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Spilled Juice On Macbook

Spilled Juice On Macbook

Spilled Juice On Macbook

If you accidentally poured a few drops of juice on Mac Book, dry it quickly with a towel, and nothing will happen. But if your Mac Book is drenched in juice, it is harmful. Speakers work even in this condition. If your Mac Book is connected to the charger, in this condition, then immediately disconnect it. 

To prevent water from spilling onto the computer, it is essential that you are cautious when using the computer. If you do spill water or liquid on your expensive MacBook, follow the instructions below as carefully as you can so that you have the best possible chance of avoiding liquid damage. In the event that you spilled some other fluid onto the computer, wash your computer down with either alcohol or distilled water. You need to take care about what kind of liquid is spilled on your computer.

If you just spilled a liquid on MacBook, you may still save it from harm. It is a smart move to backup your data just in case you spill water on the computer and it causes some sort of permanent damage. Unfortunately, if you spilled water on the MacBook Pros keyboard and moved it somewhere dry, then it is time to soak the water or liquid out.

Once you remove the power cord, in order to repair MacBook spilled water wont turn on, lift your computer from a damp location securely, then shift the computer to a dry location. Once you are able to do so, remove the power cord from the laptop immediately following a spill. After stopping the spill and disconnecting power, the next step is to flip your laptop to try and get any fluids off.

You might feel frustrated, but shaking a shiny MacBook will just spread the liquid out. If liquid is everywhere on the MacBook, hold down the MacBooks power button for a couple of seconds to shut down.

Juice Spilled On Macbook
Few Drops of WaterWipe it Quickly Not Harmful
Mac Drenched in JuiceHarmful
If Coffee is SpilledSprayed a Soda
Juice Spilled On Macbook

If you cannot power down the MacBook Air or Pro while holding down the power button, that means that the MacBooks keyboard has stopped working. If a MacBook Pro 13-inch is powered on by using the power-on panel (while the laptops keyboard is detached), then it is very likely that the keyboard is damaged and needs replacing. In a few rare cases, such as liquid damaging the connectors for a screens cables (in cases when liquid has entered through/around the screen logos for the MacBook Air/Pro), a logic board repair may be required, as well as screen replacement.

Follow the instructions of this tutorial in order to minimize liquid damage and improve your chances of survival with your MacBook Air/Pro. You can follow these steps to minimize damage and improve your chances of recovering a MacBook.

Watch this video to learn MacBook air spilled coffee inside fix

It is also a good idea to have insurance for your pricey MacBook in case it is damaged, so that you will have a way of getting it repaired, regardless of what it costs. Apple will bill you for repairs, but at least your MacBook is going to be fixed (unless it is considered outdated). Unfortunately, Apple does not cover liquid damage under the warranty, so you will have to pay for the hardware repairs on your own.

Depending on the kind of damage, professionals may think that taking apart your MacBook right now and rubbing dry parts is better to try and salvage it, instead of waiting until the Mac is dry. Flipping over your MacBook might actually help in some cases, but in others, it could increase damage by spreading the water all over your device. Sweating it might also cause water to get in the most sensitive areas of your shiny MacBook, leading to even greater corrosion and damage.

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When drying out your MacBooks exterior, avoid rolling it, doing so will simply force liquids to be pitched and swirled throughout the device, needlessly exposing more of the inner components to liquid. While it might sound like a good way to speed up the drying process, it actually does not do much and direct heat can actually harm your shiny MacBooks sensitive components. Forcing warm air in to your Mac will speed up the drying process, but will also force the liquid through otherwise dry components, opening up more of your MacBooks key internal components to initial spilled liquid, plus, you could fuse your keyboards inner membranes, rendering the keyboard useless.

You want to keep liquid from spreading farther inside your brand new Macbook Air and reaching anything of importance. Whether you spilled coffee onto the MacBook, or sprayed a soda all over your laptop, you need to take action quickly so that you prevent liquid from damaging internals. If you have spilled coffee or Coca-Cola on a MacBook, the best thing you can do about it is to have courage.

If you make the same mistake I did, turning the spilled Macbook on before getting it to deoxidize, and it does not power up, you cannot do anything about it on your own. Your MacBook may get turned on, but chances are that water is still not completely dried out, which could cause damage to your MacBook. Trying to turn on a shiny MacBook is the worst thing you can do at that moment.

Leave the Mac as long as you can so that liquid has had time to drain away entirely. You will want to make sure to disconnect it first before moving your pricey MacBook into a dry area, even if that means spilling even more liquid onto the MacBook in the process. To prevent getting shocked or starting a fire, unplug the Mac immediately after noticing any water spills on the MacBook.

Because the water may still be inside, and turning on the Mac could result in the electricity reaching the water and further damaging parts of the laptop, and also result in someone getting shocked or starting a fire-causing short circuit, you should not power up the Mac once water has been spilled. Attempting to dry out a laptop that has been damaged by water not only can cause the device to get hotter and potentially melt some electronics within, but airflow from a drying rack also has the potential of moving the water around the interior of the Mac and spreading water over multiple areas, possibly damaging those too. If your laptop is unusable, it is sadly likely a lost cause.

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To prevent any future problems, you may want to make an appointment at the Genius Bar to have Apple take apart your costly MacBook and check it over for any damages.

Why liquid damage is not covered under warranty?

Splash, water, and dust resistance are not always present, and they may deteriorate with time and use. According to the paperwork, liquid damage is not covered by the guarantee. This can be taken to mean that after a given amount of time, water resistance may start to wear off.

Can rice fix water damaged MacBook?

It’s generally a poor idea to dip a water-damaged Macbook into the rice. The online urban legend holds that if you put rice in the device, it will soak the moisture and you might be able to get it operating again. The truth is that placing your device in rice is equivalent to keeping it outside.

Is MacBook Pro spill-proof?

MacBook Pro laptops are not completely spill-proof, although newer models have a rubber membrane under the keyboard to help protect against liquid damage. However, it is still important to be careful and avoid exposing your MacBook Pro to liquids as much as possible.

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