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Siri Search History

Siri Search History

Siri Search History

Your Siri search history is still sent back to Apple servers and accessible to developers even though Apple no longer lets you examine it. Knowing this, you might choose to remove the history of your Siri searches in order to better safeguard your privacy. The settings on your iPhone make it quite simple for you to do that.

Keep all of your Siri requests off of Apples servers by deleting Siris search history on your iPhone. You might have to set up Siri temporarily to remove the data, if you already turned Siri off. We note that Siri gets better at communicating more with a user, so deleting Siris search history limits the Assistants ability to better learn how to help you.

Heres how you can clear Siri search history on an iPhone or iPad, and what the deletion will do. Heres how to delete Siri history on an iPhone, so that you can keep your data safe, and opt-out of Apple having access to your Siri searches altogether. Apple stores all your Siri conversations in servers, so deleting Siri history on iPhone only deletes search history.

To remove Siri history, ensure that your Apple device is completely updated, and then open the Siri page on its Settings menu. To remove your Siri history, simply make sure that you are running at least iOS 13.2 on your iPhone, IPADAS 13.2 on your iPad, tvOS 13.2 on your Apple TV, watchOS 6.12 on your Apple Watch, or macOS Catalina 10.15.1 on your Mac. Once you have done that, your iPhone will exit this page and show a pop-up telling you that your Siri history has been deleted.

If you want to remove past history and disable Siri, follow the second set of instructions. If you would like to continue using Siri, but only delete your past history, follow the first set of steps.

If you are using a newer iPhone, you can also clear your Siri history by going into Settings > General — Siri. You can also see a history of recent interactions with Siri using the Siri History option, which is available on iPhones with a Home Button.

Learn all about the History of Siri

In the past, iPhone users were able to view a record of their Siri history, first when searching with speech, and then when typing into Siri. Apples policies prevent users from logging their full conversation history with Siri.

Apple does not keep a history of your conversations with Siri, but Apple does keep a copy of it for precision purposes. Whether on a Mac or an iPhone, your Siri shares the same history, as long as you have the same Apple ID (and are signed in) across devices. If you have the same Apple Account (Apple ID) on more than one Apple device, Siri in those accounts has an identical history.

None of this impacts your privacy at all, since your Siri history is not tied to your Apple Account or your email as mentioned above. In reality, your iPhone does send data to Apple every time you request the services of Siri, so if you wish such data to leak your privacy, you have an option to delete that Siri Search Data/History. The good news is, if Apple guys follow through on their promises and decouple requests with a single Apple ID, no one will ever see your Siri search history, so you do not actually have to clear it.

As you may have guessed from the last section of the article, because the Siri history is not stored on your Mac, nor is Siri history accessible by users at all, there is not really a way to clear it. According to Apple, your Siri history is associated with a random ID only for six months, at which point your Siri history is delinked, and retained for up to two years, in order to help Apple improve Siri and Dictation.

If you ask Siri a particular question, Siri looks across all of your apps, files, documents, notes, etc., to get the answer to you. Sometimes, she may even head over to Google to just get the full answer. If Siri gets the question wrong, simply tap the word, and Siri corrects itself.

Once you have done these two things, Apple automatically removes any Siri data connected to your random IDs less than six months old. Next, tap Delete Siri and Dictation history to remove stored Siri recordings from your iPhone. Other Things You Can Do While Using iOSs Helpful Assistants and Dictations If you wanted to delete the Siri & Dictation History for six months, but you want to use Siri anyway, you would use the first option above.

What Apple Saves From Helpful iOS Assistant Interactions According to Apple, your complete request history may include transcriptions, audio (for users who opt-in to the improved Siri and Dictation), and associated query data, like device specifications, performance statistics, and your devices approximate location when you made a query.

If you have not yet figured out how to identify your music using Siri, you can look up a song on iTunes Store. To see what songs Siri has identified, just open up the app and tap on the list icon at the top-right. From there, you can scroll down through the list to find the most recent searches that Siri has performed for you.

Scroll through the list displayed on your screen to see the recent searches you made using Siris virtual assistant. In iTunes Store, you can access the music that you have saved from history, and Siri automatically recognizes that for you. On the Apple Watch, you will have to open the Settings app, tap Siri, and select Siri history.

You can remove Siri History from your Apple Watch using the Settings app. For users of the Apple HomePod, which also has Siri integration, head into the settings of Apples HomePod within the Home app and select Siri History. Given that the majority of HomePod owners are using either iPhones or iPads, you might also want to look at how to clear your Siri history on an iOS/iPadOS device, as the steps above will only clean up searches made using your HomePod.

You might desire more privacy, and therefore, you would like to clear your Siri-powered voice search history. With the introduction of iOS 14 and the iOS 14 updates, iPhone users are now not allowed to see the data from Siri voice searches, though you can still see the queries you have written using Siri. Apple will no longer be using your Siri data and voice recordings as part of Apples efforts to enhance Siri.

Does Apple keep a history of your conversations with Siri?

Apple does not keep a history of your conversations with Siri, but Apple does keep a copy of it for precision purposes. Whether on a Mac or an iPhone, your Siri shares the same history as long as you have the same Apple ID (and are signed in) across devices.

How is Siri data stored?

Apple records the transcripts of your conversations with Siri, and it could examine a portion of those transcripts. In order for Apple to perform your request, Siri may also send data to Apple such as your voice input, Hey Siri configuration, contacts, and location. Your Apple ID is not linked to any data.

Does Siri store data?

For a period of six months, user voice recordings are kept so that the speech recognition system may use them to better comprehend the user’s voice. Another copy is stored without its identity after six months for usage by Apple for up to two years while it develops and improves Siri.