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Side Button On Iphone Not Working

Side Button On Iphone Not Working

Side Button On Iphone Not Working

If you’re facing the issue of Side Button On Iphone Not Working, then just make sure that your phone case is not covering all parts of side button. Also try cleaning the button with soft cloth to clear dirt. If still problem is not gone then the side button might need to be repaired.

To solve iPhone Side Button Not Working issue, then you have to clean the iPhone Side Button, as well as removing back cover and the Tempered Glass. If the side button is working then you need to change back to new case which fits the iPhone and does not stress much the physical button. Once the iPhone 13 Pro Max reboots, you will hopefully have solved your problem of iPhone 13 Pro Max Side Button Not Working.

If rebooting does not work, and you have updated the iPhone recently, then it may require you to reset your device. If Volume buttons are still not working, then hard rebooting the device may be helpful to solve the problem. If you have recently updated your iPhone, and volume buttons are no longer working, try rebooting the iPhone by turning it off and back on.

In most cases, the forced reboot will solve the issue, and the volume buttons should begin to work again. You can either try holding down the key continuously until the iPhones volume buttons are working normally, or you can go into an Apple store to have them repair the issue. It is much more common that the power button of your iPhone stops working when the buttons spring breaks, and that is an issue the user cannot solve. If your iPhones power button stops working for you, there are a few solutions that you can try before taking it to the shop.

SettingsGo to Settings
GeneralOpen General and Accessibility
AssistiveTouchTap on AssistiveTouch
Virtual Home ButtonThen toggle on your Virtual Home Button
Steps required to enable Virtual home button on iPhone.

To solve iPhone 6 Power Button Sticking, you will have to enable Assistive Touch, and then use it to power down the device. The Virtual Power Button allows a user to power off and lock a users iPhone, even when the real Power Button is stuck or broken. To use AssistiveTouch as a temporary power button replacement, the user must press and hold on the virtual power button. You can turn on Assistive Touch in the Settings app — Accessibility — Touch — AssistiveTouch.

Watch this video to learn how to fix the problem of power button on iPhone not working

Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch, and then toggle on your Virtual Home Button. You can configure the AssistiveTouch button to bring up a menu for controlling the volume on the screen, or have it either up or down on a tap. Here, you can configure iPhone to lower volume on a tap, while raising volume with two.

If you are using apps such as Spotify, you can control volume inside of the app, with no physical buttons. By sliding down from the top-right of the iPhone, you can pull up Control Center and adjust volume. Controls means that you do not need to constantly reach for the iPhone every time you want to adjust volume. If a physical volume rocker is stuck or does not work, you can manage the sound volume on iPhone using Virtual Volume Control buttons, which are accessible from AssistiveTouch menus.

The problem with Volume buttons not working on the iPhone, or Volume not responding when trying to increase or decrease volume, may occur because of hardware-related issues or software-related issues. This problem may also be caused due to corrupted or damaged firmware files.

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Their iPhone XS Max buttons might not be working, whether because of a software problem or a physical injury. The Side Button is actually very handy to trigger Siri, download apps from Play Store, or authenticate Apple PayA, etc.A So, it is essential that you ensure that your A buttons are working properly. IfA the aforementioned methodsA donat work,A there is a possibility their iPhone XS Max buttons are damaged or have some other hardware issue.

If the software option followed by the hard reboot didA not fix the issue, your issue is likely due to software in the iPhone, rather than hardware. If the problem is with software, then DFU recovery is going to solve it.

You can use the DFU mode to restore the iPhone in order to solve a case where the iPhones right-hand side screen is not responsive. When part of your iPhones screen is unresponsive, you may have the option of fixing the issue with an update of iOS. If you want to be able to Lock the screen on an iPhone (put the iPhone screen into Sleep), take a screenshot, and so much more, but do not have a functioning Power Button, you can do this by using AssistiveTouch on the screen.

If your iPhone has a Home Button, you might have to swipe upwards from the bottom of your screen instead. This is a neat trick, most helpful if the phones physical Home button is broken and cannot be used to restore the iPhone (it works for models that do not have Home buttons, too). Tap on the Virtual Home Button on your screen, click Device > More > Reboot to reset the iPhone X. Restarting means backing up the iPhone and wiping out any content settings.

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Once your iPhone has fully shut down, continue to power your iPhone by pressing and holding down on the sides buttons until the Apple logo appears. To shutdown the iPhone, user needs to tap iPhone Lock Screen icon, holding icon until the user can see the Red Power Icon and Slide-to-Power-Off message. An iPhone with a stuck power button may still power on, as long as the user connects the device to the wall charger or a computer.

While some power buttons become broken from damage, a large number of them have become stuck when the phone is enclosed within its rubber casing. When a button or charging port is clogged, eliminate the issue by cleaning both the port and button. When the iPhone comes into contact with water, you should immediately power off, clean the device using a cloth, towel, or whatever, and wipe water from the charging port, microphone, speakers, and volume buttons.

If you do not want to damage either the power or the Home buttons on the device, you should enable Assistive Touch and use that instead. This isnat a solution for fixing your iPhones Power button, but it is rather a workaround that lets you use the iPhone and do nearly every task comfortably, even when youave broken the physical buttons mentioned above.

Why is my iPhone Side button Not Working?

Here are some things you may try if a button or switch on your iPhone or iPad isn’t functioning. You’ll need to schedule a repair if they don’t. Remove any coverings or covers that might prevent you from using the switch or button. Clean the area surrounding the button or switch with a gentle cloth after looking for debris or dirt.

How much does it cost to fix iPhone button on side?

Depending on your model, you may expect to pay between $69 and $599 for a professional replacement of your iPhone’s power button or flex cable. However, keep in mind that Apple’s repair prices tend to be exorbitant, going as high as $599 for power button repairs. Apple charges the same price for all repairs with the exception of screen and battery replacements, which explains why.

How do I Unjam my iPhone button?

Press and hold the Volume Up/Down button for several seconds. If your iPhone 7/8/X/11/12 volume buttons are stuck and you can’t press them at all, there is a clever solution. Press and hold the Volume Up/Down button for a few seconds before releasing it, and the volume button will be in its ideal position.

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