacing your whole device might be cheaper. If your screens display is working properly, but your webcam or WiFi antenna is broken, it may not need to be replaced with a whole screen assembly. Unless damage is minimal, cracking a screen is more than likely going to lead to a dead screen, rendering the device useless.

13-inch MacBook Pro ScreenApple Store $455-$755
MacBook Air AppleCare+$450-$750
Screen repair cost of different models of MacBook’s.

Accidents and hard usage do happen, unfortunately, and that could cause your screen to get damaged to an extent where you will need repair. If your screen becomes damaged, you can bring it to the Apple store and they will get it fixed fast and properly, without having to deal with it on your own. Broken MacBook screens can easily be repaired by a skilled Apple technician for a fraction of the price of replacing one.

If you own a MacBook with a Retina Display screen — fairly standard hardware nowadays, but not on older MacBooks — expect to spend $455 to $755 for a full screen replacement at an Apple store. It is not really worth replacing your MacBooks screen, since the current Retina display MacBooks are priced at $455-$755 each for replacement. For instance, replacing a screen for a MacBook Pro with a Retina display from 2015-present will set you back at least $450. This is a MacBook that I have owned, which is currently sold only at $310-$499 on eBay.

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In the end, trying to find out what does it cost to have a MacBook screen replaced in an Apple store is a bit of a mystery as there are many factors that could dictate your total repair costs. When it comes to repairing the screen of a MacBook Pro, costs vary depending on your laptops model and severity of damage. The repair costs will depend on the MacBook Airs model, and also on the issue that your MacBook Air has with its screen.

Watch this video to learn about the new MacBook screen replacement cost

AppleCare+ does indeed cover part of the costs for fixing the cracked screen in a MacBook Air. You can buy AppleCare+ for an extra cost, which covers accidental damage to your Mac, including your screen.

If you own a MacBook Air, which is not covered by AppleCare+, you will be spending $450-$750 to repair the screen with Apple. Assuming that you have The MacBook Air that is covered under AppleCare+, the minimum that you would be paying to damage it is $348 for a cracked screen. If you choose not to buy AppleCare+, and keep just your standard 1 year warranty, repairs are not covered.

This kind of MacBook screen repair is going to run anywhere from $100-$200 depending on your model of MacBook. For most of the recent MacBook models, it is far cheaper to fix the malfunctioning logic board rather than replacing the screen. If you are dealing with a bigger issue, such as cracked screens or water damage, replacing is likely the better option, as these types of repairs can get pretty pricey.

Whether you have got a tiny crack on the screen, a couple large ones making viewing nearly impossible, or if your screen is simply scuffed up and dinged up after years of constant use, replacing the screen is a simple option that will make your laptop look brand new once more. If your MacBook is starting to show some major issues, or the cost to fix it is approaching that of a new MacBook, it may be time to start thinking about replacing your old one.

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In this short guide, we want to give you an idea of what you can expect to have to spend for a MacBook repair going forward, a general all-in price to have the screen replaced, and the computer running again. If you prefer to skip Apple Store, then your friendly Gophermods are here to assist with any of your MacBook repairs, and we also wrote another post on the other MacBook repairs beyond screen replacement. As I said, there are thousands of them out there, so research a little about what interests you, and I am sure you will find a great repair shop that will do a great job of fixing the MacBook Airs screen.

If you really have an issue with the screen, we stock an extensive selection of MacBook screens that can put your Mac notebook right back to work at a moments notice. Fortunately, however, Apple Store experts across the country (especially here in Minneapolis, MN) are highly trained to replace or efficiently repair screens in MacBook laptops from Apple — getting you up and running again in no time. If you have a non-Retina screen MacBook Pro, we can swap out a cracked front glass panel, shattered or burned out screen cables, bad webcam, or bad WiFi adapter/antenna for less than it costs to replace the entire screen assembly.

If your problem does not fall into those, replacing a screen on a Retina display MacBook Pro will set you back $455-$755, $755 for a newer screen, $455 for an older model. If the warranty on your MacBook has expired, and you bring it into an Apple Store to get your retina screen replaced, they will offer you a minimum of $455 for the new screen on an earlier model, plus $100 for the labor. The exact cost for your screen replacement is calculated based on factors such as the model, year, and level of repair from Apple. At CPR cell phone repair stores, your price for MacBook Pro screen replacements will vary a bit depending on your devices size and generation; however, most CPR locations perform MacBook Pro screen replacements at prices starting at $300.

How much does it cost to replace the glass on a MacBook Pro?

Depending on the size and model of your device, CPR Cell Phone Repair stores will charge a slightly different price for MacBook Pro screen repairs; nonetheless, most CPR locations are providing MacBook Pro screen replacements for costs starting at $300.

Is it worth replacing macbook pro screen?

Depending on the particular conditions, it may be worth it. If your MacBook Pro is still functioning well and is only a few years old, it can be worthwhile to replace the broken screen. But, it might not be worthwhile to spend money on a new screen if your MacBook Pro is older and has other hardware problems.

Is it expensive to replace a MacBook screen?

Yes, replacing a MacBook screen can be expensive. The cost of a screen replacement can vary depending on the model of your MacBook and where you get it repaired, but it can range from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars.